Restoration and Healing

by Leslie ()

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of a new day and the opportunity to further your kingdom while here in this earthly body. I come to you to ask for restoration and healing in the physical from the sickness of inflammation/disease in my brain from past infections, traumas that have caused bleeding/disease/fractures, and mis-use of alcohol, unhealthy foods and other beverages that society has infiltrated with chemicals our bodies cannot use correctly, healing of other systems in my body that are failing as a result: respiratory, heart/circulatory, digestive, skeletal/muscular, and any other organs that need your life breathed into them to function properly from head to toe inside and out. Please give me freedom from pain, fatigue, low motivation, worry, and anxiety about the future. I have always strived to better myself in every way and this weakness of body and mind is keeping me down when I want to use my voice, movement of body, experiences, and the hope that only you can give to better my world (help needs of family, myself, community). Dear Lord, I want to experience JOY on this earthly journey that I know comes only from you. Please bless me with restoration, healing, relationships that encourage, give/love unconditionally and are true/loyal, prosperity, peace, and a plan for the remaining life I have here. I know it’s not meant to be lived in a recliner, bed, confines of our home (which I’m grateful for) or false safety of known comforts. Oh dear Lord, you have shown me such grace, mercy, and deliverance in the past-it’s YOU and only YOU who can give me restoration, healing, and the desires of my heart. Please forgive me if I’ve ever saddened you by disobedience-I ask you to remove the things that are toxic, harmful, or causing me not to heal and live in your full glory. In Jesus name, I am so thankful for your intervention that’s on its way. Thank you for loving me dear Father. Please use the prayer warriors who are reading my prayer and interceding on my behalf to open your floodgates. I love you, I love you!! Amen

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