To please give me back my husband and thanksgiving for all the blessings

by Rochelle ()

Father God Jesus Christ. I praise You and love You. I thank You for all the blessings You give us everyday. I thank You for keeping us safe. I thank You most of all for taking care of my darling and most loved husband Virgilio up there in heaven and enfolding him in Your embrace. Thank You for giving him peace, happiness, healing, new body and everlasting life and salvation. I have faith that he is in the greatest place all of us would want to be and have to be as believers in You Christ Jesus. Thank You. I fervently pray to You Lord Jesus Christ though impossible to man and my family even think i am crazy but so possible with You, to give me back my husband. Bring him back to me. Nothing is impossible with You and miracles happen everyday. I am so broken, in pain and my heart aches of longing for my darling husband. I am so grateful for the greatest love that we shared together and it really hurts me every second thinking that he is not here with me physically in the flesh. I love him and miss him so very much. That is my ultimate prayer and i will be like the lady to the judge in the Bible and be persistent about my request, prayer and petition to bring me back my loving husband in perfect health like before. Please let us continue our journey together in this life life what he said to me before You called him. I have strong faith in You Father God Jesus Christ though i felt angry for taking my husband away from me instead of healing him. I know Your thoughts are higher than my thoughts and all You do is for the good of all though we don’t understand it. Please give me comfort and peace in my mind and heart and take away this pain of grieving. Please give comfort and peace to my family. I pray for the souls of the people You called up in heaven and comfort snd peace to their families as well. I believe and have faith that my loving husband and i are going to see each other again and be together again one day. I pray, petition, seek, knock, ask, beg and request You Father God Jesus Christ to give my darling back to me. In the name of the Almighty Father God Jesus Christ, i fervently pray these, Amen

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