For my adult son Alex who lives with me and is my care provider. He has suffered from anxiety and depression after being bullied most of his life. He has high Blood pressure and diabetes with high cholesterol. Please help in prayer for weight loss success. I am praying for a heavy duty treadmill as … Continue reading “Thank”

Sons hearing loss

St. Jude, please restore my son’s hearing and mental health. He has menieres and has lost a significant amount of hearing and is told he will continue to lose more and should learn sign language. He is a young man with a bright future ahead of him that is dying out because he wants to … Continue reading “Sons hearing loss”

Avery May

Dear Lord…I humbly ask for your healing hands upon my 9 year old granddaughter Avery who is afflicted with depression and anxiety. Heal her mind of self doubts worries snd phobias of germs snd illness. Bring peace to her mind and heart that she me feel the love and support of her family and friends. … Continue reading “Avery May”

Prayer for healing

Heavenly Father, thank you for baby Kamella. Please touch her and heal her heart. Lord you are the one who knitted her in her mother’s womb. Lord she is missing a valve from her heart. Strengthen this new born baby so that she will be strong enough to withstand a heart surgery. Comfort her parents … Continue reading “Prayer for healing”

For My Son

Oh Abba Father. You know Paul. You formed him in within me. You’ve walked together him all these years. Now he has this horrible cancer in that body you created. It’s been there a long time before being found. It is going to take very extreme measures to get rid of it. I just pray … Continue reading “For My Son”


Please pray for baby Jack. He is 3 months old and has been diagnosed with botchulism. He has been given an antidote and it was caught early. Also because the parents rent a home from us Health Canada has ordered an air quality study on our home and yard to see where it came from. … Continue reading “Anxious”

My son

My son suffers from extreme anxiety and panic attacks and his hands shake with fear. He has really bad problems with anger. It’s hard for him to deal with day to day situations. He is very hateful to me and verbally abusive and I don’t know what to do. I pray for him and send … Continue reading “My son”

Daughter not well

My daughter (18) is currently on a mission trip in Peru. She hasn’t been feeling well and is now throwing up. I’m very nervous for her and am asking for prayer that the Lord makes her well while she is there serving Him. She still has another 8 days there before coming home. Then, she … Continue reading “Daughter not well”

Save our daughter

Dear heavenly Father, Our dear daughter is very sick in her brain. She suffers from severe mental illness and has taken herself off all her meds. She is 20 but acts more like a 12 year old. Please bring her back to her transitional living program. She is lost and hurting. She ran away with … Continue reading “Save our daughter”

A Prayer for Sire

Father your word saids in James 5:16 the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. So I come to you today on bended knees to pray for little Sire. That you will restore his health and strength so he can run around and play and be the happy free spirited little boy that … Continue reading “A Prayer for Sire”

My beloved son

For my health, I need prayers for the doctor said I might have meningitis at the age of 16 I’m sitting in the hospital bed right now and I’m not afraid but need a sense of comfort from my beloved Brothers and sisters in Christ I also want to have strength for my body that … Continue reading “My beloved son”

Prayer for 5 yr old son

Please pray for my son. He has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease but is doing very well on the medicine. His father is an abuser and I have not been able to prove physical so am forced to share custody with him. I do believe his abuse has something to do with my son’s … Continue reading “Prayer for 5 yr old son”

More Family Love

Dear God – please protect my grandsons, keep them safe from harm, mean ness, abuse.yAlso protect my adult children and daughter-in-law. Help us to have family unity. Give my grandsons strength,smarts,surround them with people who will care and love them always!!!! Please bring people into this familiy that will love, love, love, who are kind … Continue reading “More Family Love”

For Elizabeth

My 28-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of leukemia 11 months ago. We went through chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, immediately after which she was diagnosed with a second form of leukemia. The doctors started her on chemo again with the hope of her getting a second stem cell transplant afterwards, … Continue reading “For Elizabeth”

cheyann baby girl

Lord, please heal my friend baby name is emily. Fill cheyann with the peace and joy I know can only come from You during this hard time. Walk closely beside me during my journey to healing and recovery that I know is possible through Your power alone.May you desire to be healed. May what is … Continue reading “cheyann baby girl”


Lord I am grateful for my health having a home and having the necessities that I need to be happy and content. I come before you Oh Lord to ask that you raise up your Healing Loving Hand onto my daughter t.L.w’s forehead and heal her sickness. Her cold her cough her gall bladder problem … Continue reading “T.L.w”

Sick with covid

I ask for your prayers for my sick son. For both him and I are fighting covid.

Please heal my children

Lord please heal my children. May the swab test result of my eldest son be a negative one. That he maybe covid free. And may my youngest child be healed from his flu. In Jesus name O Lord.


Please pray for my son, he is mentally sick and I ask you pray that he goes some where better to get the right diognosis so he can get healed. Thank you

Healing and Deliverance

My prayer is that my 27y old daughter Brandie who has Bipolar Disorder 1 will accept treatment. Take her medication .

Baby Elsie

I pray for my only baby , barely 18months old, who has been hospitalized in the ICU for more than a month to get better soon. I pray for God’s mercy and for strength and divine healing . Am really down .

Healing for Ryan

Pray God will restore health for Ryan, my son, who’s been sick since before Thanksgiving, with covid, then got better, but now is struggling with severe fatigue & not well. He’s still working. He lives alone, after going through sad divorce, & needs the Lord’s hand of favor fir life & to get well! Please … Continue reading “Healing for Ryan”


I will love to have prayer for my granddaughter…she’s run away from home and disconnected from the family…also I’m asking for prayer for me… I need a financial help with my bills in order to live a decent life


I pray for my new born baby who is not feeling well so that the Lord God should protect him in his growth and may the healing hand of Jesus touch this innocent child in Jesu’s name I pray… Amen

My sons health

Please Pray for my son Aiden that this new treatment works. That he may start healing and have a safe, complete recovery.

courage to trust

Heavenly Father You tell me everyday to trust You, to cast my cares upon You, that You will never forsake me or leave me. I repent tonight of my doubt .You have blessed my family with many miracles in the past and I know You love me, I hear Your still quiet voice. but yet … Continue reading “courage to trust”


Bella is 8 months old and has the “croup”. My daughter works and my son in law does not. I babysit the 3 year old and he watches the 8 month old because he cannot handle both. Today I have an appointment and will not be able to watch Sofia. His plan is to take … Continue reading “Peace”


Peace be unto you, Dears in Christ! Let me ask you make a merciful agree-prayers with mine, to our Father in heaven, about brothers: O Lord our God, it is possible for You to do (healing) to Your servants (current wards of the funds (34 adresses by their names)); do this to them, visit Your … Continue reading “Healing”

Precious little Penelope

I am in desperate need of prayer! PLEASE pray for my niece’s baby. She was born on April 2nd and she was not breathing due to an infection in the mother’s womb that the baby ingested. She has been on monitors since in the NICU of the hospital and was doing well but took a … Continue reading “Precious little Penelope”

Safe My Son

Dear Lord I ask for prayers for my son who is only 34 years old and is in the hospital because of alcoholism. Due to that he has pancreatitis, gallbladder, and liver issues. It does not look to good as doctors are considering a liver transplant. He is way too young to have all these … Continue reading “Safe My Son”


Lord I know that you make time for me so I will make time for you Lord I ask that you heal my side where my stomach is,I know why it hurts and I’m sorry for not caring about the end date on the food that I ate I thought it was good to me … Continue reading “Pain”

When she was born

I please need a prayer for my child my baby is 1 years old . she was born but, late coming the doctor was supposed to come he never came giving birth. So now she’s really slow and has a lot of problems half of her brain it’s not working so it took one side … Continue reading “When she was born”

My son

My son Joshua who is 28, and a believer of our Lord Jesus is in the hospital. He has a disease called Wegener disease, it affects your immune system. It can also cause problems with your organs. The disease attacked his kidney’s and because of this he is on dialysis 3 times a week. I … Continue reading “My son”

Protect the children

Pray the children around the world will find healing, wholeness, health, love, comfort, food, protection, shelter, compassion, care, faith, hope, salvation and anything else of the kingdom of God to flourish into the best possible person they can be from this day henceforth and may God send angels to protect them from all evil and … Continue reading “Protect the children”