Prayer For Loan Approval

by Cissy (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Dear Jesus, I humbly implore You and all the angels and saints to move within the hearts, minds, and souls of the loan officers at our credit union, stir within them compassion and understanding for our plight, and help them to approve us for a mortgage loan. My husband has MS and much difficulty with stairs. Our current home has become a financial burden to us. We need to downsize to a much smaller home, but are being held up by loan approval. A move would help my husband physically, and both of us financially. Come, Lord Jesus, send out Your Spirit!

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  1. Bond approval

    Dear Lord

    We come to you with all my heart…We pray that you help the bank consultants and estate agents doing our loan application the stregth to do their job to the best of their abilities….Lord We pray for that flat that we chose in New Germany Pinetown, We pray that our loan application to get approved in full…Lord we need that house fo ours and my daughters and my whole family…Please Lord go infront, We put our trust in you…in Jesus mighty name Amen.

  2. prayer for home loan approval

    Dear Lord as we are waiting for approval today we ask you to work with them in the name of Jesus we need that house oh Lord you have never dissappointed us we ve been rejected 2 times now Lord we need you to pave the way for us in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen

  3. Prayer for closing g on Son's hpuse..Final today..IJNA

    Father I’m Req your blessing to look into the heart of the person that has the final word on my Son’s house due to close..I know u have the FINAL WORD..But u have nominated an earthly person to OK this closing also..FATHER PLZ TOUCH HIS HEART AND SHOW HIM HOW HARD MY SON HAS WORKED FOR THIS DAY…PLZ FATHER GIVE HIM THE LOVING BLESSING OF THE CLOSING ON THIS HOUSE TODAY SO THERE KIDS CAN REGISTER IN SCHOOL BEFORE IT START..HUMBLY ASKING ..IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT. AMEN…THANKS IN ADVANCE.

  4. Prayer for a car approval

    Dear God! I ask you , to please help my husband able to get a car. He’s working so hard , spend all his money on bills and bills. Please my Lord bless us able to get that car. Or we loosing our jobs. Thank you Lord. In Jesus name , i pray Ámen.

  5. praying for home loan approval

    Dear Lord
    I come to you with all my heart…I pray that you help the bank consultants and agents doing my loan application the stregth to do their job to the best of their abilities….Lord I pray for that house that I chose, I pray that my loan get approved in full…Lord I need that house fo me and my son and my whole family…Please Lord go infront, I put my trust in you…in Jesus mighty name Amen.

  6. Please pray for me to get this loan

    Please prayer for me to have the banks give me this loan for a new car . I am having so many problems with mine and just want a safe reliable car fur my son and I . Thank you and God bless

  7. prayer for loan approval

    Dear lord, please help me get loan approval from the bank as need cash to tie through the next few weeks. Amen.

  8. hope

    I pray for you and for myself. My decision will come tomorrow whether I can have a loan or not. As a single mother on a low income it will change our lives immensely and ease the slog. Since leaving my violent unstable partner 3 years ago I have struggled so much. No car no money extra bills poor health. I pray for both you and me. God please put kindness in the hearts of the desicion makers

  9. good luck

    I hope you are sucsesful and everything goes well butif you don’t get the result you want just remember you have a nice home, family, each other and comforts. Be grateful and look at people massively less fortunate and things will all of a sudden not feel as bad

  10. christiane asking help to have my loan release

    snce on the 27th November 2012 i have apply for a loan from my bank which is barclays till todate they have not approve my loan i have lots of things to do with,and to do pay all my bills

  11. Need prayer for car and tax loan

    Dear Lord i pray that you touch the hearts and souls of the loan officers with making a decision to give me the car i want in my price Range budget.. And to also not let nothing in the way of my tax loan.. Amen

  12. Prayer for home loan approval

    Dear Good and Heavenly Father

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the many blessings that You have already bestowed on mine and my family’s life. We know that You have already been actively working in our lives and we are witnesses to your blessings, thank You Lord!
    We pray that you work in the hearts, minds and understandings of the loan officers that are busy procesaing our application. Please grant them compassion to know the severity of our plight. Grant them the wisdom to do their good work to the best of their abilities.

    We pray Lord that You look upon all our applications and endeavours with mercy and compassion and that You may grant us that which we ask for in prayer. All Glory, Honour and Praise are from our mouths and hearts unto You! Look upon us and our application with favor Dear Lord, everything we ask for and do is unto You in Glory!

    We humbly as Lord in Your Mercy, please hear our prayers!

    We ask this humbly in Your most wonderful and Holy Name, Amen Lord Amen

  13. Loan approval

    Please stand in agreement with me that God will touch the hearts of the people who make the decisions on the loans. I would like to turn the garage into a room so I can help some children that are stuck in the Foster system to have a loving and stable home. Bless me to be a blessing to someone else in Jesus name I pray amen

  14. Hear our prayers

    Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayers! We ask that You work in all our lives and continue to bestow Your blessings upon us. I pray for each and every person here Lord, You know the desires of their hearts and You know their plight, hear our prayers Almighty God, all glory, honour and praise unto You! In Jesus Name, Amen!

  15. We serve a miracle working God!

    All Glory, Praise and Honour are Yours Lord!
    Our hearts are filled with Your never failing love, grace and mercy!
    Thank you for all the blessings bestowed on our lives, thank you for hearing our prayers, we truly serve a miracle working God!

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