Prayer for complete healing of PCOS

by Cindy (PA)

Dear Jesus,

I ask that you completely heal my PCOS condition and its symptoms. I have been mentally and emotionally devestated by this disease and I need healing now. I have not been able to handle this, and I feel completely out of control in my life. I believe the devil created disease and wishes to destroy us, but I call upon You my Savior to lift me up and make the impossible possible, heal my cells, hormones, physical afflictions and the terrible depression I have been under for what seems to be so long.
I believe that if I were kneeling before You in Your earthly life, as did the lepers, the blind men, Jairus, the Centurian and the woman with the bleeding, among others who put their faith in You, You would not hesitate to heal me. As a daughter of God I pray that You transcend the laws of time and space and touch me tonight, heal me of this affliction, let me aweken to a complete new body tomorrow.
I promise to use this as a way to glorify Your Name and to share Your love with others and to live a good life.
If not for me, for my mother, son, husband and all those who have been suffering with me. They need relief from my constant affliction and misery.
Please heal me now, Lord.
I ask Mother Mary to intercede for me, You would not refuse what Your mother requests of You.

I know there are other with worse or more dire problems every day, and I will pray for them and if I can help, I will. Heal me of this and I will make my future life a Thanksgiving to you by helping others and living the way I should but, thus far felt unable to do. I promise to tell others of my healing so they may believe and Your glory may be increased.

Jesus, Healer of all ills, hear my humble and sincere plea this moment and bless me, forgive me and teach me to live life as You will.I believe, Your will is to heal me.Thank You for Your great endless mercy… I look forward to complete healing so this cloud of sadness, despair and helplessness will be once and for all ended. Moreover, let me begin to live a faithful life and do what pleases You. Let me doubt and fear no more.
You once said, “Be not afraid, only believe”.
I believe, and I am no longer afraid.

All Saints and Angels and Christians, pray for me and I will pray for you.

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  1. I'm joining your prayer

    I say Amen for you and for me!

    I feel strengthened by your prayer!

    God bless you my dear.

    I came across this prayer by searching “Jesus wants to heal me”.

    I believe the time is now!

  2. Than you!

    I’ll take this prayer before the blessed sacrament and will believe wholeheartedly for this miracle. Jesus wants to heal me and I will accept His healing! Thank you Sister :). May our Lady continue to be a role model of humility and we may also be ready to accept our Father’s will just as she did. Amen.

  3. Left side of lower tummy

    Hi please pray for me for some time now I have had symptoms of pregnancy and urination more and lately had left pelvic pain mildly and I had a Miscarriage on the 5th I was 2 weeks. Bloating that makes me look pregnant and I have read of polocystic ovaries and it makes sense that bearing in mind its been my left not my right. I need complete healing as me and my husband are trying and I just had a what appears a 3 day period light the first day second heavy third in between and fourth finished and my area with the nipples are sore. I haven’t took a hpt yet as i know from my being a mum before that my hcg levels I have to be over a month. Please pray for healing for me in Jesus name amen

  4. Amen

    THank you for this prayer. I have used it as a guide to pray for my PCOS healing. I will pray for you my Sister. May the Lord bless you all.

  5. Diagnosed with pcos

    For past 5 years I have been trying have a baby and I’m on my last leg but two months ago I was diagnosed with pcos and asking for a prayer for healing my reproductive system and also a prayer for good chance of baby with my husband 🙏

  6. Thank you God

    Thank u God for giving all the women with PCOS strength to fight the symptoms we face everyday❤️

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