Prayer for admission into University

by Leonaire Fermin George (Lahore)

Lord Jesus I pray for my admission in university. Because it is very important for me to get admission because if i don’t get admission my whole year will go for waste and i have not applied anywhere else and my dreams will die.

so thats why it is very important for me to get admission in university so that i can continue my studies and make my parents proud. And i will always be thankful and grateful to u all who ever prayers for me. For this i ask in the name of the Lord Amen.

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  1. University Admission

    Dear Father, please grant both of my younger ones admission into their ordained schools this year.

  2. admission

    o lord I thank you for granting me all my papers
    lord and I still want you to grant me admission into Nnamdi azikiwe university awka second list coming out by Wednesday next week I tried meet some one to help me but he could not CU’s it was late and there I’d no were aagain lord to go to Dan meeting you lord grant me this admission so it can be a testimony to me this year amen please help me pray to God amen
    by Daniel

  3. I beg of the to take mercy.

    Dear Father,

    I beg of you to consider my efforts and much hard work to aid in securing me a place at university. The course that I dream of studying will enable me to help in the health of your creations. I reach out to you with desperation and much need, I am forever in your debt. Please help me father for I can do no more. My name on the acceptance list will give my life further meaning, I beg this of you.

    Eternally yours.

  4. Nursing Ut Health

    Lord, please don’t forget about me. I know I wasn’t a good person back in high school;however, I have changed. I have become a better person. I stopped doing what disappointed you and joined the military. I put my life on the line because there was nothing but trouble at home. I am now a college student making great grades. I know you are proud of me. I need your help though, God. Please let UT Health in Houston accept me into their nursing program. I put all my trust in you.

  5. University Admission

    Oh! Lord please answer my prayer! I want to get into school, so I can be a better person in future! I’ve tried thrice, buh all to no avail. Another academic session is here, Oh Lord hear my cry and put my enemies to shame! Amen

  6. prayer for admission

    With a tearful heart….a mind which has no other hope….with a pleading heart,I kneel bfr u Lord….remember ur word lord,ur covenant in d bible that u will never forsake me,remember Matthew 7:7…..look into my mind Lord nd grant me my desire….it is nt by might but by ur spirit nd grace…..eventhough d Israelites sinned against u many times u still delivered them from their enemies nd granted them victory…..won’t my story be the same,even though I have sinned nd it is as black as scarlet,wash me,cleanse me nd make me whole,whatever it is that might hinder me from getting admission plz 4gv me Lord….nothing is impossible for u to do….u can never see or hear my complains nd change…bcuz of d blood of Jesus Christ on d cross….please do nt pass me by….Jesus,son of David hv mercy on me biko zie nu o😭…I want to smile like others too….when will it be my turn to smile…answer me Lord,I truly need an answer now….uwa nke m opuru iche!….With hope…With an assuring mind …with a prayerful heart I look up to u nd if at all it is granted to me….I will forever remain grateful nd serve u all d days of my life….diz is my earnest,humble nd honest desires….looking forward to smile diz year…..Thank you Lord for the answered prayer nd be thou exalted in d highest….HOSANNA!!!

  7. lord I thank you for all uv done for me .lord Jesus I pray u grant me admission into the university of portharcourt this year in Jesus mighty name.Amen.

    Lord I thank you for all uv done for me.lord Jesus I pray dat u grant me admission into the university of portharcourt this year in Jesus mighty name.Amen.

  8. Lord jesus help me secure admission in uniport

    Lord jesus help me secure admission in uniport dis year.let ur grace b with me as i go 4 my screening exam let me favoured.bless me nd make ur good plans actualize in my life.d bible says d xpectations of d righteous shall nt b cutoff,lord i key into ur word in jesus name amen

  9. Prayers for special admission

    Dear Lord ,

    I have applied for an university for my Masters, this is really important for my life as i have failed in every step of my life . Please help me to get admission for the university i am aiming . Praise the lord. Amen.

  10. Prayer for admission

    Heavenly father, i commit my admission this year in to your hand, come and help me so i can gain admission this year in to the university of lagos, thank you God , in jesus name i pray, AMEN!!!
    I will testify

  11. prayer 4 favour

    my father! I know d devil has delayed this admission 4 so long and daddy its tym 4 him 2 let go! I ask 4 favour before d concerned people dat…lord I have faith in u.I thank u xo much 4 granting my heart desire! just as I wrote dis prayer point here i would also write down the testimony to encourage students! thank u lord! in Jesus Christ name ave prayed!

  12. Prayer for admission into University

    i pray that i will be favoured in the panel and throughout the interview and i pray for Gods favor to rest on me, that i may be amongst the choosing ones. Amen

  13. Admission for nursing

    Father lord in the name of jesus. I thank you for the gift of life, for the gift of good health, for the wonderful family and friends. I come humbly to you to sincerely ask for a favour in enrolling in the university to study degree in nursing. Father lord i leave everything in your hands as i have faith in you. Do not allow th devil to block this opportunity but by your power to grant me this favour. forgive my sins and make me humble in everything i do. forgive those that have wronged me. in the name of jesus i pray. Amen and amen

  14. admission

    Lord please help me to gain admission into federal polytechnic nekede owerri,let my name be among those that will be admitted into nekede this year 2015.i pray for your favour upon my marriage and school.

  15. Prayer for admission into the university this year

    Lord Jesus, please i cry onto you with faith, hope and i believe that this year is my year of admission. Miraculous Jesus please as the admission list is being compiled, Lord Jesus please i beg you from the bottom of my heart write my name on the list- university of nigeria nsukka, to study medicine and surgery. Jesus please this admission is very important to me, i dont want this year of hardwork, studies, prayers, fasting, money, penance, sacrifices, and alms giving be a waste. Jesus any sin of mine thats going to hinder me from gaing this admission this year, Lord Jesus please i beg for your forgiveness. Have mercy upon me and bless me with a successful admission this year. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers! Thank you Lord!!….

  16. Admission

    The God of Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola let my admission be sure for before this year runs out. Use your favour and mercy to make a way for me where man say there is no way.

  17. For he is with me...

    Lord let me first say thank you for all you have and continue to do in my life. You have protected and blessed me lord, beyond belief. I am your child and you have made that exceptionally clear. I have not wanted for anything. Everything I have ever needed, you have provided. I love you Lord. Today I have a special request. I have applied to another university Lord. Though I have struggled at my current university, you have carried me and gave me strength Lord and because of you, I will have my Bachelors degree by the summer. I am forever thankful for that Lord, but now I need to get into this new university so I can really purse my dream. This is my calling Lord I know it is. If this was not my destiny you would not have brought me this far. I know this is for me and I will do it totally different this time. I will do exceptionally well in this program and continue to make you, myself, and my parents proud. I just need your grace and your blessing Lord, please! I want this more than anything. When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no ! 🙌🏾🙏🏾

  18. He never fails

    Lord Almighty,I thank you for the gift of life n grace you’ve blessed me with. I also thank you for the opportunity you have provided to me to apply to a wonderful university,i ask thee Lord for grace n favour in being admitted to the university to pursue my studies n be an inspiration to all facing despair,hopeless or lack of faith,that my faith in you blesses one abundantly n u make a way where there seems to be no way. I Pray for my parents as well for they are an exceptional blessing in my life n i would love to make them proud and happy and to continue glorifying your name.Amen,pls friends pray for my application to be successful.I pray for all potential candidates as well.

  19. Help me Lord

    Oh Lord have mercy upon me, 4give me for all my sin Lord. grant me this admission this yr for I hv no any order hope then u oh Lord hear my prayer in Jesus name Amen frids help me ad pray

  20. about my addmission

    god ave done fuoye post utme without u nd i score below average nd i hereby ask 4 4giveness i pray dat god shuld show me mercy dat my name will cm out in 2nd list ijn i pray amen i wnt to ave testimony by faith amen

  21. Prayer for admission

    God i want to first thank u for the life u have given to me…i also want to request for one thing…favour me with admission this year..PLS HELP ME LORD…answer my prayers through christ our lord AMEN….lord u have neva forsaken me..pls grant me this request..pls friends pray 4 me…i have my second exam to write on the 14th of this month october..thanks

  22. admission

    my father in heaven, Lord JESUS please make a way for me to enter into the let this failure pass me by but if this is not your plan for then let your will be done in my life in JESUS name i have asked.

  23. prayer to get admit in Aloysius

    Lord Jesus, I know and I believe that you have better plans for me. If it is your will to get admitted in Aloysius please help. Show me your way guide me. Mother Mary intercede for me to your son. Ask your son to show me how way. I request all of you to pray for me.

  24. Prayer for admission into univer

    Heavenly father,in you I placed my trust and desire to gain admission into the university i alone know how this is important to me.If it is your will let me have admission,if not open another way for me.I request this through christ our lord Amen

  25. school

    dear father, please help me to get into university, the decision is being made now as i pray, i believe this is my forte and what i am suppose to be going into. i have spent the last two years trying to get into this degree and now finally i have a chance , but i need your help dear father. i don’t ask for much. i give myself to you. amen

  26. prayer to almighty

    Oh,lord my heavenly guided me throughout my life.took care of me in my difficulties. Please be with me and help me to secure admission for the subject of my choice,if it is in accordance with your wish.I submit my prayer into thy caring hands.Amen

  27. university acceptance

    Our Father In Heaven,
    I pray to you asking you to intervene for me with all my teachers to raise up my marks. I know I did not complete the midterm, I should’ve but I was being lazy and I’m sorry. I pray for an admission into Ryerson University for social work. I pray that you will do everything you can to make sure that I get accepted. I pray that when I do..that you will be with me through it all and help me transition into adulthood.
    In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  28. a prayer for admission into school

    Lord Jesus Christ, i pray for my admission into school this January, its already being delay but this time can never be denied, u alone knows my reason of seeking to be in school to continue my studies and make my life dreams come true and make both u and my parent happy. Am bored of staying all alone at home, it makes me think evil and grow wider, blinding me of the truth about me… Father unto you do i rest my case and commit my schools which i applied for especially IMT Enugu… Unto Christ do i commit my prayers through Christ my king Amen…

  29. prayer for admissions into my university and am deaf lady

    Our father, I need your assistance pray for my admission and I pray dat my admission is coming this year and I still faith in God and no doubt in God, I have faith in God only. I believe that my admission is coming this year! Thank and may God bless you.

  30. problem of Adminssion

    am been so suffer 2 enter University and poly since 4years ago, sometimes i dont use to meet up with the school cutoff mark. This year i wrote 4 kogistate university my department cutoff mark is 40 and i score 41.9, First list is out i never see my name. I want u to help me pray to God my name shuld be their. Many people are mocking me just because i never enter school. I want God to answer my prayer very soon. Please pray 4 me.

  31. Prayer for hope in getting admission

    Mighty father lord,in you i put my hope in,,i trust in you all the days of my have never dissapointed me and you will not,this time i need you more than ever,,,God i cry to you for an admission to the great school of my choice,,God may your will be done in life in jesus most miraculous name i pray,amen..

  32. admission into university


  33. AMEN

    Amen in jesus name as u answer our…….. lord jesus I pray that all my prayer this year should not be in vain in jesus name we pray……… AMEN

  34. Admissions

    Dear Kind and Merciful Father, I come before you, so humble, begging your assistance, sweet Jesus please aid me in being accepted into University- This is my dream come through, father I thank you I praise you and adore you. Please! Please! hear my plea oh Lord. I give you all the glory. Thank you My God.

  35. Admissions

    Dear Kind and Merciful Father, I come before you, so humble, begging your assistance, sweet Jesus please aid me in being accepted into University- This is my dream come through, father I thank you I praise you and adore you. Please! Please! hear my plea oh Lord. I give you all the glory. Thank you My God.

  36. Prayer 4 uni admission

    Heavenly father,i knw dat with u all things are possible 4 u said in ur word dat who so ever seeks u shall grant his request nd who ever knocks u shall open d door 4 d person.i pray u oh!lord 2 plz help me secure admission dis yr.i knw u’re d God of possibility nd u shall make my request possible…AMEN!



  38. 4 admision

    Oh lord our fada, all gud nd perfect gift come 4rm u(james1:17). U gave daniel knowledge and skil 2 stand out among equals. (Dan6:3).in (deutronomy28:13).u said dat we shal be d head nd not de tail;we shal be above only nd nt beneath. Holy spirit, u r my helpa nd teacher. Grant me undastandin nd bles ma memory to rememba al dat i av been taught nd al dat i av me 2 exel oh lord, open 4 me de gate of success and let de flag of success be raised 4 me in jesus name , amen.

  39. I need ur exceeding grace!

    First of all, I thank d most high God for d gift of life cos I lost a very gud frnd of mine last year november and of cos u knw, dead ppl don’t seek admission!!
    D majestic master of d universe, We have no power of our own. Because u made us to understand dat wateva we say to ur hearing, dat we shud be sure u wil do it for us. We all in dis room are asking u for just 1 favour…..we want to be admitted into d university ie 2013/2014 Even wen it seems to be late, its neva too late for u God because u re d God of d last hour.

  40. help me god

    dear god,
    i m seeking admission in md this 2014 ,, as u know ma gf whom i love more than ma self ,, her parents will only agree happily if i get an admission in MD. pls god its a humble request to u that help me out with this… i have no one to go and plead in front of…. u r the saviour …. for ma love.. ma pride … ma life … pls god help me … i m sure if u look at me once u definitely will help me … pls god very humbly i request … bless me with md radio this year so that i can be with ma love … and that i can fulfill ma dreams … i promise i ll always spread love and always help ur people… by heart … thanks amen ……

  41. prayer on admission

    first of all i want to thank God fr spearin ma lyf up to dis moment,i knw its nt by power nor might buh by his GRACE,,want to tank him fr wat he’s done.what he’s doin nd wat he wil do,,i tank him fr gratin me admission,althoug ma name is nt yet on d list,,buh i knw he hs perfectd evrytin concernin ma admission,tho jamb said no admission for those dat had below 180,,buh i biliv he’s done ma own cus of d remedial dat i did.And i want u to help me in prayers so dat d testimony wil b permanent in ma that ma parent will b proud of me,nd dat will praise his name…I knw ma testimony will b complete bfr d end of dis mont october.AMEN

  42. prayer on admission

    first of all i want to thank God fr spearin ma lyf up to dis moment,i knw its nt by power nor might buh by his GRACE,,want to tank him fr he’s done.what he’s doin nd wat he wil do,,i tank him fr gratin me admission,althoug ma name is nt yet on d list,,buh i knw he hs perfect evrytin concernin ma admission,tho jamb said no admission for those dat had below 180,,buh i biliv he’s done ma own cus of d remedial dat i did.And i want u to help me in prayers so dat d testimony wil b permanent in ma that ma parent will b proud of me,nd dat will praise is name…I knw ma testimony will b complete bfr d end of dis mont october.AMEN

  43. uni admission

    my son found it hard to gain admission and we went through calling 14 unis but being hung up on. the desired choice however put us on hold for 20 mins being transfered to 4 anonymous people and after prayer and crying out in anguish a lady listened to my son and called back and asked for his application no/ and is taking the trouble to process it. i testify that god raises angels and this is a miracle and we know to be still and know that he is lord. do not live by sight but by faith

  44. admission at last

    God has finally worked his wonders in my life,i have not served him in vain.He has rewarded my labour and caused me to laugh and cry for joy…may His name be exalted..The God of FICM,FRUITFULWOMB,CCC..Glory be to the lord

  45. admission

    O lord my God ,you are the one we granted admission 4 my fellow ones grant my own this year in jesus name,nd d grace to proceed in ur word,nd fulfiLl my heart desire I pray o lord

  46. God pls gain admission in NDA

    God pls help to gain admission. God i have this by your name so dat my joy will be full in Jesus name Amen.

  47. Please pray for me

    Dear God, I thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon my life. I thank you for sacrificing your son to save us from our sins. I thank you for answering all my prayers.

    I pray that I may be able to be accepted to  London South Bank. This is my dream university, and if I went there everything would fall into place. It is close to home, I would receive very good education for my major, and i could gain an internship job close by, at Queens hospital and whips cross. Dear Lord, I pray that you will alow me to go to this University, and through my accomplishments Lord, just use me in our way. Use me and guide me, Lord GOd. YOu are all powerful and miraculous. I give my life up to you Lord. I pray that your will may be done. AMEN. 

  48. University admission

    Father in the name of Jesus Christ i humbly come before you to thank you for your unending love. thank you for the promises you continuing to fulfill in my life father. father i come unto thee because i know you are a merciful God. i cant do anything by my own strength but you can. Father i am waiting for an admission letter from the university. May you God break all forces of darkness that may come within and make me victorious at the end.

    Thank you Jesus because i trust and believe in you.


  49. University Admission

    Dear Lord,

    I ask for your help. Guide me on my path. You, in your almighty power, can see my true desires. You alone can see into my heart. I put my hope for admission into my favourite university into your hands, O lord, and pray that you will allow this to happen. I thank you for your guidance and pray you will deliver me and my family to unlitmate joy. I hope soon: you, my family and myself, may rejoice at your blessing.


  50. Admission

    Father lord Jesus,i have no power to change my my failures to success bit with you Jehova Jereh all thongs are posible so father almighty be attentive to my prayers and let me get this admission.your word says that whatever we ask in your name you will do it. i thank you for giving me admission into tretially education. Amen.

  51. Admission into uni

    O lord my GOD,pls i ave no one to help,friends nd family trow me away nd i dnt ave no one but u.God pls i really need ur mercy,all my mate are going to school tomorrow bt am d only one left behind crying for help from u lord…if is my sins dat cos all dis pains in to my heart pls lord forgive me…….God stand up bcos of me now nd take me to d promise land…….

  52. Admission feelings

    I beg of u. Plz God i hv no power of my own, no money, no strenght. PlZ God i want read law did year and time is not on my side……….i applied for Unilag and oau……..God plz its my dream……..
    plz HELP me a poor servant.


    Just believe in GOD because by his Grace all things are possible. I’m also an admission seeker but i know that IN THE CAPABILITY OF THE LORD’S ABILITY, IT IS DONE.

  54. prayer to gain admission into unilag

    In jesus name in d mighthy name of jesus everlasting father pls help to admission into unilag dis year 2012 so dat my parent can be proud of me so shall it be in jesus name

  55. Prayer 4 admission

    Pls help me & pray dat God will grant me admission this yr into d university,this is my 7th yr nw at home still battling wit this problem bt i believe this time my God will surely do it cos He said in his word i am d God of all Flesh is there anytin 2 difficult 4 me 2 do? Wait & c….. Numbers 11:23 so i still believe God & i knw He’ll come true 4 me IJN Amen

  56. Admission into University.

    I want to use this opportunity to thank the most high God for given me this site address, with faith i believe with you all joining me in prayer i shall get my admission.I have been seeking admission for 4-5 years now and i have being sharing secret tears and yet not coming forth.But i believe in the word of God that says :God will do exceedingly above all i ever ask of him.So brethren i sincerely seek you all to join me in prayer that my name surely by the power of Jesus appears in this coming admission list.Amen.May the spirit of the lord lead you brethren in this very case of mine and see the team through.God bless you all.Thanks brethren for your christian love.

  57. Prayer for my son to get admission

    Dear St Jude, patron of desperation. Please turn to Jesus our Lord and Savior and beg him to bless my son to receive a letter of admission into University. Where will he go if he isn’t admitted? Am very desperate and extremely worried dear St Jude. Help me I beg. In Jesus name I trust and pray, Amen

  58. I it's Your Will❤

    I pray that God allow my daughter to get into UNCC.She has been fasting and praying.If she gets accepted that will be a generational curse broken.Her dad side of the family is very brilliant,and she follows in their footstep,but none will go to college even with scholarships………If she gets accepted she will be the 1st out of about 10 or more…Please pray for my daughter D.C.Thanks❤

  59. Prayer for my son

    Dear Lord,
    You are indeed a good God who has guided my Son all these years, keeping him close to you and your biblical ways. I pray O Lord that you will grant him a place to study Medicine here in our local Uni for it will be too taxing on us to send him overseas. His dream is to study medicine, to serve, to help in whatever ways he could. Pray Lord that you will open all doors for him. Pray Lord that you will grant him interviews with both the uni and eventually secure a place for 2018 medicine intake with either of the Uni. Thank you Father, we prayed and we know that you are indeed a faithful God who answers our prayers. In Jesus the most precious name I pray, Amen!

  60. Prayer for school of my choice and course of my choice

    Lord I come before you with a heart full of tears, with a mind of no hope pleading that you may grant me the school of my choice and course of my choice. Without you Lord all I am doing is just, I have nobody to help me but one thing is assured that I have Jesus he who makes impossible to be possible, the way maker, father a child cannot ask his father for fish and he gave him a scorpion. Lord any sins that will hind me for not gaining this admission, Lord have mercy. Jesus the son of David you must hear me cos you said whatever we ask in your name shall be granted unto us. Don’t let my sleepless night, my hard earn money, my time be a waste but let it bear fruits more than expected.
    Lord with a prayerful heart I look up to you, if this admission is been granted to me, I promise to serve you all my life. This is my humble prayer and I believe it has been granted onto me…..Thank you Jesus, Amen!!!!!!!!

  61. admission to university

    I really want to get into university and continue my study for engineering i pray and have faith that God will help me, plz if you have the time take a moment and pray for me for faith and Gods help. I thank you all in advance and God bless.

  62. Prayer to get into Nursing

    Lord, I thank you for the multiple blessings that you have given as always. I humbly come to you to sincerely ask for a favour or a request in regards of my admission into university. I pray that you not only help me, but help all my friends, classmates, and all the other people who are feeling the same emotions of anxiety, anticipation as me. Help us all to have faith in ourselves and most importantly in you. Getting into our preferred program/school means so much to us. We are leaving it into your hands, as you have the most power over any grade/requirement/wait lists. We thank you lord and we hope for the best.

  63. prayers for son

    Jesus bless with acceptance from medical school soon for my son, let this miracle email come in today. Fulfil your promise and end this long journey with blessings of seat, admission and acceptance and to start from Fall this year, Amen

  64. Prayer for CAU

    Dear Lord I hope and pray you bless me with acceptance from all the schools I applied to. But most importantly CAU. I trust you with all my heart to lead me into the right direction, even if I don’t get into CAU I know it’s because you have bigger plans for me.

  65. prayers for son

    Dear Father God, in the name of Jesus, please grant acceptance into medical school for my son today. Bless with a seat and admission so that he can start from fall of this year, God fulfil your promise for us today. Fulfil your promise for my son to do MD and become a medical doctor today, Amen

  66. Prayer for Admission

    Oh lord i pray you grant me my request for Admission into my university Amen.

  67. Admission to the University

    Dear Heavenly Father as I write today, oh Lord Please and please my heart is full of sorrow I’m weak oh Lord Let my name be part of the Admission list oh Lord God, My Father in heaven write my name in the list that will come out let them call me so they hand over my admission letter, Oh father you know my mind and my heart desires i have no where to turn to, you said we should knock and it shall be open unto us, seek and we shall find ask and it shall be giving on to us I ask you Lord I knock on your door I seek YOU. You are the only source of hope I have left, have mercy on me. forgive me of my sins, i really need this, i have to go to school this year, Study IT Degree so that all my dreams will come through Indeed your favor oh lord anything that will hinder or block my admission I Destroy it with the blood of JESUS and please forgive me and all glory and honour will be giving unto YOU thank you for answering my prayer in Jesus Name Amen!!

  68. Admission To University

    Lord please forgive me for all the sins,i have committed against please have mercy on me.Lord your son Prosper Afriyie Kobla Tsatsu wants your forgiveness and favor. Lord please grant me a admission into KNUST. Lord please i want to further my education please let my will be done. Father Lord please is left with for the admission to be close,God please am afraid i may not get admission but in you trust am fearless.
    I believe you can make the impossible possible.
    I thank you for giving me admission.
    Thank you Lord Jesus

  69. Admission into Unilag

    Heavenly father pls I know I have sinned a lot of times and am not righteous.. But all I knobis that there is a God up there that always answers prayers and that God isn’t dead..God pls give me admission into Unilag to study electrical engineering…
    Pls do pray for me

  70. Admission into university

    Lord God, u are the one with the finial say. I beg on u to Grant me admission lord, into unizik, u said that we should asked and it will be giving to us. Lord I beg u now to help me with admission into the university,u are the one with the finial say and I know that u will do it so that your name will be praised. AMEN

  71. Admission into the university

    Dear lord i have come before u to plead with u for admission,i have no other place to go,only u makes a way when there’s no way, heavenly father pls look down on me with your eyes of mercy and grant me admission this year into my university of choice,father lord pls help me,do not leave me alone
    All this i ask thru christ our lord.Amen

  72. Admission into the university

    Dear lord,i ask u grant me admission into the university oh lord
    Look at me with ur eyes of mercy nd help me,u made a way wen theres no way
    Pls help me
    All this i ask thru christ our lord.Amen.

  73. Admission into university

    Lord Jesus I pray for grace upon my life, father please help I and my friends to gain admission, touch uniport to release basic to year one supplementary list for 2018/2019 session please God I don’t want to write jamb anymore I’m asking this because I believe you can make impossibilities possible this I ask through Jesus Christ my lord, Amen.

  74. Admission into the university

    Lord Jesus, I thank you for your grace upon my life father I pray for your divine encounter in my life today, God please touch uniport to release basic to year one supplementary list for 2018/2019 session Lord please I don’t want to write jamb anymore I’m asking this because I believe you make impossibilities possible, thank you Lord for I trust You in Jesus name I pray Amen

  75. Grant me admission

    Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner and cleanse me of any sin that might hinder me from receiving this blessing, this miracle. I haven’t had any easy life and I watch others be blessed and smile. Lord I want to smile too. Grant me admission to UC Irvine for nursing. I know that this my calling and that you are the God of miracles. Although my efforts may not seem like much, I tried my best in high school with the situation I was in. I tried my best, I promise. I wish I could go back and try harder but I can’t. God, only You can help me in this completely desperate moment. Only You. Only You. God, You are a miracle worker, a promise keeper, a friend in the darkness and You never fail. Please bless me and grant me admission. In Jesus name, Amen.

  76. Thank you lord

    Father Lord, King of Kings.
    Please help me get admission in ANSU for pharmacy via Jupeb. This is my only hope as I think I will be successful through Jamb. I graduated from secondary school last year and I wrote all the exams Waec, Neco, Gce and this has been my second time writing jamb but I’m not sure if it was good enough. My cousin that graduated this year have all gotten admission in their various Universities. I’m trying to be optimistic and not jealous but it is very hard. Some of my friends are already getting their admissions. Please help me to be able to make my father smile again. He keeps of continuously getting sick. Please help me Father Lord. Please help me. Thank you Lord for answered prayers and all the blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family. Thank you Lord, in Jesus name, Amen.

  77. Carry My Burden

    Dear lord, I thank you for the grace of living and your love towards me. My prayer today is to plead to you Lord, my Burden is heavy and too much to bear. My heart is not at rest because of my inability to gain admission into the university. I know that there’s power in your word and that’s why I claim the prophetic prayers in Matthew 7. I ask you today Lord that you should perfect my imperfections, grant me admission into the university as a direct entry student into the university of Lagos as admission is currently on Lord. Please be my back bone and make me testify. Thank you Lord!



  79. Admission into university

    Heavenly father, I thank you for everything you ave done in my life and the ones you’ll still do. pls answer my prayers and grant my heart desires, i want to gain admission this year and finish peacefully without stress. And if my sins would be an hindrance pls forgive me and wash me clean In ur blood, Lord answer my prayers because I put my trust in u and I no u will never ever let me down. Pls give a testimony in Jesus name Amen!!

  80. Prayer to gain admission into the University of my choice

    Father i come into your present as a sinner…please have mercy on me and forgive me my sin In Jesus name,Lord i thank you for making me pass my jamb this year i glorify your name..But Ooh Lord i need one more thing that Is for me to gain admission with my Friends Michael and Timileyin also into Federal University of Oye ekiti..i know you can do that for me ooh lord…
    From Fisayo

  81. Admission

    O Allah
    I want to gain admission into LASU
    Another list is coming today…I don’t want to waste another year, Another list is coming today, o Allah let my name be among….I want to make my parents proud…make it happen

  82. Prayer for admission

    Lord Almighty God the creator of heaven and Earth I come before today asking for favor, blessings, admission long life and prosperity Amen. Father I ask you to please secure an admission for me in the olabisi onabanjo University, that this second batch my name will among Amen because it is written that ask and it shall be given unto you father here I am asking for you to help me gain this admission Lord do not disappoint me,abide to your oh Lord for I put my trust in you Amen. Grant my heart desires through Christ our Lord and through the intercession of Mary the mother of Jesus Amen…… 🙏

  83. Put an end to deley in my life

    Lord, I put my trust in You, my life is a mess. This is almost the third year without admission, and I am really getting pressure from my parents, It making me depressed. Lord this year make me pass every exams I’m gonna write, give me wisdom, knowledge and understand. My mind is not at rest, I cry out to You Lord, Jesus. Answer my prayers, if you can do this for me this year I will serve You. Just kill me if you can’t answer my prayers this year. I’m waiting on You Oh Lord answer my prayers for I have waited enough.

  84. Admission into Unn

    Oh lord, forgive me of my since .I know I have run short of your mercy oh lord .I thank you most especially for the life and good health you always give me and my family ..lord I come today to ask for your special mercy and favour for this my university pursuit ..lord help me gain admission this year to the course I applied and I will praise u in your alter and forever me indebted to you …o Mary help me.

  85. Admission

    Father o lord in heaven
    Thou art worthy
    I come to you in truth and in spirit ,I pray for my admission into the university, most of my friends are in school now but I know that delay isn’t denial, but God this is the only school I picked in other for me to achieve my dreams….come and make it come to pass in Jesus name….i know that you are in heaven and you are listening to me God…i have fasted and prayed for months and I know you would answer my prayers, I have faith in you….Thank you for answered prayers
    Pls help me pray for admission 🙏 🙏

  86. My admission is sure

    Father Lord, I decree in faith, that by this time next month, I would have received my admission letter from UNIBADAN for medicine and surgery. Lord consider my mother’s prayer and my hardworks, and kingdom endeavors for you. Even though all seems wrong, but Lord in Jesus name, you said, “eyes have not seen….what you have in store for all who diligently seek you”. So Lord give me a course for Thanksgiving. Break this generational curse upon my head.

  87. Looking for admission

    God please help me with admission this year, I have faith in you I know you will grant it to for in Jesus Christ name I pray

  88. Prayer for Admission to my dream university

    Through Christ, I have been given access to the Father, my God , I humbly ask for you to favor me as my application to Yale university is being reviewed. I know only your favor and your grace will make me stand out. Please help me Lord, I put my trust in you for you have never failed me and you always exceed my expectations. Holy spirit be my advocate in the admission room, I believe in miracles and I know its never too late for you to bless me with an admission. Thank you Lord for making my dream come true! Through Christ, I pray. AMEN!

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