Weight Loss, Health, Child

May the Lord Bless this ministry and those that pray for others. Stress and anxiety of having to leave my home temporarily, being in someone else’s space and remotely taking care of an unwell child has taken a toll on my health. Pray that the high blood pressure will be normal and I can exercise, … Continue reading “Weight Loss, Health, Child”

To get a happy life

Dear Lord Jesus Christ please give us stress free life without worries, depression, problems, confusion, misunderstandings.Lord Jesus Christ please forgive us if we have done any mistakes.Mercy God please give us miracles in our love life.Holy father please give us love filled colorful beautiful life.Lord Jesus Christ please give us wisdom, knowledge,beauty, justice, peace, prosperity,love,care, … Continue reading “To get a happy life”

Health/ Weight/Stress

Please pray with me about my health and my desire to lose weight and eat healthier. Pray to remove my bad connections with foods so that i may have energy to accomplish my goals. I dont want to eat emotionally. Second prayer is to do well in school. I need energy and strength to accomplish … Continue reading “Health/ Weight/Stress”

Health matters

Everlasting Father journey with me as I battle to lose weight. Make it possible. I need to lose 25kgs as I am obese. Take my hand and lead me towards the right direction. I promise to give You thanks upon achieving this target. In Jesus mighty name I pray and believe Amen!

Pray for my son

Please pray for my Son Mark who is fighting with depression over his weight gain. He had back surgery and after another hernia surgery and has gained weight. We know with God all things are possible. Please pray that Mark can stay away from soda, sugar and carbs as he takes this journey to chose … Continue reading “Pray for my son”

Weight Loss

Hello Blessed Brothers and Sisters! I am asking you all to please pray for me about my weight loss journey. I began back in 2019. Will you all pray for me to have more energy, a higher metabolism, healthier eating habits and to be more active. I am asking God to assist me in losing … Continue reading “Weight Loss”


Dear Heavenly God Thank you for all my blessings my Lord, Please Bless my body with Good health, weight-loss, fertility and the strength with positive self esteem to not only attend church but Learn your word I pray in the name of the Holy son through to you Holy God and the Holy spirit , … Continue reading “Prayer”

Please Lord

Dear Lord Jesus. I prayed for your help to quit smoking and you granted my prayer 7 years ago Christmas Day. Thank you. I pray now for weight loss to achieve better health. I humbly ask this prayer my Lord. I can’t do this on my own, I need you. Please? I trust in You. … Continue reading “Please Lord”

Weight loss

Dear God, dear Jesus, Guide me, as I strive to lose weight. Jesus you are my light and my anchor, and with you I know all things are possible. Help me this day to make healthy choices, eat less food, and give me the strength to fight against destructive cravings that negatively effect my health, … Continue reading “Weight loss”

patience and peace

I always tho myself a stronger person than I am now. I’m (and my 2 kids) are going through a horrible depression and period in life &half, I have lost my Job,and trying find a new one to support my kids on my own and get our own house an freedom and I’m trying to … Continue reading “patience and peace”

Husband & Business decision

Please pray for God’s will for my husband and his business and for peace of mind for the final decision of future employment.

A lot on my plate

Good afternoon. I wish I could add extra issues. There are weight issues on my mother’s side of the family. I’m trying to get a psychiatrist, required for Bariatric surgery. Finding one that accepts Medicaid is hard. I need to lose 80lbs. My skin is flabby and I know I’d need to have skin removed. … Continue reading “A lot on my plate”

Weight loss for God

Dear God, Please help me on my weight loss journey. May I not be tempted to eat unhealthy foods. I have fallen away from you to the world of gluttony. I try certain diets then give into food, eating and stuffing my emotions with food. Please guide me and be by my side…so I may … Continue reading “Weight loss for God”

Love Prayer

Dear Lord, Please send me my futures husband to love, to start a family with , to share my life and their life – You are true and your promises remain my Lord I pray that your prophecy for my life, love and Business man comes true. I got your message at my lowest point, … Continue reading “Love Prayer”

I need Jesus Help

My prayer is for obedience to God, for my family,and employment, I’ve always had a weight problem all my life. Although I’m down 100lbs or more I’m still not there. I’m praying for consistency, obedience, making right choices, motivation, encouragement, fears I’m praying for strength endurance and any other up lifting advice that will keep … Continue reading “I need Jesus Help”

Being light

in need of a true breakthrough to find a way that helps in losing this weight.i have been on a lot of diets now I am tired of them. I need God’s help really bad. Thanks for caring about our prayers even when it’s small as this.amen in Jesus name.

Feeling loss

Asking for my Husband and me to lose weight and have better health and getting out of debt praying for my family to find God and God to help the world.

Better Health

I desire to start on a weight loss journey through consistent small daily changes through diet and exercise. Since I’m older and am not very disciplined its really going to be a great challenge to stick with it. I would like to lose about 70-75 lbs. By walking and water aerobics. Please pray for me … Continue reading “Better Health”

Financial blessings

Unable to lose weight, I eat the wrong foods and I had hip surgery so sometimes it’s painful to walk and financially I can’t afford a gym right now. Depression and financial issues keeps me from living life. I think prayer will help me be motivated to work out. Also going on a major job … Continue reading “Financial blessings”


I’m dealing with a lot my daughter passed away June 15 of this year my heart is broken I’m been eating a lot I gained a lot of weight I on a diet now but I need to lose 80 pounds plus I have hypothyroid an RA arthritis I struggle with being hungry and exercise … Continue reading “Answer”


Please pray for my daughter Katie . She has paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. She thinks she is gay. She is 29. She needs deliverance from a spirit of baal. Its getting to the point that she will be put in an institution if she doesn’t change. She just got a job last week. We … Continue reading “Deliverance”


I am in desperate need of prayer for weight loss. I can not get a hold of myself when it comes to eating. Not that I over eat but I eat unhealthy food choices just out of convenience. I’m asking that God help me to gain full control my choices and not my choicess control … Continue reading “Desperate”

Self-love and consistency

Need prayer to overcome willpower and to stay consistent and not get sidetracked and having the patience to endurance while losing 40 lbs.

Financial blessings

Unable to lose weight, I eat the wrong foods and I had hip surgery so sometimes it’s painful to walk and financially I can’t afford a gym right now. Depression and financial issues keeps me from living life. I think prayer will help me be motivated to work out. Also going on a major job … Continue reading “Financial blessings”

Better health

Father, please help my gut health to get better and heal me and help me to lose the weight so I can get healthy.


Dear Heavenly Father I thank you and I praise your holy name I thank you for my children I thank you for my family I thank you for my friends I thank you for putting a roof over me and my children heads I thank you for putting food on my table Father God i … Continue reading “Strength”

My God, My Lord Please do not forsake me. Please hear my cries and my laments. I Beg You Lord to help me to gain weight Thank You 🙏

Sunday October 13th, My Praise Report and Persistent, Persevering Daily Prayer Request to The Almighty Heavenly Eternal Father, My Lord JESUS CHRIST THE RISEN GOD, HOLY SPIRIT, THE PARACLETE, ST. PEREGRINE, BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, OUR LADY OF LOURDES, UNDOER OF KNOTS, ST. JUDE, ST. ANNE, ST. THERESE, ST. MONICA, SACRED HEART OF JESUS, PRECIOUS BLOOD … Continue reading “My God, My Lord Please do not forsake me. Please hear my cries and my laments. I Beg You Lord to help me to gain weight Thank You 🙏”

Help us Lord

Please pray that I lose weight, I have been trying so long. I have tried so many. Please give me the strength and courage to eat less and healthy. Please give me the strength to start exercising. Thank you, Lord.

The lighter Jo Ann

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the beauty you gifted me inside and out. Thank you for my sympathetic heart towards anyone in need. I need to get the courage to get back to the weight I was at 155 instead of 218. Let my husband feel secure in himself so, I can feel relax … Continue reading “The lighter Jo Ann”


I’m having gastric sleeve surgery October 15th I just got done taking my pre-admission blood test chest x-ray and I got a EGD on Thursday I pray in Jesus name that everything goes okay they don’t find anything wrong and I can have the surgery next Tuesday without any complications, please pray for me I’m … Continue reading “Surgery”

Prayer for my life

I have served The Lord for many decades. I am retired, and spend time every day in prayer 🙏 for family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, our country’s leaders, pastors etc. I volunteer at Birthright to save babies from abortions. I’m asking for prayer to lose this weight I’ve gained over the years. My right knee … Continue reading “Prayer for my life”

Going Thru

I’ve been going through some things and also struggling with working on weight loss. I want and need to loose weight yo feel better and to be much healthier because I want so bad to come off my c-pap machine. I pray for my myself as well as my husband and our daughters, my prayer … Continue reading “Going Thru”

Weight loss

Ask for prayers to weight loss, I have emotional eating.

Find a church home near me

Heavenly Father, please direct me to the appropriate Church home near me. Father help me lose all of the excess weight I have gained over the last several years as a result of my illnesses, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

Kicking Bad Habits

Dear Lord, Thank you for showing me mercy and grace. I’m asking for your help to turn my sin life of overspending and overeating around. You have blessed me with much. Help me to be a good steward and find balance in all I do. Amen

Prayer for wisdom and strength

Struggling with my weight and mood. Also preparing for 2 major exams to progress in my career, pray for God’s wisdom on how to juggle everything I’m going through.

Losing Weight

Our Father who art in heaven hollow the by name. Dear Lord, help me stay motivated and disciplined. Let me be active physically. Allow me to lose the weight I need to be healthy and fit and happy. I know what it’s like to be fit and I need help to reach that goal once … Continue reading “Losing Weight”

Healing my body

Please pray that nausea, weight loss and depression & anxiety will leave my body and be replaced with healing peace and strength and appetite . In Jesus name ! Amen.

Weight and better health and a healing

I want the prays for a better health and faith. I want to loss this weight and maintain and I need a big push to exercise. Prays to keep me strong in everything that god has plan for me. Prays to help me to get better with life and my health.

Weight Loss

Dear Lord please guide me on this weight loss journey and help me to stay focused and lose the weight I need to and to be at a healthy weight.