Urgent Prayer Request From A Struggling College Student

by Joseph ()

College has not been easy. I feel like I’ve been in the parked position, because I am finishing my science major, while also discerning a call to the priesthood or religious life. And because my grades have not been outstanding, I find it to be unlikely to continue on to become a veterinarian.

I pray that the Lord would help me and anyone else in college who is struggling to keep their grades up and working part-time to find the rest and resources to do well in school, graduate, find help for our personal problems, and make the right decision as to what the Lord is calling each of us to do. Thank you for your prayers and God bless.

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  1. Your needs are being addressed

    My son is in college and going through struggles.
    I, therefore, can understand where you’re coming from and I know it is difficult at many levels.

    I applaud your strength in reaching out for prayers and want to reassure you that not only with prayers will be sent your way but, more importantly, remember that God has a plan for your to prosper and succeed. Listen for God is still talking.

  2. Slow and steady

    I am praying for you. You hope to accomplish much. Sometime this can be better and more successfully attained at a slower rate. Veternary medicine is so difficult dont hesitate to ask help or tutors. Ask your professors for websites that may help since money is a factor. I know some people who found graduating easier taking lighter loads. Dont be so hard on your self. Enjoy the journey and your life a little and all Gods blessings. Prsy in all things. Marjie

  3. May not be able to Graduate in College

    i need prayer for my failed grade that happens for unexplainable reasons of my professor. Be cause of it we may not be able to graduate this coming March 2016 for that one minor subject.

    I ask for prayers for my professors to take consider for that grade she put in. And allow us fix our failed grade to her.

    We are hoping that a blessing came and help us.
    Thank you all .

  4. Struggling as well

    I’m praying too for all those who struggle in college and life. I’m a freshman of my college. I used to cram in my homeworks . I wasn’t supposed to go to one of the best state schools of my country due to my low grades in highschool. But God put me here for a reason and I believe He placed you there for a reason too . God didn’t place you there just so you could fail . College is very different from highschool , I realize that now. College is very hard . I have low grades as well , I may repeat my year again if I continue to have low grades. But God blessed me with merciful proffesors who gave me a chance . A chance to change my grade. I ask that you pray for me and for every other person who is not just struggling in college but also in life. My parents had to save their money recently because we lost a lot of savings in the past year. But we still continue to give to the Church because we know that if we give , theLord will give more than what we give. Never lose faith at all times . Because it is the only thing that connects us with the Lord . This day is just a bad day and not a bad life. I pray to all who read this and to people who feel the way we feel. The Lord is almighty.He give us infinite blessings. God bless us all. Amen

  5. Prayers for daughter who struggles with cystic fibrosis and college

    Can you please pray for my daughter Dayna, struggling with one of her college classes, that her professor be compassionate and excuse her from this exam and let her take it over…thank you she struggles with cystic fibrosis takes a lot of meds and treatments. Was unable to take a midterm and might lower her grade. Please pray that she has the courage to talk to professor pressman, and that he be understanding of her situation and excuse her from exam or let her retake. Thank you

  6. Prayer for my daughter who is scared and unsure

    My daughter is in her second year at her University and on probation for falling behind with low grades last semester due to a tramatic incident that happened to her the first year of school, and now and facing a final tomorrow that may determine whether she can stay or come home. As a loving mother I ask that all parents that feel scared for their child as I do right now to pray for my daughter to have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and feel his presence in our lives so she have the courage to do her best tomorrow and to accept what God has planned for her.

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