Steadfastness &Healing

by Sandra ()

I am standing in the need of prayers for a lot of people(all of our loved ones, all of our friends, all our extended family members & our extended friends, our neighbors, our fellow coworkers, our bosses, our elderly, our youth, our middle-aged, our clients, our residents, our patients, our customers, our staff members & our support staff members, our communities, our church families, our clergies, our persecuted church families around the globe, our military, our law enforcement, our blue collar & white collar workers, our workers in every employment industry, our health care workers(all of them). Please pray for all the homeless, all the needy, all the broken in many ways due to sin/sins of our own doing, or the sins of others towards us or we towards others, or just living in a fallen-wicked world. Please pray for those struggling with all sorts of sins, addictions, illnesses, infirmities, depression, mental health & physical health issues, as well as spiritual health issues(of every type due to sin/sins or spiritual warfare coming from the enemy of our souls, sins or consequences due to bad or poor choices due to rebellion or disobedience or simply ignorance and many other things). We need all need GOD at all times 24/7 non-stop, everlasting and unending, and thank GOD for sending HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON TO BE BORN INTO THIS WORLD, so we can live with HIM forever in HEAVEN-John 3:16-36, from Genesis to Revelation. JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY, HE IS OUR HOPE AT ALL TIMES, HOPE CAME INTO THIS WORLD THIS SEASON(CHRISTMAS, JUST LIKE MANY OTHER CHRISTMAS SEASONS(past, present and future). HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH & THE LIFE) & THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD FROM GOD(HEAVEN). We all need SALVATION IN CHRIST. John 3:16-36. Please pray for everyone listed above including myself that we become & stay steadfast in our faith in GOD(JESUS) lead by GOD’S SPIRIT(HIS LEADING). We all need HIM & each other at all times(as iron sharpens iron), (relationships). We can come to HIM as we are fallen, broken, messed up, totally jacked up and everything else because HE LOVES ALL OF US, no matter what and HE DOES THE FIXING, CARRY US, OR THE CLEANING OF OUR SOULS & US(EVERYONE) in this world(HE DIED FOR US, (OVER 1,900 YEARS AGO) John 3:16-36, so we can live with HIM IN HEAVEN FOREVER 24/7 non-stop, everlasting non-stop. WE ALL NEED HIM AT ALL TIMES 24/7 non-stop-everlasting and unending. You all have a great amazing CHRISTMAS SEASON & NEW YEAR 2023. GOD IS IN TOTAL CONTROL AT ALL TIMES 24/7 & HE IS GOOD AT ALL TIMES, no matter what. We have HIM, HIS PLANS FOR ALL OF US-Jeremiah 29:11-14. GOD LOVES EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD-UNCONDITIONALLY. Just believe & receive HIM AS LORD OVER US ALL-EVERYTHING. HE LOVES US ALL, no matter what. We have HIS WORD(THE HOLY BIBLE). STAY PRAYED UP, and PRAY TO HIM(GOD). I am(along with many others are praying for everyone in this world)-non-stop, especially whenever we are allowed or squeeze time in for prayers for anyone & everyone who needs GOD & PRAYERS. John 3:16-36. GOD will give us STRENGTH IN ALL AREAS OF OUR LIVES, I can testify, even though I am not strong but GOD IS MY STRENGTH & HE IS STRONG. WE GOT LET GOD FIGHT ALL OUR BATTLES FOR US(win-win with HIM-at all TIMES 24/7 non-stop, everlasting, just TRUST HIM(Proverbs 3:5-6).

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