Abused by Section 8 with my Voucher

by Kristina ()

O have been abused with my housing voucher and by a property manager and the onsite manager. where I am paying money to rent and I am very upset they have chosen to abuse me and discriminate me and ru9in my life on my Section 8 voucher in my first apartment and this particular home I was given is a nuissaince for them to be using to do this to me. I feel like money that is mine is worth nothing and have felt abused the entire time. It is unlawful for them to treat me this way. The other manager Augustine is a conceited rude intruder and they hired someone to invade my life and put me down as a maintenance and I pray they make all these people go away. And let me live here and stop abusing me this way with my voucher. I am so upset about this and I am angry with my Nana and she does not need to know it. What a caniving low down dirty snake she can be if I am honest. She is abusive. My Nana deserves to be given a consequence for her behavior in a real way to make her stop mistreating me and doing this to me I do not have to live with her abuse in my life I am on SSI and she lives hindering me and making sure I live suffering in poverty with the worst circumstances and does not appreciate me or want freedom for me and my son to live a life. She is a wrongful cheerleader to all her family and has no consideration for equality and lives to see me living the least decent living and wants to rub off on me to others that I am filthy and no one and they are all the clean normal families who are worth their money.

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