Urgent need of prayers

by Melissa ()

I’m unfortunately in a nasty custody battle with my children’s father. Who I have a FRO on (restraining order) he is unjustly taking me to court, making up lies to take my kids from me. My 5 yr old son also tells me he’s being molested by his father’s mother. I tried everything, no one believes him, my ex is saying I’m making my son say this. I don’t have counsel who can fight for my family. Please send prayers to me & my son that this evil stops & the judge believes me, that I’m just protecting my son! God knows what is going on, is completely horrific. I need the judge to keep his evil mother away from my son & kids. I need the judge to believe that I’m being 100% truthful & award me full custody not his father who not only lies about me, but scares my son into not saying anything to anyone! I know my son is telling me the truth, I pray that this finally comes out how both my ex & his mother are damaging my children when I’m just protecting them. My son also needs prayers to stay strong & keep telling the truth no manner how scared he is. God help us, I have court today & tomorrow & in June. I beg for any prayers that God keeps us safe, sending angels to help me & guide me in what to do as well! AMEN

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