Prayer for mental health for my sister


Dear lord,

My sister suffers from depression, panic attacks, anxiety and mental problems for almost 20 years. She refuses help and does not want to see the doctor. Her life is miserable and for everybody around her. She just became mother few months ago, and every single day is huge struggle.
Dear lord, please give her confidence to see the doctor so she can feel better and get healthy in every way. I worry she will lose child if she her health does not improve.

Thank you dear god,

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  1. prayer with same pain

    I feel same and I have a same problem with my sister. I pray for you.
    I know it’s hard to be strong when your sister deeply feel pain.
    dearest god help us, please.

  2. prayers for your sister

    I have asked for healing and nurturing for your sister and for you!

  3. For you and your sister

    I pray that your family find peace in dealing with your sister. I ask God to enter your sister’s heart and to heal her emotional scars. I pray for your sister’s child to be safe from harm and danger. I pray that you continue to have the strength and courage to deal with your sister during her moments of weakness. May God bless and protect you and your family. Amen.

  4. God's Healing

    Dear God, I come unto you in the name and blood of your son Jesus Christ.
    How wonderful is it that she actually cares for her sisters child.
    May you grant the child healing so that she may regain a stable state of mind also add her confidence so that she may be able to face challanges which seem tough.
    I ask for the Holyspirit to control her brains so that it responds christianly.
    Its by the blood of Jesus Christ I do pray and Belive that she will be healed.AMEN

  5. Prayers for your family

    I will say a prayer for your sister and your family. I am going through similar struggles with my sister. Heavenly Father, please grant emotional health and wellness to my sister and this faithful servant’s sister as well. Please give us strength and guidance to endure and the knowledge to help as we can. Please let these women get the help they so desperately need. Amen

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