Finances and Family

by Lori ()

I would ask please that you help me pray for my family. I feel like so many of our kids are not putting God first. I don’t see the love for him and or the desire to serve them. I see sin abounding in each of their lives and around our grand kids and it bothers me that they will not have a Christian upbringing. I too brought them up that way because I didn’t know the Lord like I do know. As a mother and a woman of God I am seeing now how detrimental it is to have God in your life and make him your one and only. My oldest son is addicted to alcohol and now involved with a woman that was married and now she has left her abusive husband and is pregnant with my son’s baby. My other son is a police officer and is cocky and doesn’t think he needs God; my other son is in the military and a really good man, but I see that he has strayed from God, and I love his wife, but she is not a believer and is pregnant with their first child. My two daughters are involved with men that are still married and have not got divorced yet, and one of my daughters is pregnant and due in August. I absolutely love all of my grandchildren and that will never change, and I am a very wonderful grandma, and my husband is an amazing papa. Also, my brother lives with us and he is addicted to pot and is majorly depressed. In addition to him my son who is an alcoholic, lives with us and the women that is still married and pregnant with his first baby and their two kids 2 and 3. Again, I love everybody, and the kids have become my babies, but this grandma/mama is so weary and under stress. Worry is not from God at all, and I need to put my trust and faith in God. I know his word said, Greater is he that is within me, than he that is in this world. I have a lot of stress on my shoulders. I also work as a crisis/suicide counselor. I love my job and I love my family, but I am so ready to have our own home and own space where it is so clean, and we are not having to take care of everyone else. It has been a huge strain on our finances and my husband’s health. He gets sick often and has to be put in ICU with all his health concerns. I am usually the one that hugs and holds everyone, and I really need that for myself. I ask that you join with me to pray and that you could think of me too. God bless you to the person reading this post.

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