Second Chance Prayer

Dear God

I ask you for the miracle of a second chance in my career. My family is struggling mentally and financially because of the difficult times we are facing. Help me to be strong and hold my head high. Help me to keep my faith in you and in me and know that this is exactly where you want us to be.

Please bless us with the gift of a miracle of finical relief and new job. We thank you for everything you have given us. Amen

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  1. Second chance at life

    Dear father,

    Just want to say I thank you so much for just being there for me and my family. As you know I have put myself in a horrible situation and I’m just asking for a second chance at life I do not want to leave my family. My life and I have changed so much over the last two years. I am not the same person I was before. I am aware of the sins I committed and I am asking for forgiveness because you are the ultimate judge and decision maker. I do not want to let my children down. If I have not healed from my past please help me I’m asking you I’m begging you. I want to live a better life the right life. Please come to me and help me sacrifice for you o god! Amen!

  2. Prayer for second chance

    Dear God,

    i have committed a terrible mistake of allowing something to happen which was irreversible. now i discerned that it even exposed me guilty of a felony.

    i sincerely asking forgiveness in committing such wrong.

    i know i deserve judgment. but it will jeopardizes my family who are very much precious to me.

    but i know you’re a God of second chance. should i’ll be saved from this mess, i promise to commit myself unto your work and maintain a Godly life you have planned for me to follow.

    Jesus said, all that we ask in His name shall be given by you. Only that few have ask in His name. Now God, i asked all these Grace from your end in the name Jesus Christ you son and our savior. Amen.

  3. Forgiveness

    Please God hear my prayer
    My husband is a very honest hard worker. He just got a great job from years of hard labor and working with very little benefits he now is finally in a place that treats him good . I made a mistake when helping him fill out the initial application and because of that he might be let go. We have a disabled child and are a family that depends solely on his wage . Please God they have given him a chance to speak on Monday give him the strength and let them see the honest person he is and understand that this was a mistake please God hear my prayer. I feel so consumed by guilt and I feel so sorry for have not been more careful with the paper work I don’t know what else to do.

  4. Need forgiveness

    My husband had an affair for a year. I agreed to stay with him and move forward. I forgave him, but I’m still obsessing over the other woman and what he did and does. I promised to not snoop or hold him under a microscope. However, I recently broke into his Instagram account and snooped. I feel worse now. I lied and I think he knows I did it. I’m really sorry for what I did. I need forgiveness from God and I’m praying that my indiscretion will not put an end to my marriage just as we are making things work.

  5. Prayer For A Second Chance at Life , to be , protected from and spared from the mistakes of my past

    I Havent Commited the Same Mistakes again Since , I Love God , And I Trust Him , Thank You God For My Family , For My Friends , Thank You For My Freedom , And For Your Protection Over Me My life And My Future , Please Protect me from the Traps Of the devil ,Heavenly father , I Place My Life In your Mercy , and in the hands of Jesus , and I place Every Very Real Fear , Danger , And Threat , upon My Life And Well Being , I place it Directly In the Hands Of Jesus Your Son And My Savior , And At the Foot Of the Cross

  6. Second Chance

    Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name, help me and restore me to sanity. I have started back using drugs and my job is in jeopardy and I am behind in my rent..please take away the obsession to use and help and allow me to maintain my job and my home….In the name of Jesus, AMEN

  7. Prayer for a second Chance

    Heavenly father, things haven’t gone well this year. In fact something has gone terribly bad with someone I care so much about. I pray things will get better between us. If its thy will, please I pray things will get better and improve. Heavenly father please help me. I truly need your help. God I pray for a second chance, God I pray for a miracle.

  8. Dear lord

    Please give my Boyfriend a Second Chance he is a great guy nd very intelligent young men please watch over my family lead me the right way in the name we Pray Amen

  9. Prayer for a 2nd chance at a happy family

    Lord God,

    Somehow in my life Lord, I have always felt not in control. Quiet and timid but drifting. I’ve let life lead me where it wanted. I was never the best wife or mother and due to other financial issues that I feel I deserve part of the blame for, we are in a bad place now. I feel I have closed so many doors in my past that there are none left to open. No one is waiting to help me. My husband has major health issues and my son while a young adult needs so much from me still. You know why. Bless us Lord. Shower us with a second change please Lord, if it be your will. For the rest of my life I will respect this gift, honor you with it and make every day pleasing to you. You know my heart, you know my hurt and you know what troubles me so much. Take me and my family in your hands. Heal us and show us the way to a future that we can honor you with. This gift will never be forgotten again. Thank you Lord.


  10. Set him free

    I come to you in Jesus name asking for prayer for my fiancé who is in need of a second chance to get life right. I ask that you protect and guide him keep safe from all harm and that the mouths of those sent to destroy him. May no weapons formed against him prosper and may he be blessed with freedom, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. God I beg that you grant him this second chance and bring him home to his family.

  11. Yet another chance.

    Father God,
    I have been ignoring all of your messages. And yet sometimes I feel so apart from you that I don’t even recognize them anymore. You know my heart oh Lord. You know my struggles.
    I have made so many errors. In judgement and in action. The ups and downs weigh on my spirit O Lord. And sometimes I feel like you’ve given up on me.
    Father, I ask you today to wake me up. I run to you with arms open wide and a spirit of brokenness. I really am grateful for your blessings. My beautiful children and my beautiful woman. I know they rely on me. They need me. Help me get my soul and life back on track. Please bless the shop I work for and help them recieve more high quality jobs so that I might not have to keep searching. My household is in constant flux of financial messes. Please come back into my life father. Please forgive me of all my erroneous mistakes. Your grace and mercy are forever. Thank you for both. Please help me grow further in my walk with you. I can’t do this without you.

  12. The second chance that I barely deserve, but need desperately

    Dear Father,

    I know that I don’t deserve any chances with her after what I had done repeatedly, but, it wasn’t me. and I wasn’t aware of what I was doing. Now, that things had been done and that she had left, I have been looking back. I have finally gained a control of myself again. I have changed for the better and I am sane again, not blinded by pain and anger as i once used to be for the past 6 months. You gave her to me, and I had promised to love her, to care for her, and not to hurt her intentionally. But I hurt her anyway, over text. Over 6 months until she finally couldn’t take it. I know that we are meant for each other, but the sin of wrath took it away. I have realized my mistake. So, please, give me a second chance to make it right. To be her happiness again. I’m personally asking you a favor to entrust your daughter into my arms again. Please let me be the one who make her happy again, forever. I cannot forgive myself. Just please. I am very sorry. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.

  13. Healing and a second chance for my daughter

    Heavenly Father,
    I come to you as a mother asking you to look with favor upon my daughter. Heal her sickness and pain, help her to be strong, both mentally and physically. I also ask that she be given a second chance at her job. She was born to be a teacher, and will make the right choices, given a second chance.
    I ask this in Jesus’ name,

  14. A chance for the reunion of our family

    I ask to the Gods that exist and the powers that may be, for a chance to reunite my family with my bf, my daughter, our pets, and give us the child that we haven’t managed to have. I trust for a miracle, for the cleansing of our names, to bring us back honor and love. I promise to use what’s been learned, I promise to serve them better, I promise to sacrifice, I promise to bite my tongue. The family is the law, the family is the life, protection and warmth. I ask the reunion of our family under one roof, and heal me heart from this pain, to preserve us, and dedicate my life to take care of them and start better than ever.

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