Prayer for dental healing

by Kevin (Iowa)

I am suffering from some poor dental health i regret not taking care of these issues but with lack of pay i cant do much so i am asking that the lord jesus restore me back enough to get by im not asking for new teeth im asking for healing to restore the rest of my teeth.

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  1. The Word Works

    Psalm 6:2 Oh Lord, heal me for my bones are troubled. (Teeth r bones we can see).
    Isaiah 58:11 …the Lord shall guide you…satisfy your …strengthen or make fat your bones.
    Psalm 3:7 says the teeth of the UNgodly r broken, we r the righteous of God in Christ Jesus because of Jesus therefore we r the godly and should not have broken teeth. God likes it when we remind Him of His Word & His promises to us.
    Amos 4:6 I have also given you cleanness of teeth…
    Let these scriptures encourage U as U meditate on them. God watches over His Word to perform it.

  2. Dental healing

    I pray for you and anyone suffering from any
    kind of dental pain or facial pain. I have
    suffered all year from facial pain and teeth
    extractions from different dentists. Im still
    on so much pain and I pray the Lord will heal
    us and forgive us our sins. I pray the Lord
    surroud us with his guardian angels against any
    evil chains that someone may have done. I ask the Lord to touch me face with his hands and
    heal us. I know the Lord will.

    God Bless You,


  3. dental healing

    I have a problem in my teeth. please pray for mr that God heals my teeth and my gum. I have tooth decay, swelling of the gums and filled teeth.

  4. prayer for my infected teeth and swollen gums

    Father God, im in pain and I ask for your merciful healing for my condition. It’s my second of a swollen gum and face due to an infecred teeth. I believe in your powerfull healing and no amount of medine can ever cure any pain but your healing touch. This I pray to you AMEN

  5. My sensitive teeth and gums

    The past few weeks, I’ve been having problems with my teeth and gums because it’s so sensitive, especially to cold foods, plus it’s been giving me headaches and affecting my sleep. I don’t have dental insurance, and I’ve been doing everything I possibly could to take good care of my teeth. I need prayer that God will cure my teeth and gums.

  6. I broke my front tooth..i believe God can restore it because he can do me in prayers.

    I broke one of my front tooth and cant afford an implant i believe The Mighty God can restore it because he is me in prayers

  7. healing

    prayer for god to heal all of us with dental needs .I also need inplants and can not afford them dear jesus I put all of us and myself in your hands for healing of all of our teeth amen

  8. healing

    prayer for god to heal all of us with dental needs .I also need inplants and can not afford them dear jesus I put all of us and myself in your hands for healing of all of our teeth amen

  9. healing

    prayer for god to heal all of us with dental needs .I also need inplants and can not afford them dear jesus I put all of us and myself in your hands for healing of all of our teeth amen

  10. healing

    prayer for god to heal all of us with dental needs .I also need inplants and can not afford them dear jesus I put all of us and myself in your hands for healing of all of our teeth amen

  11. healing

    prayer for god to heal all of us with dental needs .I also need inplants and can not afford them dear jesus I put all of us and myself in your hands for healing of all of our teeth amen

  12. dental healing

    Prayers for dental healing! I have bad gums & teeth & going to dentist for first time scares me!

  13. I got a dental problem.

    I have a dental problem. Please help me. I wish that God will help me. Can you pray for me because i have no way and don’t really know what to do.

    You understand how i feel. Pray for me that the lord will heal my molar teeth. Got cavities on the right side and
    impacted molar teeth cause by the wisdom tooth that emerge out of the gum horizontally pushed towards my molar tooth. ( I hope you understand what I mean ).
    I really feel very sad.

    Lord Jesus I really need your help.

  14. Healing

    Dear Lord,
    Please help heal me…I have been working long hours and have been very stressed as you already know..I thought that I had a sinus infection or ear ache …but I think its gonna to be a toothache instead.. I have this weird metal taste in my mouth also..this is all on my left side.. So could you please bless my heart and health and lay your healing hands up on me…Thank you so much Jesus name I pray…

  15. Healing

    Dear Lord,
    Please help heal me…I have been working long hours and have been very stressed as you already know..I thought that I had a sinus infection or ear ache …but I think its gonna to be a toothache instead.. I have this weird metal taste in my mouth also..this is all on my left side.. So could you please bless my heart and health and lay your healing hands up on me…Thank you so much Jesus name I pray…

  16. Embarrassed & ashamed

    I have not seen a dentist for a long time, at first because of lack of money, but now because I am embarrassed of how bad my teeth have gotten due to not seeing a dentist regularly. Now have an abscessed tooth. Can’t seem to get past this shame and embarrassment to see dentist. Please help me.

  17. Prayer for painful and loose molar

    Dear Jesus, Please help and heal my tooth. It’s so painful. Thank you

  18. Prayer for loose and painful molar

    Dear Jesus
    You healed everyone who asked for Your help during Your life on earth. I know You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. I know You are able to heal my loose and very painful left molar. I put my faith in You. Please help me. Thank you for Your touch of healing. May Your name be glorified through this. In Jesus name, Amen

  19. Prayers for stronger teeth

    Please pray for strength of my teeth, they are weak due to years of an eating disorder, please pray for my recovery as well, in Jesus name amen

  20. Direction and wisdom

    Lord, I need to go to the dentist. I don’t have the money. My mouth is hurting me. Lord ..give me a creative way to earn money to pay for it before it gets worse than it is. I thank you that your word will not return back void but will accomplish what it sets out to do. You will do exceedingly above all that we can ask for. I am asking for others to agree in prayer that this will be taken care of. I pray for all those who posted that their prayers will be answered. In Jesus name I pray

  21. Believing for (2) cracked teeth to be repaired and complete

    I have two cracked teeth that happened during my father passing. I am praying and believing for them to be restored and whole as well as the missing ones to be replaced supernaturally, in Jesus name. Thank you!

  22. 2 root canals a filling and wisdom teeth extractions

    Unfortunately my health and dental insurance were recently cancelled and I don’t know why but Jehovah my God knows all things and knows why this happened when it did. Currently suffering from chronic nerve pain in my mouth due to a cavity needing to be filled, two cracked molars needing root canals and all 4 of my wisdom teeth to be pulled out. I ask for prayer and that our heavenly father bring some healing and miracles my way. You are king of king and lord or lords and I believe you will heal me from all this pain! Amen !!

  23. Teeth problems

    I need total restoration of my teeth back to normal and implants from God

  24. Standing in faith for the miraculous healing of my teeth

    Lord Father God, You are the mighty healer, the worker of wonders and miracles. I continue to stand in faith for the complete restoration of the right lower molar in my mouth that is in need of healing. The surgeon is planning on pulling it on Wednesday and adding cadavral bone, and then sewing it up for healing for either a bridge or implant. But, I am believing that you will restore it to perfectly whole again before I go in. God, sometimes you show up, even at the eleventh hour, and I am leaving the faith door open to that as well … Even if the tooth appears while the surgeon turns his back or after he pulls the old one. I can’ t tell you how you are going to do it, I just believe that you will. I also pray Father for the other cavities in my mouth Lord, that you would fill them. I thank You in advance for the miracles that I am believing for. In the Mighty Name of Yeshua. Amen.

  25. New natural teeth grow and replace damage teeth.

    Jehovah Rapha I am appealing to the courts of miracle hearings. From the throne room of teeth I receive new natural teeth in Jesus name. I cancel any teeth being extracted in Jesus name and rebuke cavities in Jesus name. Proverbs 3:7-8 is my surety and Deut. 7:15 guarantee of Your Word. I give you praise God Almighty and Thanksgivings in Jesus Christ Amen!

  26. Prayers for healing and peace.

    Heavenly Father, I come to you for healing and peace. My bottom left tooth is causing me pain. I pray that you heal me and stop this pain. You are the ultimate doctor. I am so thankful for the gift of dental insurances, although limited, I am thankful for you teaching me to budget and for providing me with the funds to do so. I also pray for everyone on here who are in pain and struggling. May they feel your love and presence during this time and I pray for healing. I love and honor you and thank you for all you have done for me. In Jesus name, Amen.

  27. tooth decay and pain

    I need healing for my tooth decay and pain and my rotted teeth. I am in constant pain and I believe God can heal my teeth. Pray please. I don’t have dental insurance

  28. Teeth restoration cavities healed

    Dear Heavenly Father I pray that you heal and fill all cavities in my mouth god I pray for your supernatural power to emerge in my life god your faithful jesus even fix problems in my mouth I’m not aware of lord god I stand in agreement for everyone healing in there lives… believe there is nothing I mean nothing impossible for you to do Amen…..

  29. May God heals my broken front tooth!

    I broke my front tooth..i believe God can restore it because he can do me in prayers. –

  30. healing of decayed teeth

    All my teeth are decayed and broken.I do not want to go to the dentist.I am praying to God to restore all my teeth that the devil has stolen.I know that my Father will restore all my teeth in the name of Jesus .please pray for me.

  31. Dental issue: Prayer

    I have already lost my 7 teeth. I am having problem in two of my teeth. I do not want to visit to Dentist. I am sue God will help me so I pray God to take care of me. I am suffering from pain. My prayer to God will help.

  32. dental

    I pray that God heals not only my dental issues but everyone else that is facing the same problems I am. I know my god will heal me and everyone else. I have high faith that the almighty healer will heal me in Jesus name I DECLARE MYSELF AND OTHERS HEAL! AMEN!

  33. Teeth

    I just left the dentist and they are saying it’ll cost about $1,000 to have my teeth fixed. I can’t afford that & I honestly don’t want crowns or extractions. I pray God would restore my teeth completely. I pray that He would just let me keep my teeth & take better care of them. Remove the decay that is there, restore the enamel, remove the cavities & all of the things that are destroying my mouth. Help me to develop better cleaning habits of my teeth (I try to do my best but still). I need Him to just heal me.

  34. my teeth and gums need healing

    I suffer from chronic dry mouth and has made teeth and gums start hurt really bad and need a prayer heal teeth and gums back prefect health for you all mighty God and you can do the impossible heal sick and the weary Jesus name I pray amen

  35. cracked tooth pain

    Heavenly father I pray in the name of Jesus for the healing of my molar it has been causing me extreme pain since yesterday I have taken countless pain relievers but it goes and comes father nothing is Impossible for you please help the pain stop help me find peace bless and help all of those on this site for your word says Matthew 21:22 and all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.i pray healing for all my brothers and sisters you are my doctor and I declare in Jesus name I will be pain free

  36. Dental healing

    Please people of God ..I need prayer for the restoration of my teeth and bad breath..i’ve been trusting the Lord for a while now and i know that he will heal me

  37. help me lord

    Father my teeth was perfect but months of chemo and radiation made them soft and destroyed them ,please lord heal me don’t LET ME LOOSE any more teeth all I’ve GOT left is 19 teeth left and its getting harder to eat ,all I’m ASKING is for the LAST teeth I’ve GOT left please in THE name of JESUS I ask YOU father TO heal WHAT I have left so I can smile again and chew food normal ,,I’m poor so I can’t afford new teeth help me please please have mercy ON me please father.

  38. Praying for healing of cavities and much more

    I thoroughly regret not taking care of my teeth when I was younger..
    I’ve had several root canals, fillings and crowns;The thought of going to the dentist for the issues I presently have with my teeth hurts my heart. I can’t afford the thousands of dollars it would cost, So I’m praying that God heals and restores my teeth, because He is our healer.

    I pray that all who read, have posted, and are in need of dental healing are healed, that their teeth, gums, and any other issue of the mouth are made new and restored.

    In Jesus’ name, Amen

  39. Amen

    Prayers needed here for the same, but for my 13 yo please. She has received the worst of both sides in terms of genes. Doing everything to save a bad tooth. Thanks for your prayers.

  40. God have pity on me

    3 dentists ruined my teeth, am in my 20s and its so hard for me to live like that… Sooo please I need your prayers. Ask for God to heal my receeding gums, stop the cavities in my mouth and guide my new dentist, so that he does a filling without any need for a root canal… I have suffer a lot in my short life and asked for fews miracles and today I Do need one.. God am Begging you Save Me and all people who experience this same hurtful and unfair situation… Amen

  41. Illiness

    Pray for my mouth, I have a lump that’s been inside my mouth for two months now. My doctor prescribed me with many medications and I have to see a ENT specialist. Please pray for healing in my mouth. I’ve been crying and not knowing what to do, but I know God will heal me. I just asked for your guy’s prayers.

  42. Praying for a miracle daily!!

    Need prayers for bad teeth. I lost all my top teeth after years of drug abuse and neglect. Now most of my bottom teeth are going bad. I’m 6 years into sobriety now and life is so much better but not many could understand the tremendous impact of having horrible teeth can have on you! I pray for some kind of miracle every day and night. I want to be happy again I’m only 28 and have a long life ahead of me.

  43. Please see my only 16

    Hi im 16 yrs old… im just asking for prayer that i dont have any more complications with my teeth i keep thinking i have an impacted wisdom tooth but havent gone to the dentist about it but im just asking to pray against every and any oral illness because i know my mother doesnt have it financially …pray against every cavity,abcess, decay everything please im trying to take care of my teeth the best i can starting now and i will stop googling stuff about issues i think i may have because all it does is cause me to worry…please pray

  44. Bad teeth

    Please pray for me I’v been praying every day for my teeth to be restored and my cavities I have right now I already lost 4 of my back teeth it’s getting hard for me to chew food , I don’t like to smile anymore because of it & 4 of my other teeth are getting bad please pray for me.. I wake up every day worrieing I try not to I’m only 20 am also pregnant. I really wish I took better care of them I wish my teeth can grow back it really hurts me I cry every time I look at them I feel like I’m going to loose all my teeth soon.. 🙁
    Please pray for me ..

  45. Toothache

    I have been going through ongoing tooth pain. I’m leaving for vacation and I ask the lord to help with healing my mouth. I pray that I can at least tolerate it until I get back. Thank you lord !

  46. Please agree with me for restoration

    I am standing in prayer for restoration, healing or new teeth, whatever God desires to do. God is able to raise the dead. I believe that he can save, restore or replace my teeth. I appreciate your prayers of agreement so much. I will pray for everyone on this blog who are also asking God to heal their teeth.

  47. Daughter's teeth

    My daughter was born with little enamel on her teeth
    Now at 324 she does have dental insurance and needs a lot of dental work
    She has little income and with 3 kids and being single parent, she does not have the money for the dental work
    I can’t pay for it either
    Currently she has a bad tooth infection
    Please pray for my daughter
    I ask my Lord to
    Please take away her pain and toothache
    Please guide to a dentist that would be willing todo the dental work she needs in a sliding scale( reduced cost)
    May God watch out for her and her family

  48. Emergency Oral Surgery

    I just found out yesterday 4/16/16 that i need immediately surgery for my mouth before my dentist can do anything. They spot sonething inside my mouth during a xray exam and he didn’t want to scared me he think its a cyst some type of tumur and hopefully not the worst like cancer bc it spreads through my jaw i have to little boys i just ask for prayers to heal me in the name of Jesus. That everything will be okay. Also pray im able to pay for it with my dental insurance .

  49. tooth and gums

    o lord tuch my tooth and gums and heal there is souling and blood comes,pore your holy blood and heal my pain also,please pray for me

  50. tooth healing

    Sweet lord heal my painful teeth and everyone in the same need as me touch everyone that needs a Mircle of any need I believe in you with all my heart and soul.

  51. Pray for me

    I have a tooth problem. I could not chew the food properly and also feel very uncomfortable. Please pray for me to restore and heal my pain. I believe God wants to heal me.

  52. Bad teeth

    Please god. Im a child without mother and must say without father also.i do have another loving family but they cant afford to help me with my dental problems.god i know when i was little i didnt care about my teeth as i should have.but please since my first cavity i have been trying to take good care of my teeth.using good toothlaste mouthwash everything i could i tried.but still since then all my tooth are get cavities.please god make a miracle so that all my cavities go away.almost all my teeth are getting cavities.please god help me a miracle to my too young to lose all my teeth and cant afford new teeth as becoming depresive over my teeth god.please help this child of yours.please i beg of you.

  53. please pray for me

    I have had dental problems my whole life and terrified of the dentist and have no insurance or money. I lost several teeth and know I need to get them fixed. I pray God will intervene and show his mercy and allow me the freedom of a healthy mouth and to smile again. I pray that he will guide me through the process of going to the dentist and show me the right one who will fix my mouth. Please pray for me.

  54. Healing for my gums and teeth

    Please have faith with me and belieave and pray that Jesus will heal my mouth teeth and gums. I don’t have insurance and can’t afford to go to the dentist. Please pray for me I have 4 children thank you

  55. A Prayer For All

    Dear Heavenly Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

    I ask that You please bless each, and every daughter, and son on this website, and in the world, that are suffering from poor oral hygiene.

    Please remove our worry, fears, stress, burden, financial issues, strong holds, guilt, and every negative emotion and feeling.

    Please remove our pain and suffering. Please allow us to have a peaceful mind, and be able to sleep, not restless due to mental, spiritual, or physical pain.

    Please forgive us of our sins, seen and unseen, heard and unheard, known and unknown. Help us to forgive others, so that we may be forgiven.

    Although we cannot see our blessings and healing, please help us to walk by faith, and not by sight.

    You hear our cries for help, please do not let us be put to shame before our enemies because of our Faith in You God.

    Please fill us with Your Spirit God, and give us the power to rebuke and resist satan, his agents, demons, minions, and all demonic activity.

    God, please watch over us day and night, and place Your hedge of protection over and around us, and I plead the Blood of Jesus over each and every one of us.

    Bless our mind, body, soul, spirit, flesh, thoughts, feelings, emotions, mood, attitude, personality, behavior, actions, and words.

    I am praying for the healing of ALL my brothers and sisters.

    Forgive me for my selfishness, and not realizing everything isn’t about me and my wants!

    I love all of you. Please provide updates!

    Ephesians 6:12 King James Version (KJV)

    12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

  56. teeth

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    Please relieve the tooth pain and give me the path and means to take care of this pressing issue. Please Father touch those that have posted here. In Jesus name Amen

  57. Please pray for me to restore back the front four teeth

    I had cavities on my front four teeth. Two years back I had been to dentist to fill cavities. In that one tooth had big filling. So I was feeling uncomfortable whenever I was biting something from that teeth. Hence I went again to same dentist to get the crown. I told him to put for a tooth which had bigger filling, instead he made me to get the cap for all four by giving some stupid reasons. After that I am feeling conscious while talking with others & even I can’t laugh in front of anyone.Daily I am praying god to give me back the brand new natural teeth wherever the crowns & fillings are done for my teeth.
    I am still young in my 20’s and not married also. So I want to get my teeth back. Please god help me to get all my teeth back with all brand new teeth.
    Please help me to pray the god to restore my teeth how it was 15 years back without any cavities, filling & crowns.
    Thank you!.

  58. Need Prayer help for restore my teeth back


    I am having crowns in all my front 4 teeth, which is hurting me a lot for laughing & for talking also. Earlier there was cavities on these teeth and in which one tooth had bigger & all were filled. But due to uncomfortable to bite anything from that one tooth, I went to same dentist again for crown. Instead of making crown for one, he did it for all four teeth which were unnecessary.
    After that, I am getting everyday tension that anybody observes me & not able to laugh because of this. Also I have tension that when it will fall out and all. I also have some other teeth with filling which are inside my mouth. Hence, I am praying every day to God for asking complete restoration of my teeth with brand new strong natural teeth over there.
    Please God help me for this as I am still young in my 20’s age & also need to get married.


  59. healing

    I was wondering just how many who requested prayer for their teeth actually received? I don’t question, I’m just wondering because I myself have a very bad cavity and a broken tooth that is in need of healing. Thanks

  60. Praying for cleanliness

    Thank you for the cleanliness of teeth scripture! That’s what I’m needing right now. I let things get really dark in my teeth. I’ve seen some improvement. I’m praying I can get things clean and not have too many cavities by the end of it. I also have stuff stuck on the back of the tooth that’s given a lot of pressure. It’s getting better, but a struggle. Please pray that the products I’m using will help me clean all of the brown and black stuff of before I might see a dentist. Please pray that the things I’m doing nutritionally will help make my teeth stronger for a lifetime. I’ve had one root canal and hoping to avoid others. Please Lord Jesus take the demon in my mouth away.

  61. Pray for me

    Please Jesus help me with all the pain and problems with teeth. Only you can help. Thank you.

  62. One GOD

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Humanity, Peace be upon you all.

    The best advice I can give you is to pray to the ONE who created Jesus, peace be upon him.

    Prayer needs to be sincere and needs to be followed by action.

    For those of you who cannot afford dental care, after praying to the ONE who never dies and is not born, He is not the father of anything, He is not the son of anything, He is not like anything, He is the ONE who created all the Prophets including Jesus, prace be upon him and the final Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

    Try IODINE – LUGOLS SOLUTION. Put x3 drops in a small glass of warm water and add x1 teaspoon of salt. Mix this and rinse your mouth with this solution after every meal and at least x5 times a day…especially in the morning and before going to bed.I hope this helps and I am praying for all of you.

    May the one who created you and created the heavens and the earth guide you to that which is best for you insh’Allah- GOD Willing

  63. Healing

    I will pray for you and please pray for me also I have one lower abscesses molar and the corner recently broke off. And one upper molar with a crown that may also be absessed. I am swishing with coconut oil and eliminating corn sryup from my diet, reading food labels. Raw garlic took care of the pain during early spring and summer. I have puss at the root of the lower Mollar that I seen on the X-ray please pray that God will clear it up. And heal my mouth muscle spasms for I need to sleep with a mouth guard so I don’t grind and break more of my teeth. There is 2 cracked Mollars on both sides on my mouth that need Jesus Christ to heal. I believe in his healing and I am waiting on him. And pray for my pancreas to heal so my blood sugar does not affect my teeth.
    Thank you brothers and sisters

  64. my teeth really hurts

    my teeth has been hurting for 4 days i thought it would get better but it’s been getting worse day by day. i pray to god everyday but the pain hasn’t subsided. i’m only 16 and i’m studying overseas my parents aren’t here with me and my guardian is giving me excuses and doesn’t wanna take me to the dentist. the pain is so bad i can’t even eat anything and i’ve been having gastric i hope that god will heal me soon

  65. Tooth pain

    Please pray for me I have cancer and having radiation treatments Mon ,Wed,fri and now my teeth are very bad don’t have money to pull them out and can’t do anything while I am getting treatments please pray that pain goes away please Lord Jesus here my prayer Amen.

  66. Pray for supernatural healing

    Jesus said things he did we can +. I hope to join you all in faith that he will heal us all with supernatural healing. I know this is real and we can help this blessing come back to us as he is a God of miracles. Will you also please pray for the music I do that is to praise him and his glory. Thank you for being supportive and these may bless you: musiccreatorful It’s natural for miracles to happen and we join your faith we all get that blessing!

  67. regarding teeth

    Believing god for the healing and resteration of all my teeth..i have cracks from acid erosion in my front teeth,also lost a tooth in my upper right hand side. Don’t have much confidence at the moment to visit a dentist so I’m putting my trust and faith in god to heal and strengthen my remaining teeth,and replace the lost one..wud like to ask for all ure prayers thankyou and I also pray for all of u with dental needs for o know how it impact on self esteem!

  68. Prayers for a good xray and cleaning

    Praying for healing and a cleaning. Depression has caused tartar build up and pain. And hoping I haven’t caused more cavities. Already have had a root canal when I was in my 20’s. I’m convinced that with natural treatments and prayer that cavities can heal. I don’t want more root canals. Have had several fillings. I go for a cleaning and an xray in a few weeks. Please pray the xray is better than what I am thinking. I am ready to feel clean again. Give me peace of mind. Forgive me for not always taking care of my teeth very well. Thank you for helping me find a walnut hull tincture mouthwash. It is helping. Please remove the tartar from the back of my tooth and I will feel so much better. Lord Jesus, please wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.

  69. Prayer for dental healing

    how to pray for dental healing ?
    I need help.
    One of my molar teeth get impacted caused by wisdom tooth.
    Is there a way to heal my molar teeth ?

    Despite my sin, I need God to do for me.
    Will God hear my prayer ?
    How do I repent of my sin before healing.

    I am struggling from my health.
    I need to God to restore my teeth.
    Can God really help my life and love me ?

    I hope you can understand my cry.
    Hope someone can write the message to me.
    Thank you very much.

  70. Dental issues / bad breath

    I am seeking prayers for my dental issues. I have spent lots of funds and does feel that the care that I have received is up to par. I have been dealing with dental issues for over a year without any resolution. I asking for complete healing and restoration.

  71. Prayer for tooth pain

    Lord, my top wisdom tooth has been chipped over a year now with hardly much pain but lately I’ve been getting bits of pain in this chipped tooth and the pain although minimum is still a bother to me and I know it won’t get better until it gets pulled by the dentist but I just pray and ask for a healing touch that you strengthen all my teeth and gums tonight and restore them to full dental health in Christ name. Amen.

  72. Dear lord

    I have bad oral hygiene and that is the fault of my own. I have no money to fix the problems with my cavities and I’m asking for the lord to help me because in is infinite power I believe he can do anything. I pray lord that you please help me.

  73. please pray for me

    im eman from taguig city, philippines. i have chipped and damage teeth since nov. 11, 2016. when the dentist performs to cleaning my teeth but i feel something hard when she doing her job to my teeth. then after cleaning she wants to perform another job by dental pasta/filing my teeth but i just change my mind so i just quit because im afraid with my dentist by drilling my small tooth decay in my teeth then i said to myself that i will fix or remove on my own in a natural way. then after a day i just observe something that makes me uncomfortable with my teeth. then i put a mirror in my teeth i was shock that my sharp edge of my left canine tooth was chipped and broken in that case it is hard to chew a hard foods. most of my teeth was trimmed, chipped and broken so when my tongue suddenly touch my trimmed teeth both upper and lower area. i feel stitch or wound to my tongue. and it feels like loosing teeth in my gums. my teeth crevices was destroyed and my gums have a wound because her instruments used when she cleaning my teeth. unlike before that i was comfortable in that time. my dentist did’nt make a to costumer like me an orientation no orientation or how to she will perform she make a perform a procedure in cleaning my teeth. ruined my teeth intentionally. and im a victim of dental malpractice.

    please pray for me. to restore back to its original form. because it can lead me has a dental trauma. please me help me.

  74. Creative miracle

    I pray in Jesus name for teeth healing for all who have posted and my self I pray a complete restoration of teeth healthy gums and pearly whites fill all the missing teeth and restore all holes or cavities with brand new teeth ;D Thank you Jesus Amen

  75. Prayers for my back pain teeth

    Lord I been in pain for 4 month, I can’t afford dental needs for my teeth. I pray lord Jesus Christ you take away all my pain.I need you more everyday,forgive me for all my wrongs.

  76. I have terrible pain in my teeth&gum. Please pray for my healing!!!

    Please pray that God, in the name of Jesus, will heal my teeth.
    I have no dental insurance. I am not able to pay out of pocket
    for dental care. I need mercy and grace from the Lord. Pray for me now!!!

  77. Dental pain

    hi ..i have this pain in my teeth that’s been going on for 4 days…it hurts so bad it’s getting mom can’t afford a dentist so i need you to pray for me…this is my senior year and i can’t spend it with a toothache…the pain only stops at night..and it’s really big pain seriously i’m not esagerating…it’s really big pain …so please pray for me ..i need your prayers!

  78. Dental healing

    Needing prayers for dental healing! Take the infection out of my gums & heal my teeth & gums

  79. Teeth and gums

    I need prayers for my gums they’re receding and my teeth are sensitive and decaying,Please pray for a miracle for me I’ve been praying myself but I feel like the Lord isn’t listening to me:( I feel so lost and alone and in pain:'(

  80. Restore my teeth oh God

    3 years (2015) ago i got my braces.. The ortho extract my upper two teeth.. After my braces off im so sad with the result.. My front two got cavities and they fill it.. And my cheeks sink in.. My lips become more bigger and my jaw line is not correct.. I regret what decision i made. I always cry day and night.. I always blame my self but not the Lord.. . I hope god can restore my teeth 3 years ago.. Because nothing is impossible to him.. Please pray for me… In Jesus name..

  81. Dental healing

    Please pray for me I need prayers , I’m pregnant and depressed I cry sometimes I’ve been praying myself because I know nothing s impossible for the lord. I need more prayers because I have an abscess on my gums I need a dental miracle healing to take away this infection & to heal my gums & restore my teeth .. I pray in Jesus name that he will heal me ..

  82. Believing God for a dental miracle

    About almost 4 years ago, I had to have all of my teeth pulled out. They were brittle and falling apart and I was very sick. I was supposed to get immediate dentures but they didn’t work out, so here I am almost 4 years later and I still don’t have teeth, it’s been really hard. I got screwed with the dentures (they never fit, i couldnt even close my mouth) so I am believing that God has a better plan for me, I am only 33 and I don’t really want dentures flipping around in my mouth anyway so I’m believing for implants. Will you please pray for me, it’s been a long road. And I’m just hoping it’s time. I Will be praying for all of you, God bless

  83. Teeth scripture

    Here is a tooth scripture that I have been standing on for a long time now, hope it blesses someone:
    Your teeth are like a flock of shorn sheep Which have come up from the washing, Every one of which bears twins, And none is barren among them.
    Song of Solomon 4:2 NKJV
    That sounds to me like a perfect smile! ❤

  84. Healing my teeth

    I prayer for total and complete healing of my teeth I’ve had many fillings and extraction of tooth I’m tired of paying so much money I’m just tired I need complete healing of all my tooth I thank you Lord in advance for restoration of my teeth perfect teeth onward….Thank you lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Healing my teeth

    I pray that for healing that the Lord will heal my 5 cavities so I don’t have to go to the dentist! The Lord said when 2 or 3 come in my name I am with them!!! Amen! I know my God can do it praise to the God.

  86. My Dear Lord , Our God, I ask that you please heal our pain.

    My Dear Lord, through you all things are possible. I ask only that your will be done, if it be so,take away the infection I have in my jaw,causing so much pain and fever. I ask also that you please heal or make tolerable all the suffering of my brothers and sisters in Christ ,no matter their malady ,if it be your will. I understand that the little I must walk through in this life is but a shadow of the sacrifice you made in your incarnation and passion. Please, through the goodness that you are ,have mercy on your suffering ones and grant us respite and healing. Thank you for your mercy,your graces ,that you pour out upon us. We are ALL unworthy. Please, through your mercy, compassion and love , grant our prayers. Allow us to be healed. Allow us to receive aid from caring, compassionate physicians that can carry out your will for us. Grant us understanding, humility, and faith ,that in you ,all things are possible and made complete. I ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, Amen,Amen.

  87. Complete teeth replenishment

    Every brokrn and missing tooth teth completely restore. Like naaman in the bible and his skin after brimg healed ,my teeth better than before in Jesus name. Expediently!!

  88. It's not much compared to the others, but...

    I’m a young teen who can’t afford a dentist, and I have a cavity in one of my wisdom teeth and pain in the teeth and gums around it as a result. I take Anbesol and aspirin every day. I’m afraid for it to get worse, so God, please heal me of my pain, restore the cavity and heal all the teeth around it. I also have recessing gums, but only in the two front bottom teeth, so please heal that as well. I know it’s not as bad as some of the others I’ve seen on here, but I’m in pain and afraid of the future of my mouth. So God, please heal me and others of our pain.

  89. please God heal my teeth

    Lord i come before you as your humble son requesting that you may take pity on me and heal my cavities.I have had many fillings and root canals and I don’t think I can go back to the dentist anymore.Recently I had a filling in my premolar that later became infected again and now its either a root canal or extraction.Lord I know I have strayed from the path of righteousness but I am willing to make ammends and all I am asking you is to wake me from this nightmare oh Lord.Please Lord come to me in my hour of need for I have hit rock bottom and in your name anything is possible.Deliver me from this and i will forever be in your debt oh lord.amen

  90. Teeth and gums

    Pray for my teeth and gums. I have spaces from missing teeth. My teeth are not aligned straight. My gums have receded and I odors coming from my mouth. God told me no more abcesses, no more gingivitis, no more misalignments. I am standing in faith in his words.

  91. dental health and healing

    I pray for healthy strong well-functioning clean full beautiful gums and teeth and general health. I pray to keep all my teeth. I pray to naturally stop grinding my teeth. I pray for my sleep apnea to naturally stop. I pray for full natural vigorous regeneration of bone loss, gums, and enamel. I pray for a confident beautiful smile with no black triangles, pockets, gaps, or roots showing. I pray for healthy strong complete bones and mouth and jaw health. I pray for good well-functioning teeth alignment. I pray for healthy strong gum and teeth attachment. I pray for prompt dental health and healing. I pray for no inflammation. I pray for healthy strong joints, ligaments, and soft tissue. I pray for my boyfriend’s health and healing. I pray for his neighbor’s medical issues to be favorably resolved. I pray for forgiveness and to forgive. I pray for compassion. I pray for a joyful smile to share with the world. I pray for no infections and no bad bacteria. I pray for no financial worries. I pray for a life worth sharing. I pray for excellent honest affordable medical care. I pray for a healthy body and sound mind. I pray for my prayers to be answered.

  92. Dental problems

    I pray that my teeth grows back so that i dont have to get a fake teeth or implant to replace it.
    I pray for a full healthy complete set of teeth all throughout my life.
    I pray for strong teeth that can withstand anything.
    I pray for no more cavities
    I pray for no more grinning
    I pray that I can smile with a beautiful set of teeth. AMEN AMEN
    I pray for an abudant today tommorrow AMEN

  93. Toothache

    Dear Jesus I ask for healing for all the people who are experiencing tooth pain. It is so debilitating and drags you down.
    I am really sick myself and over the last few days my back tooth has begun to ache. I’m too sick to visit the dentist as I can’t walk very far and it would just be too much for me. I know it says in the bible if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we could move a mountain. Well I do and ask for healing in the name of Jesus. You are the same Jesus that died for me and I thank you in advance. Amen

  94. Prayer for dental issues

    Dear great mighty Father, please hear us with dental pain and the stress we feel from this, please guide the dentist’s thoughts and hands, please cover our mouths with your healing love, let us remember you are all mighty and you love your children. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  95. Prayer for my loose crowns

    Please dear God help me yrs ago I got porcelain crowns my right is feeling loose I don’t want it to fall out then I will not be able to eat. I have no money for dentist my mom was in car accident our car in wrecked and we are barely skirting by as it is. So much is in the balance i need it to be ok. Please dear God. Thank you for everything you do. There is no one greater than you. I trust in you Lord.

  96. Cure tooth decay

    Praying for everyone and myself on healing inside the mouth. Look at cure tooth decay by ramiel nagel. There is also a cure tooth decay Facebook group.
    Lord guide us into what we should do, give us knowledge and wisdom in healing. In Jesus name. Amen.

  97. I Believe

    Lord God I believe in your word and with faith I’m praying for total restoration for my mouth, for my health, for my family. In the might name of Jesus!

  98. Lord God JESUS CHRIST help me with my enamel loss and teeth abrasion

    Lord God please help me to heal my teeth i am so young im only 15 years old to suffered teeth abrasion I have faith to you Lord God that one day my smile will be recovered and so i can eat chocolates again and all the foods i want because for now lord im suffered and i had difficulty of biting and my teeth was mis-alligned lord God i really need your help

  99. Oral and Jaw Healing

    Dear Lord, I declare that today I will be healed of all the problems that I am having with my oral health and my jaw. Dear Lord please cure any gum disease I may have as well and any jaw problems that have been caused from stress that has made me clench and grind my teach and that my bite return to normal without anymore dental work. I have faith that you will restore my jaw and my bite to the way that it was. Thank you Lord. Amen!

  100. Anonymous

    I pray for healing and restoration and for God’s miracle to happen for everyone on here. Please keep my son in prayer hes 19 and has been struggling with his all his teeth since he was a young child and needs a new set of teeth. He’s been struggling with socialising and has been preventing him from doing the things he always wished to do, and living out his dream. I know that when God gives him new teeth that he will dedicate them and himself to Him and His plans. Please keep him in your prayers as I will with all of you❤️

  101. Lesions below root canals.

    I regret not taking care of my teeth earlier. X Rays show i have lesions below of 2 of my root canals. Please pray for them to disappear.

  102. Praying to God for 4 Amalgams to be removed in my cavities.

    i pray that God Almighty will removed those 4 amalgams from my cavities. it has been said that it has mercury and poison. All my life i been with this issue and i don’t want to go to a biological dentist. They have certain procedure for this matter. but the consequence are huge and something improper can go wrong. The removal its very pricey too, to remove those amalgams inside the cavities. i will let the powerful and surgeon hands of the Lord to removed them for me. Nothing is impossible for the Lord. Who ever believe this will see the healing power of God in my teeth. Praise the Lord. Amen.

  103. Ongoing Dental Health

    Dear all,

    I have ongoing dental health issues that are driving me nuts. Root Canals, cracked teeth, dental abscesses and al.

    I need prayers for them to be totally eradicated in Jesus name!

  104. Ongoing Dental Health

    Dear all,

    I have ongoing dental health issues that are driving me nuts. Root Canals, cracked teeth, dental abscesses and all.

    I need prayers for them to be totally eradicated in Jesus name!

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