Truth truth

by Gerald ()

I need healing in my body I am a 73-year-old man I believe I would say it in a Christian for a long time then I stop believing that Jesus exist or anyone else in the Bible I’ve seen all these contradictions and I started to question the Bible like a man living in a well he would drown moment he was swallowed and all the animals living in the people would die of a toxins from the animals I started to think about a lot of things in the Bible I reread it in my eyes came open a lot of things to me nonsense it hurt when I saw this with myself so now I don’t know what to think God and Jesus is real will he show himself to me answer my so-called prayers or talking to him not a bad guy I just feel like I’ve been lied to somewhere a man cannot live in a well he will drown 10 seconds later that’s a fact you know that seconds later five people cannot take care of two of a kind of all animals no windows the smell think about it that’s what got me thinking so am I wrong because I use my mind to think for myself I need answers in the truth not confusion please help me a confused ex believer that used to love Jesus with all his heart can you help me with those questions and I asked you if Jesus is real and pray that he helps me t i n k write to me tank in my l l e r 1100 11st apt 11 10 Altoona Pennsylvania 16601 Gerald Miller 1100 11th Street Altoona PA 16601 apartment 11:10 if you really love God in Jesus if it’s true please write to me and help me I hate religion I want truth not stories I want to know the real God I feel that the Bible has you see me in some way with all the contradictions I don’t know what the truth is anymore if you really care please pray if you have the power to pray and write back to me thank you

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