I deserve more love from this Ohio State in a good positive manner thanks to these nice day’s I am having!

Dear Jehovah, This Oxygen is corrupt an not right I’m still young adult an there leaving alone with police an emergency services I don’t say that is a fair ball game to me. I rather be with Clergy any day then this option’s it’s not how I Pictured it would be in America being stuck … Continue reading “I deserve more love from this Ohio State in a good positive manner thanks to these nice day’s I am having!”

Great Grateful

Jesus I pray for all the down talking in my ear too stop and for me too have a great birthday this year not mad and upset about anything in Jesus Christ name stop those who don’t even care I sent this prayer looking too sabotage me my birthday is September 4th .

Hate Filled Church

I am living in misery with this church my Nana and Tata has decided to attend for the last twenty years who have left me in the dark and have made me feel hated on several occasions. There is a girl Cassandra Worthington and I had to confront her today after she offered me a … Continue reading “Hate Filled Church”


I don’t know how to cook. I haven’t cooked in years. I get anxiety even just thinking about cooking. Yet, I need to cook something for tonight, in 1-2 hours and go and get the ingredients now from the supermarket. I feel scared, alone and judged and tired to carry everything, I need to learn … Continue reading “Cooking”

Job and finances

I need a job please. So urgently. I haven’t worked in ten years and I don’t know why please help me get a job I like, which pays well and isn’t too hard or taxing. I am suffering terrible jet lag and can’t sleep. My back is really sore after a slipping injury and I … Continue reading “Job and finances”


In HighSchool my boyfriend went away to the military everyone had to meet his standards never did so I never married I got into service too took classes I could afford mainly through church because that was I could afford my mom got sick at right out of HighSchool so I was with friends she … Continue reading “Healing”


Jesus today is my birthday and the jalous person in my familiy specially betul.or orthers please.to.hate me please do.not make.that they blocked me.cause.they want to.see me u happy dear jesus please i do.not have the power of.this perspn betul.please.she binding me please with enemies that.inam.always unhappy please pray for.her.jesus.that.you.open me.forvive me.dear jesus please.and please.stop.all.manipulation and … Continue reading “God”


Dear God, Thank You for the privilege to know You, love You, be close to You and that You always make Yourself accessible at all times to us. How awesome! You are God that neither sleeps nor slumbers. I pray that in this season of yuletide, that my heart be full of joy and gladness. … Continue reading “Gratitude”

Birthday Prayers and Blessings

Birthdays are wonderful occasions to celebrate one’s progress through life. Use these birthday prayers to bless, protect, and guide the birthday boy or girl on this special day. A Birthday Blessing Here is a nice prayer to say for someone who is celebrating their birthday. This blessing asks God to protect and guide the recipient … Continue reading “Birthday Prayers and Blessings”

Birthday Prayer for My Son

Prayer for My Son’s Birthday Dear Lord… Be with my child and bless him and guide him and protect him and save him… please always be with him and be my child’s guardian… Heavenly Father, Please bless MY SON for tomorrow is his birthday. Dear Lord, please protect and guide him as he continues along … Continue reading “Birthday Prayer for My Son”

Prayer for My Dad’s Birthday

Dearest Lord, Bless my Dad’s Birthday today, that you may give him more blessing,good health and birthdays to come and guide him always and lead him to a right path way of life..thank you for everything My Lord Jesus Christ. In your name, I pray. Amen.

My Birthday Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus, I thank you for your blessings and guidance not only for myself, also to my family and friends..I am sorry for the times i forgot to praise you and thank you for giving your life to us…forgive me for my sins that I only think of my selfishness and rudeness of my … Continue reading “My Birthday Prayer”