I’ll make this request for any occasions upcoming

by Natasha ()

To God,
I’m in a good mood today, so you see how these people banging my past over my head, do let them stop, let them continue, we have to let them continue, to get better results, and there’s no witnesses which is the best thing, this will make the problem become worse overtime without fist fights, and I’ll be a wannabe because there’s no witnesses so let my defense make me look stupid and let them win, this is great for the fun with others and the future, by banging this over my head this will give them self confidence and make them better than me, let it be so, be fruitful and multiply, if keeping it a secret make it worse, continue banging it until results happen, when we make people feel bad it’s because we don’t like ourselves, so make them feel good and enjoy their experiences, self confidence is the key, no cancellations allowed. Amen

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