Relationship problems

by CONNIE ()

Heavenly Father in Jesus name I pray. Protect me from a decision that Mike might make that would affect me living here anymore. Protect my heart and Mike’s heart. Show him my love for him. Show him that we are meant to be together. I’m so scared that he’s going to end our relationship and break my heart and kick me out of the house. I’ve done nothing. We have no communication and now that I’ve spoken up he’s against me all together. I feel like he doesn’t love me anymore. I feel like he doesn’t care. Earlier in the week he worried me so much. His anger got more every day. It has to do with money and cars breaking down, the air conditioner breaking down. Michael moving out. My car and the expense. What I said it had to do with, was his drinking every weekend. Last weekend was bad, my daughter got caught in the middle of his rage. They’ve apologized to each other but it’s very tense hope it will pass. Only You can change anything in my life. Only You can make things better. Only You know the situation and how alone I feel at times. Only You know the trauma I’ve been through and the silent suffering that I’ve done in my life. I need peace and I need shelter. I need to feel safe and loved. I need to feel secure. I don’t need to be wondering who is mad at me. I don’t need to be wondering what will happen to me. I’m too old for this worry. I don’t speak up. Mike and I don’t talk. You need to please heal our relationship. Heal us. Help us. Heal this relationship. Heal Mike’s heart. Help me. I wait for your mercy on my life and my relationship. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

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