Prayer for Healing after a Stroke

by Sels (NY)

Dear Lord, I pray for my Uncle A who had a massive stroke in February. You have guided and kept him thus far. He’s making progress, he’s still not walking or talking but with your loving mercies, he will one day. I committ my uncle to you Dear Lord.

Heal his feable frame and touch his voice box so he make speak again. Thank you for sparing his life, use him as a living testimony of Your works. You know the man he was, now Lord I ask that You make him the man You want him to be. Bless You Lord, thank you for hearing my prayer. I love You Lord, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

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  2. prayers for stroke healing and bewitched person

    O lord it has been eight months now since my father suffered from stoke, he can’t walk or talk. I suspect it is not a normal stroke because we found a lot of witchcrafts put under his bed and chair, also small snacks appear in his room.
    I call upon you O Lord to send the holly spirit to burn all the spirit of demons surrounding us. touch his throat , legs and hands to enable him walk and talk again.
    O Lord, I only rely on you because you are the way, truth and the life protect us with the blood of Jesus so that we defeat the demonic lives, witchcraft and all source of devilish acts in our family

    In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

  3. My mom has stroke since two weeks now pray to God to heel her.

    I pray to God to heel my mom ,she has stroke,she can’t walk

  4. Prayer for Healing

    Dear Lord, I ask in Your name that my brother, Larry, be healed. Lord, help him to regain his speech, to become whole again and have a quality of life that he will be able to live with dignity. I ask this in Your name as my Lord and Savior. Amen

  5. My Brother

    Lord, please put healing hands upon my Brother’s broken body. He has had a stroke and is fighting to walk again. He is your child and his faith is strong. If it is your will, please make him well. L

  6. Healing for my spouse Frank Sr.

    Lord God, I come to You seeking a healing and blessing upon my loving spouse Frank Sr. He is now in the 5th week of hospitalization. He is dependent upon on medical support oxygen.and I pray his lungs will breathe on their own again. Heal every nerve, tissue, muscle and organ in his body most sacred Jehovah Ropha our healer and divine Physician. Amen

  7. Daughter

    Heavenly father I pray that you make my daughter Gina well fix all injuries in her body, make well give her the ability to wall, talk, and see again. This car accident was so horrible that she got a stroke. Lord in the name of Jesus heal her Lord. Amen

  8. Prayer for my Mom Marlene

    Dear Lord my mom suffered a stroke in December 14th, she just had a recurrent stroke again. She is fighting for her life. Tomorrow they will be traveling with her to a stroke center. Please Lord make her have a safe travel and make Saint Luc’s hospital take good care of my mom. And please Lord restore my mom’s health. Make her talk and walk again in Jesus Name.

  9. I need prayers

    Lord in Gods name I had a stroke 2 years ago. I’m 52 and my right eye is a little damage, I don’t remember some things, and my right side from waisted on down to my feet has burning sensation and it does not feel good. I’m asking for strength, to hopefully regain control of my body again so I can live a normal life. In GODS name I pray Amen.

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