A healing prayer for myself

by Tom ()

dear god i want to thank you for all the good and bad that has taken place in my life sometimes i don’t understand life why i ‘m sick why i’m depressed i been trying to change as a person i just cant fully do it .

i have so much responsibility as parent to take care of my children and so many bills the pressure is hard i have been praying for my health to get cured so i can think positive to work harder and more hours i believe you are my savior please lord help me get better if not for me but for my kids and my family

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  1. healing prayer

    thank you father god to help me and heal me as I have facing a lot during the past until now thankyou god for helping me in jesus name

  2. prayer for my self

    I whant god to hear me im praying for my self to help me to change me for the mistakes I do please god help me

  3. Jesus , I need Your Divine Help .

    Most Sacred Lord Jesus Christ ,
    I come before You , requesting a miracle healing for myself , twofold . I am a poor sinner in Your Eyes , wanting to repent and serve God’s Word and Teachings as best that I can . Therefore , please listen to my prayer of HOPE during my plight . As You are aware that I have had my second stroke since 2nd.May 2013 , by my calculations , 4 years , 8 months and 30 days to date . I pray that this suffering ends soon , paralysing my upper and lower left limbs , confining me to a manual wheelchair and housebound at Bentleigh East , Victoria , Australia . I pray that I find strength to stand , walk normally as most people do . I also pray that this frustrating incontinence , bladder infection and bowel infection is healed quickly . I regret ALL MY PAST THOUGHTS , ACTIONS AND WRONG DEEDS . Please forgive me to TURNAROUND MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER and have CLEAN PERSPECTIVE AT ALL TIMES ALWAYS .
    Praise The Most High Lord God in my hour of need

  4. Lord , please answer my prayer of hope .

    O Most Holy Jesus Christ ,
    I ask many questions about my physical health , my spiritual life and my mindset focus . I pray for a positive response to my second stroke recovery of 4 years , 9 months and 2 days duration to date .I need a semblance of HOPE on this suffering of mine . I pray for a miracle cure for my paralysing second stroke,
    confining me to a manual wheelchair and home in Bentleigh East , Victoria , Australia and a miracle healing of my incontinence issues of the same duration.
    Forgive me my sins and my flaws so I can embrace Your Love and Teachings . Amen .
    Praise The Lord ,
    John Fielder ,
    Bentleigh East Victoria , Australia ,
    4th.February 2018 ,
    Local Time : 9.05 p.m.

  5. swollen mouth, not having a menstrual cycle,eye infection

    Dear god my swelling of my lips & cheeks came back after all those years went by I’ve been to hospitals & doctors office no one seems to know what’s going on it just comes & goes as well as my menstrual cycle it comes for a month & I don’t see it again for years I’ve been to a gynecologist they put me birth control pills its comes than I don’t see it anymore. I’m scared & afraid my family needs me & I need them but I need you more. God please hear my prayers I’m crying out to you I’ve been taking allergy medicine but I need you’re healing hands to touch me & free me from these symptoms.
    Also my left eye is always getting infections I’ve been to several eye Dr. They prescribed me drops but it’s not working. I need you god I pray that I get better and my sickness leave’s. I’m praying that you heal me & it doesn’t come back it gets me down and depressed I already have low self esteem issues.please please heal me on the inside as well as the outside.
    Jesus please hear my cry and heal me in Jesus name I pray.

  6. i have to have a liver transplant.

    I got a little 9yr old I am so scared I need pray for every thing to turn out great my child need me I need him. god please don,t take me from him in jesus name I pray thank you.

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