Lord, I need your help

by Brian Pontif (Houma, Louisiana)

Lord, I need your help. I am sorry for all the times that i let the devil come into my life. I always felt that you would forgive me and it was weak of me to take advantage of your forgivness.

I want to provide for my famimly.

I have bills and am about to loose it all. I humbley beg of you to answer my prayers. I have so many people depending on me and I can not let them down.

I truley want to be a man of GOD. Please help me sin no more. Please help me. I need your blessings.


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  1. Prayer

    Dear Lord

    I ask and pray that you will guide these people who are reaching out to you and need your guidance. I ask and pray that you will bless them with the wisdom and understanding they need to overcome their situations. Lord I ask and pray that you will use the holy spirit to touch them and lead them to be more Christ like, so that it will bring you honor and glory. I ask and pray all this in the name of your son and my savior, Jesus Christ, amen……….

  2. Help me LORD

    I’ve made so many mistakes, walked away from you so many times. I’ve taken you for granted. I’ve even cursed you. I’m sorry LORD. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me and heal my heart. I have so much on my shoulders. Please give me peace.

  3. Say a little prayer for me

    I am lost and need guidance. Ive been asking God to guide me in the right direction, but years later I still don’t know where I am going.This is one of the worst times in my life and I feel Im going to lose it all. I ask for a prayer for guidance, prosperity and finding my self worth.

  4. Need help for Jade and Us:

    need prayer for Jade, my sister daughter who had pass 8 year ago. I and her aunt are the only ones left with her and her four children.
    We have been there for her during her hard times, can’t seem to understand and hear us. Wants to give up her children now that she does not have a ride. I was trying to do good when she got stuck dip in snow and send a guy to pull it out but broke some on the Van. I feel bad, she said some thing that she was holding which might be good, but I end up say things also.
    Has been in bad mood for the longest time, from the time she get up and put every one in a bad mood all day. Nothing is ever good and can’t seem to get over her cold. Send her down to see a Dr. and get OK and that is about it.
    I really don’t no what to think any more, Just pray of us to all understand work thing’s out. It, looks like I really don’t no what I want in this request, but need your prayer, Thank YOU

  5. stressing

    Lord Jesus i’m asking that you come into my heart and yes I know i’m a sinner and i’m trying to do better but at times I feel all alone I have a person in my life that mistreats me and it hurts me to my core and I wish I could just walk away knowing that only YOU can provide my needs and stop looking for humans to do your will i’m currently unemployed and had my car repossessed a couple of weeks ago and i’m behind on my rent for last month so therefore I consider myself depending on someone that mistreats me because I can’t see no other way so i’m asking God from my heart to help me and remove me from this situation all together and bless me with my needs but you already know them i’m sure I just want out of his situation especially from this relationship bcoz it doesn’t feel like this blessing i but it does feel like a lesson and I get it but need your help in ALL areas of my life in Jesus name Amen

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