Urgent prayers

by Shelley ()

Merciful God, I lift up to you my nephew Zach who has been arrested. Lord God, be with him to shelter & protect him from all that is not of you. Strengthen and guide him & send your angels( healing, warring & protection) in that prison & cell to be with him. Lord please help Zach to turn his life around for the better. Help him to stop smoking weed, & having other drugs on him (let him not be utilizing any of these drugs). Help Zach to stop driving fast. Lord, let Zach continue to engage in his counselling on a weekly basis & actively particpate & change for the better. Help him to focus on his completing his university degree & to do well. Whoever is troubling Zach, Susan Mitchell( spiritualist, witch, wizard) whatever she has done to alter the course of his life, edricate her from our homes & lives ASAP. Let her wickedness return to her & her family. Destroy all her plans, the enemy’s plans over his life, let it backfire. God, Let Zachary get bail, let his lawyer Aaron Harnett ( stop having negative, racist thoughts & ideologies abt wanting Zach to stay in prison) work hard with the judge( let him be nice & in support of Zach) to come through for him. Grant Zach uncommon favour with the judge & his lawyer let him be out before Christmas. God, let them not transfer Zach to another prison, while they are investigating or at all. Let Zach not have to serve time. Please God touch the mind & heart of the judge ( its the same judge as before- let him give Zach another chance) in your infinite wisdom God fight for Zach & see him through. Let Zach understand the conditions of his bail & not break it again. Let Zach, just get house arrest & not have to serve any time. Give him uncommon favour. Help him to grow up & mature. God Show him the way,let him start to pray & attend church with me( rest of my family as well). Deliver Zach from all that is not of you. Open his heart & mind to change, to listening to his mother, adults,his aunts. Please come through for Zach God. Please grant him bail. Pls let his lawyer take another chance with him, & let Zach realize the seriousness of his actions & not engage in speeding, driving fast, smoking weed or having any drugs in his possession. God, help him do all he needs to do, to openly and willing change for the better. Show the way Lord. Give him the tools & skills. Whatever is troubling or disturbing him,God heal him of this & let him openly share his feelings with his counsellor & his family. Strengthen his mother Natasha( physcially, mentally, emotionally as she continues to raise & support her other children in the midst of Zach’s situation; & is trying to heal from breast cancer, let Zach listen to her), his sister Kaia( can be used as a surety) & brother Chaz( to follow the path of God & stay out of trouble & away from ppl who smoke or drink- strengthen his mind & help him to make healthy choices). Let his father Kevin support Zach & help Kevin to change also & seek counselling( be a better husband & father). Help Kevin to be a better role model to Zach at all times & let their relationship grow stronger. Help zach to start thinking about his future. Let him pursue law school or a masters degree. Help him as he is currently missing his exams, give him uncommon favour with his professors. Help his mom Natasha with the tuition that she has to pay $ 3000- 6000 & he would not be attending his classes as a result. God Come through for Zach. God turn this situation around for your glory & victory. Let him take suplements, vitamins to heal his body & mind. Let Zach stop associating with the wrong people & let him, go down the straight and narrow path & get a legitmate job( remove his criminal record). Strengthen Zach, physically, mentally & emotionally, spiritually.Open his mind to praying & help to start praying, teach him to pray. Friday Dec 22- is when we will find the results of the analysis with regards to his investigation. God let it work on his favour & terminate all that is not of you from Zach’s life. Let your grace & mercy speak for Zach. Give him your mercy, vindicate him & give him another chance. Let the courts/ lawyers do the same. Give him wisdom, Knowledge, peace & a sound mind. Ease his thoughts & fears. Help him to pray & focus his mind on you God. God let the 42 yr old man who Zach is sharing the cell with, to be sane, friendly & postive role influence. Let there be no problems or lockdown in the prison. Let Zach make healthy choices & decisions, protect him from the other prisoners & let there be no problems & conflict. God heal him. Let this situation make him stop smoking & turn his life around. God please Let Zach get out before Christmas, to be home with his family. I put before you the decision makers Sohana Chowdhury and Laura Precup-Pop who will decide Zach’s fate. God touch the hearts & minds of these women in Toronto judicial system, that they work in Zach’s favour & give him another chance. Bind every stronghold or negative view they have against Zach. Come through for Zach & the rest of my family, in this Christmas season. Let him be home for Christmas. God heal Zach from all pain, hurt & trauma. Restore his life in every area. Let him have a testimony. Help him to fulfill God’s purpose for his life, give him faith, patience, raise his spirits, hope & trust in you in God. Protect from all harm, danger, fights, conflict & trouble. God give zach a miracle with this situation. Turn around for your glory. Manifest yourself God.

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