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I am experiencing darkness forces and witchcraft. Some nights I can’t sleep being heavily torment on tuesday and wedesdays nights and weekends around 2am. several people has putting deaf spells and sickness on me. people in other counties and in several states are been paid to put deaf spells on me. I have to leave my home spells has been on my home if I stay . I will die . I have seven year old son can’t play outside with the other kids ,when he plays with the other kids I get heavily torment. I been told he can”t play with them. It desire to push me out of my home and the country. When he goes to school in my country. I get torment . Lots of spells and curses has been put on me. please pray for me. WE can’t go to no doctors in the area where I live. I get torment when i make a appointment, when driving to the appt I am being torment lots of itching. I cant eat, only eating one meal a day. Me and my son plan to move from Maryland to Florida the end of Septemeber. I told torment when making the planing . A lots of Apartments has not return my calls. There are being theaten. I need a place to live please pray we get a good home in a safe area. With a good safe school for my son. he is sudden wetting the bed everynight he being torment over night. please pray for us .Thanks

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