by Michelle ()

To make a long story short,believe it or not,my husbands ex thing has a camera on me, they r supposed to come off with hot water,well this one has grown into my skin,I have tired to remove it by cutting on where the camera is but so far no luck.she sees everything I do from being intimate with my husband to watching me go to the restroom,she quit her job as a teacher so she can watch me,this all sounds crazy but it’s true,it started out my husband putting cameras all over the house n unfortunately he was with the girl who begged him to put a camera in her house so she can watch me.I am now back with my husband n the camera is still on me, and Stacy Betz is still watching my every move,my husband acts like he doesn’t have cameras anywhere he keeps telling me I am just hearing voices,he will not be truthful about the cameras.I been praying n praying Jesus would take this camera off me but it never happens,this has been going on for ten years now! I often question why god is letting this happen,if he is so powerful why can’t he take the camera off me? There are wires in our washroom one being the wire to Stacy’s camera, I keep trying to cut the wire but I haven’t been successful because I’m not a 100 percent sure this is her camera wire I’m afraid I will knock out something else in the house,my husband is going out tonight so I’m gonna cut the wire after ten years I’m hoping it is the wire n I never have to hear from this evil being again.She sees n hears everything’s at my work, at my doctors appointment, she tries getting my medication every month,she killed our sons dog chopped him up while the dog was screaming,n she sits out in front of our house tryen to get our orders that are being sent thru ups,and the strange thing about it is I can’t see her I can hear her but I can’t see her,if I do every see this girl I’m gonna hurt her bad for the hell she has put me thru for the last ten years, she has come up to my work looking for me to stab me n she has a gun she put in my name, she stole my license, my SSI card, my birth certificate,and there isn’t anything I can do cuz my husband says there r no cameras,I’m hearing things, n the whole time he is lying to me about the cameras, he even says he hasn’t talk to her Stacy for years.I need prayers bad, this whole thing is getting out of hand especially when she comes to my work looking to kill me,she has even come to our home and shorting at me with a gun n the amazing part is the bullets go right thru me,I know how crazy this all sounds I only wish it wasn’t true,but it is, pray god leads me to Stacy’s wire for the cameras she has on me, oh also she has built a dungeon in her house to put me in,she needs to be locked up in a state hospital or prison she is very mentally unstable,she actually thinks she married my husband n drew up fake papers on the internet saying she married him,isn’t this whole situation hard to believe? Pray for me n my husband n my sister n law, and all our children that god helps us,and gets this camera off me, or that the wire I’m cutting tonight is the wire to the cameras that my husband put into this nuts house,pray he gives me the tape that has Stacy is on for ten years of pre meditated murder on me n my kids, n my husband,thank you for ur prayers.Michelle Gentry

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