Losing Weight

Our Father who art in heaven hollow the by name. Dear Lord, help me stay motivated and disciplined. Let me be active physically. Allow me to lose the weight I need to be healthy and fit and happy. I know what it’s like to be fit and I need help to reach that goal once … Continue reading “Losing Weight”

Healing my body

Please pray that nausea, weight loss and depression & anxiety will leave my body and be replaced with healing peace and strength and appetite . In Jesus name ! Amen.

Weight and better health and a healing

I want the prays for a better health and faith. I want to loss this weight and maintain and I need a big push to exercise. Prays to keep me strong in everything that god has plan for me. Prays to help me to get better with life and my health.

Weight Loss

Dear Lord please guide me on this weight loss journey and help me to stay focused and lose the weight I need to and to be at a healthy weight.

Guide me Lord

Lord, you know I have allowed myself to become unhealthy. I ask for your guidance, your oversight in my life. I have no power but can only do all things through you. The overeating and my lack of being truly present in my own life are signs of something bigger that I need your help … Continue reading “Guide me Lord”


Please pray for me to loose weight. I have struggled with this problem for a long time. I have surgery soon and being overweight will make the healing process longer and the surgery more dangerous. Thank you.

Help me to have willpower

Father God, I ask in your mighty name to continue to keep my will strong and positive to continue to loose weight. The reasons are for my health. I push myself everyday through prayer and walking daily. I know I can do a little more, but I sometimes have no motivation. Take my worldly worries … Continue reading “Help me to have willpower”

Need help with weight loss and budget

I have certain prayer request about my spouse and mine weight loss I feel that both of us need to lose weight for our health and another thing we need to get on a budget with our food too please pray about this for us.

Right Choices

Please lift me up in your prayers ! I want and need to eat healthier . I am turning to my Savior for strength and guidance. I know all things are possible through Jesus Christ my Savior ! I’m a diabetic and only have one kidney left . I ask for prayers to make me … Continue reading “Right Choices”

Rescue Me

I need to lose weight,it bothers my walking and enjoying my grandkids. I have bones growing wrong in my feet so it’s also painful and cause swelling.

God’s Guidance

For peace, weight loss ,debt ,money, cover my kids and grandchildren and a peaceful healthy delivery of my grand child from my daughter on oct 17. God just take over you in control.

Don’t want be obese

Please pray for me that I lose weight, I tried a lot but nothing is working for me. I am obese.

God’s will be done

I need prayer for my children, grandchildren, finances, peace of mind, weight loss, vehicle.


Dear Lord, I pray for Your help in being better control of my eating habits, and finances.


My grandson needs to come to the lord for help with his bipolar disorders. Also for a grandson who has epilepsy and has a strong desire to serve the Lord in ministry. He is in Bible college and working hard to complete his education. A healing from our Lord is our desire. The medication interferes … Continue reading “Grandchildren!”

Fat loss

God please bless me and help me to reduce my extra fat in my body..you are my creator..I pray to you create me in Jesus and remove my all sins and odds. And give me new life in Jesus…Amen

Feel Stuck

I am a glutton and a food addict. I was doing so well..until I am going backwards. I need to lose 20 pounds. Please pray for me As I will be embarking on a detox and juice cleanse for 7 days. I need strength..from Jesus..for he wants me healthy. To avoid sugar..coffee creamer..chips..and Ice cream. … Continue reading “Feel Stuck”

Weight loss

I request you to please pray for my weight loss. I’ve been trying very hard to loose weight, i used various methods like exercise,diet and pills nothing worked out.I have thyroid and PCOS too.

Strong need

Help my hubby & I to Healthfully lose weight & teach our children and grandkids how to also To God be all the praise and glory. Ty & God bless you who pray.

Help Me With Weight Loss

Dear Lord please guide me on this weight loss journey and help me to stay focused and lose the weight I need to and to be at a healthy weight. Please take the pain from my body.

God way to weigh loss

Life is difficult enough without added stresses! I have been trying to lose weight, especially in the past 3 years. Stresses come in the form of: death of my husband three years ago;move in with my mom, she falls and needed someone to live with her; foreclosure on my home which means selling furniture, packing … Continue reading “God way to weigh loss”

I need discipline and willpower

Lord please help me with this journey to be healthier and happier. God please help us with our finances and job security in your name I pray amen!

Order for Life

To get out of Sinful lifestyle and into Marriage, To know GODS way for me to follow without a doubt, To exercise self Control over food.

Weight loss

Continue to help pray for me to lose 30kg of my weight. I need your prayers.

Weight Loss

Please pray I get the will to continue lose weight( its a medical issue).

Message to Jesus

Pray and give thanks for all god has done pray for broken relationship broken heart a husband grand children successful business.


I’m asking God too give me the strength to do more exercise and eat healthy.

For my weight

I am feeling a bit lonely, a little sad, uncomfortable because I am staying with my sister. I want to move out but need the Lord to help me find a place to call home. My daughter & grandsons will be staying with me also. I had lower back surgery & came to stay here … Continue reading “For my weight”


I am asking for prayers for my financial situation as well as weight loss. I recently had a full knee replacement and before that I had gained so much extra weight due to lack of moving. Now I am able to get out more but I am living on the poverty level.. I have applied … Continue reading “Finances”

Being healthy

Dear St Jude I’m needing prayers and strength for my weight loss journey. For both my husband and I, to become fit and fall into a healthy life style. Amen


Hi I’m overweight and always depressed and me and my family need your prayers and to come closer to God.


Need a nice affordable place to live.

Prayer for strength

I have been trying so hard to loose weight all these years. Today on the occasion of my daughter’s birthday I take a wow to not eat any junk food till her next birthday. Lord grant me the strength to fulfill my goal. He will help me for I’m sure. Amen

Prayer to lose weight

Dear God, please help me lose weight. I need to lose at least 100 lbs. I need your guidance. My weight is holding me back from living my life. I am depressed and have distanced myself from friends and family. My health is not good. I’m afraid for my future well-being. Help me be strong … Continue reading “Prayer to lose weight”


Hi please pray for problem of obesity and weakness. Thanks a lot. God bless you

Divine intervention

dear lord I need your help in this area .it truly is a struggle for me as you know.I know when believers come together you hear us. i must lose weight i pray for your anointing over my life to receive the strength to be an overcome in this area of my life.thank you for … Continue reading “Divine intervention”

Need motivation to get healthy

I’ve struggled with my weight for 30 yrs. I am currently the unhealthiest I’ve ever been but no matter how many times I try to “start” I fail miserably. I’m 57 and at least 50 lbs overweight. I just can’t seem to change my lifestyle.

Discipline, motivation, commitment

Lord help me with, discipline, commitment, motivation to give and make time for myself to lose weight to feel better about myself, and to be the role model I need to be for my girls in Jesus name Amen.

God’s favor

Pray for me that I’d have the will power to loose 15lbs.


I need prayer for many things i just feel so overwhelmed in this world and just want to enjoy life with no worries from it all..but most of all for my girls.

Healing and affordable housing

Father God I ask healing for my husband, blessing for affordable housing for me and my husband, prosperity for my family and weightloss for me and my daughter. Father God if there’s any evil around me I adk that you remove away from my family and friends Amen

Debt family

Please pray with me in a agreement,for my daughter and grandkids she has a lot to deal with she needs help,pray for me that I get clear understanding of my marriage, and pray to be debt free,so I can help my daughter more,thank you.


In Jesus name help me to lose weight and keep it off forever In Jesus name I pray Amen and Amen.