Hi,to the people who i desire to be my prayer team my name is Felicia Hearn iam 50 years old and ian suffering form a server weight problem iam about 520 pounds and iam at a point where my boyfriend for 12 years have to do most of my daily things i wish i could … Continue reading “healing”

Health prayer

I’m asking for prayers for Binge Eating Disorder. I can’t control myself around food. Throughout my adult life, my weight has yo-yoed from healthy to unhealthy. Now that I’m getting older it’s getting more difficult. I just want to be able to eat like a normal person and be at a healthy weight. This is … Continue reading “Health prayer”


Lord give me the willpower to stay on track on weight loss journey


Would you pray for my wife Victoria who has lost too much weight with stress moving country November 2020 Lapland to Worthing UK. She needs gain loss in weight – was 9 stone and now only 7 stone. She may have been also bitten by a parasite prior to last swim in lake or picked … Continue reading “Loss”


Request prayer for my sons physical & mental health. May the Lord intervene in his destructive habits. In Jesus name, Amen

Keeping Jesus first

I prayer for daily gratitude for all that God sends my way, I pray for contentment with what he gives me , I ask for his help to focus on those around me and not myself and help in caring for my body his temple that holds the Holy Spirit in the way he calls … Continue reading “Keeping Jesus first”

Weight Gain

Please pray for me that I may gain a little more weight and look healthy

Help me father

Dear father help me help myself. I fall short lord and I’m asking for forgiveness in your name lord I need help I need lose weight I need lose 80 lbs lord to be near where I need be. Lord guidance hold me and help me shed these unhealthy pounds. I tried eating right weight … Continue reading “Help me father”

For Complete Body Healing

My dearest Brethren in Christ Jesus…! May Father God Bless You With Health…Strength…Protection…And Joy ! As you are also willing to pray for me. I had a dream at one night, at about 3 AM in the night, that a greenish coloured Monster came running in top speed into my bedroom bed and entered my … Continue reading “For Complete Body Healing”

For Complete Body Healing

My dearest Brethren in Christ Jesus…! May Father God Bless You With Health…Strength…Protection…And Joy ! As you are also willing to pray for me. I had a dream at one night, at about 3 AM in the night, that a greenish coloured Monster came running in top speed into my bedroom bed and entered my … Continue reading “For Complete Body Healing”

Unattractive and rejected

I’m facing many problems more urgent-but I am requesting prayers for my appearance to improve. As I age, I remain single and lonely. My body shape and issues with skin sagging, sun damage, excess weight, and face shape have left me feeling insecure and rejected by the opposite sex. I went decades in seclusion and … Continue reading “Unattractive and rejected”

Weight loss

I need prayer I lose 5 lbs so I can feel modivated & can see success & I can have the desire & keep the desire & displine to lose weight & eat less & walk more. I want to be 140 lbs eventually & healthy & do what I need to do that works … Continue reading “Weight loss”

Love myself

I am very obese and diabetic and I’m over 55 years old and I need prayer to lose weight I don’t know why I can’t I just can’t I have lost and gained it back didn’t even lose it that long and one time I lost 30 lb went to the doctor and he says … Continue reading “Love myself”

In Need

I want to lose weight but I’m struggling so bad right now. My prayer is to stop obsessing about my weight loss much and focus on other things and then hopefully the weight will come off then. I pray for motivation to exercise because I hate exercising now but I use to exercise before in … Continue reading “In Need”

Weight Loss

Dear God, please give me the strength to stay away from unhealthy food. Please take away the hunger that I feel most of the time. Please help me to make healthy choices so that I can lose weight and feel better about myself and be healthier and have more energy everyday. Thank You in Jesus … Continue reading “Weight Loss”

upper back left side

dear family please pray all curses spells witchcraft is removed from me. i have anger, headache right side, upper back pain left side feels like a lump 2 cut fingers right side having accidents, weight gain unexplained. and financial struggles. ive been praying im a carer for my husband its been going on for 10 … Continue reading “upper back left side”

Weight loss

Prayer that Jesus make Miracle that iteria rodgers will be skinny rest my life & prayer that Jesus make Miracle that iteria rodgers leg be skinny rest my life & prayer that Jesus make Miracle that iteria rodgers will not never gain weight scale rest my life & prayer that Jesus make Miracle that iteria … Continue reading “Weight loss”

Weight loss

Pray For me to stay on track ,,,,healthy eating and exercising on a daily basis ,I need strength of mind and body to keep going, come against cravings and I need to lose weight,To get into a routine and keep focused every time throughout the day to stay on top of things and the Holy … Continue reading “Weight loss”

My Health and a Home

God, I am asking for your healing for my hip pain and all the ailments that are intruding my body. And for the strength to exercise and eat well to lose the weight that would help me to alleviate some of this pain. And for your blessings and grace over me for a new place … Continue reading “My Health and a Home”

Do well in his exams

Dear St.Jude, please pray for my son Timothy Daniel Thakker to do very well in his exams and top the class. Would also grateful if you could him in my son’s weight loss, as he is doing everything he can to come down. Thank you so much St.Jude.


I’m struggling in some areas of my life. I can’t seem to get the willpower to put in the work to loose weight. Weight loss is the bonus, I really want to be overall healthy. I’m going through menopause and hormonal eating is not doing me any good. My moods are all over the place, … Continue reading “Trust”

Weight loss

Lord please help me with self-control it is my desire to honor you with my temple it is my desire for you to annoy me to have the energy strength and discipline and obedience to live a healthier life. I thank you in advance for allowing me to reach my goal weight this year for … Continue reading “Weight loss”

son Jeramiah

my son Jeramiah was in a car accident and has been gaining weight every since. He is so sad over it. It is starting to affect his health. Please pray that Jeramiah will find his help that he needs for this weight problem. He has always been very thin.He has a back injury, but goes … Continue reading “son Jeramiah”

Home repairs

Dear God my home is in need of kitchen repairs and my bathroom as well as my heating unit. Low they all need to be replaces and I am not financially able to get it done. You are a Supernatural And I believe my home repair can be done supernaturally, I am believing in that … Continue reading “Home repairs”

140lbs my ideal weight

I need prayer after I get better & when i get my tooth removed, it’s easy and quick & that while I wait for my appointment, I stay pain free. I want to be 140 lbs again. I need prayer for desire & the discipline to eat less, make healthier choices, that I gain control … Continue reading “140lbs my ideal weight”

Get back in shape

Dear Heavenly Father i need your help to lose this weight father I’ve been feeling blue I’ve been called names and cheated on and used after u gave me the blessing of my only child i want to thank u father I’ believe u will help me thru this hard time father guide me into … Continue reading “Get back in shape”

Regaining my life back and starting fresh

Pray of my family and children protect them from evil. Bring success in my life and bothers and sisters. Pray for husband and his well being help me become and better mother to my children please lord let them not hate me for what they have gone through with me.

Housing and family

Lord come on you today to ask to help me a my family find a nice home in a good neighborhood,good schools and ay it be a 4 or 5 bedroom that fit my budget. I also come to you today to help me fix ny relationship with my kids Lord its good in my … Continue reading “Housing and family”

Deliver us from Babylon

Pray all around the world God, His angels, and His people will take control of prosperity, wealth, money, protection, peace, power, happiness, health, immunity, abundance, body chemistry, traumas, toxic behaviors, judgements, restoration, long life, wisdom, knowledge, karma, law, justice, success, luck, chance, addictions, gambling, debts, education, rejection, poverty & lack, hunger, safety, shelter, government, communism, … Continue reading “Deliver us from Babylon”

Deliver us from Babylon

Pray that God will take over all technology/communication/automotive/commercial/medical/pharmaceutical/education services and industries (thought of this because my Apple phone won’t work right can’t change my password on my iCloud and my sound for texting/calls isn’t working and if the Apple isn’t relating to Adam and Eve in the garden of eden idk what is – clearly … Continue reading “Deliver us from Babylon”


I’ve been overweight most of my life. I pray for the discipline needed to make the lifestyle changes to lose weight and keep it off. I pray for health and to resist temptation to overeat. I pray for not only for the desire to work out daily but that I actually do work out daily. … Continue reading “Desperate”

For my soul

I pray that the Lord continues to give me strength to make the right choices regarding my weight loss and overall health. I pray that he helps me set healthy boundaries by saying no when I need to. I pray that he continues to speak to my heart and mind. Quieting my thoughts and replace … Continue reading “For my soul”




Lord God, thank you for keeping me safe from any illnesses and diseases. Before 2020 ends, I pray that you will help me to achieve one of my goals, which is to lose weight. I have been trying to get back in shape and to shed off some pounds but sometimes I lose motivation to … Continue reading “PRAYER CONCERNS”


All my life I have struggled with weight issues. But this time it has affected my knees. My ability to walk. Especially when the weather changes. But this time I have God and His sweet son Jesus Christ walking with me. I sometimes need a little push to keep going. I ask for prayer to … Continue reading “Strength”


Father, I know I express myself through gluttony and that is a sin. Trying so hard to lose these extra pounds hanging around on me seems like years. It’s mot my twins that you’ve blessed us to have because they’re 32 years old. I exercise Father and yes I know I stress eat.Blessed that you … Continue reading “Weight”