Prayer for healing for my son’s ADHD

by Lords Servant (Toronto, ON)

Dear Lord:

I ask you for the complete healing of my son. You gave my son to me ” the best gift I could have ever asked for and gave my life a new meaning. My son suffers from ADHD and is on medication.

Please help him to recover completely and help him to get off medication. Place you hand on him and go into his body, mind and soul and take the ADHD out of him. Work your miracle my dear Lord Jesus. I place all my trust in you and without a doubt know that you will come to my aid.


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  1. Prayers for your son

    Praying for your son’s complete recovery from ADHD. Your prayer is full of faith. Keep it up. God ALWAYS answers mother’s prayers first. I read in a book that those have a higher priority, and the book described how they reach Him before any other prayer. Pray with all your might, and above all, give Him thanks even before you have your answer, and Glorify His Holy Name.

  2. ADHD and children

    As a grandma who has a young grandson who struggles with ADHD I promise to lift all of you up to the Lord everyday. I feel your pain and so does God.~~~~~~ Heavenly Father through your son Jesus Christ have Devine Compassion and Mercy on all the children of the world who are suffering. Bless all of us who are watching them struggle not to grow weary in prayer and to keep coming BOLDLY into Your Holy Presence everyday that nothing is to hard for You! Thank you Jesus that their Guardian Angels can stand before you interceding for them too. Lord Jesus I surrender myself to You~~You take care of everything Amen, Amen

  3. Grand Son Has Signs of Add.

    Being a grand mother with 8 years old grand son with signs of Add,rDaily negative reports from school. Need prayers will be taking him for tests on Monday. I know miracles do happen. May God hear our prayers.

  4. Thank you!

    Just read the powerful prayer from the grandmother. Please keep my son Anthony in your prayers. I know he tries so hard and he is 7.

  5. Prayer for son

    I need prayer for my son Matthew. He is on medication for ADHD for two years now and recently he is having a hard time in school. Bad reports from school are coming home weekly. Please help in prayer for healing of ADHD from his body

  6. Signs of ADD

    Please pray fro my adult daughter, she 18. Since college she is showing signs and behavior of ADD. I am praying for children and adults everywhere who is struggling with ADHD/ADD. Thanking you in advance Lord for total and complete healing in the matchless name of Jesus. Amen

  7. Please empty my heart and mind with all the negativities

    Lord I pray for my son’s adhd…lord please lead us to the right people who can help us and guide us through this. Please help me see the bright side of the situation. I worry about him constantly. With you lord nothing is impossible. I ask and trust you lord that you will provide us the needed strength and courage to see my family through this. Lord please help me embrace his disorder and embrace him as he is. I believe lord that there is a reason I am his mother and there is a reason that he is my son.
    Please empty my heart and mind with all the negativities, hatred, anger and frustrations so that you can fill my mind and heart with compassion, understanding and pure love. Lord I am nothing without you. Please always be with us and please help me to remember everyday of my life of how much you love me and that you will never leave me nor forsake me. I need you lord Jesus. I need you more than ever. all this I pray through Jesus Christ my lord and my personal savior. amen.

  8. Addh son

    Please pray for my 12 year old son who had adhd and is on medications. I would also like a prAyer for me! Please give some the strength and patience to be the best mother posssible!

  9. Prayer for my son.

    Dear Lord,

    I pray whole heartedly for my son and other children who struggle with ADHD, or any other similar condition. I pray that you will be with him and near him, going ahead of him always to help him, protect him and others. I pray you will help me and other families to learn how to cope and make these tough living situations more manageable. I pray that there is not a bad report coming home from school each day, or child care. I pray he can learn to get along with other children, form good friendships with them. I pray for any anger in him to subscribe and instead for him to be more understanding of them. I pray for him in his future to live a full and happy life and it not to be filled with trouble hurt and pain. I won’t lie I struggle to deal with him and the way he acts sometimes.

    In Jesus name


  10. My teenage son with ADHD

    I am a single mom with a teenage son with ADHD. He is having a hard time staying focus while in the classroom or school. At times, I find myself angry due to his behavior. I am tired, crying, and don’t which way to go. He is not a violence teen. But I try to keep the faith for my son. We pray every morning since he been born. The school calling me saying that he does not go to class or complete his classroom assignment. My son name is Michael. Help

  11. My teenage son with ADHD

    Dear Lord! I come to you in the name of Jesus. Help! My son to be deliver from this ADHD. Lord please remove this from him so he can focus at home, school or anywhere that he goes. Help me as a parent not to be upset but love my child as a mother should. I don’t know anywhere else to go but to You dear Lord. The impulse…..remove it to be a leader not a follower in the name of Jesus. I want to thank you in advance what you have done for my son. He will have better grades, doing his homework and classroom assignment independently, and be a happy and respectful teenager. Again in Jesus name. Amen

  12. ADHD Hyperactivity - It's Not Just A Kids Thing...

    I just prayed the prayer on top – I am a 58-year-old woman who suffers from hyperactivity symptoms – please pray that I would be able to stay off of psych meds – thanks!

  13. Prayer for my 10 yrs old son

    Please pray for my 12 yrs old son with ADHD and taking medication. He has being getting bad conduct at school and doesn’t respect anyone, he had to be at a hospital for a week t ok get help but we didn’t see any change. I know he wants to be good but is hard for him and I really want my son to be more happy . Please keep my son in your prayers. Thank you

  14. Didymus

    I recently discovered I have been living with ADHD. I am a 37 year old Adult, married and I serve as the Senior Pastor of a local church in East Africa. I also run a school 30 kilometres away from the local church, I live near the school. You can imagine how difficult it has been. My ministry is dying, the school is struggling and worst of all, my marraige is hurting; it’s been incredibly difficult for my wife. I haven’t discussed or owned up to her that I discovered this (long story) but she alluded to suspecting me having ADHD once. I need help! Pray for me as I pursue help.

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