Hate Filled Church

by Kristina ()

I am living in misery with this church my Nana and Tata has decided to attend for the last twenty years who have left me in the dark and have made me feel hated on several occasions. There is a girl Cassandra Worthington and I had to confront her today after she offered me a work form home position to try to scold me for things I have had as issues with the church and the law enforcement in it and the Pastor and her sister because she almost married into the churches Pastor’s family. The church does not need to function to put the people around and among each other like this and toward me in this manner and have done so also with the sons of my Pastor from my childhood when we were joined with them and they started me in as a woman in her twenties and I feel this is ignorant and inconsiderate of some and most of the women involved organizing the youth and the women or maybe the people who just didn’t know to have respect and consideration for all members and allowed all along the lack of keeping the responsibility to the church for all members to be carried through as they come. As for me. I am seeing many members taking it lightly that I do not have a life in the church and making little to no effort to allow a place for me to be comfortable around the perimeters of this Southport Christian Center and it is the devil who lurking in the places to keep them from seeing this is offered to all people even me. My Mother is working in the food bank but she drinks Coors Light daily and gives me the food. I am very scared of them as a trio . My Mom especially my Nana and my Tata who does hold a key to the church gate and does not offer kindness or any will to see ME particularly me at the altar e=or in the church enjoying my life. My Nana hoards the worship services and it is so unkind and rude to make me feel unwelcome and gloat as if to punish me while she is worshipping like that. She has given, I can count on my hands ten then twenty five women in these churches both permission to believe they can do this belief that she can ridicule and spiritually bound my life to suffering this humiliation in the church with her relationship with them being against me for years. I am so upset and I feel there is this choir member Ramona related to the worship leader making fin of me and my lack of a relationship with my Nana as if to say fix it when she has the relationship she has with her Nana and I do not. My Nana is evil and has to be the one to stop doing what she does to make me suffer. I am asking that you pray she will put her popularity to the back of her person toward me for the rest of her life.

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