Relationship healing

by Desperate For Miracles (Minnesota)

Dearest Lord,

I am praying my relationship is restored and judgement is not passed if relationship should move forward. I have had the special gift of feeling and recieving love that I thought may only exist in fictional stories and fairy tales. I am facing the darkest days Ive walked on this world, and pray that what I need to fix within myself is revealed and redeemed.

Please enlighten my significant other with understanding, strength, guidance, and grace. Please forgive me for my shortcomings and lack of maturely handling situations… matter the heavy matters that influence my reaction to hurt. Please hold my hand and allow my significant other to hold the other in the days ahead.

I know I am equally to blame in the hurt between he and I. Please give us guidance in our love for eachother to unite and mend as one. Please heal our hearts and minds.

Please forgive me, have grace, guidance in current legal troubles. I implore your divine intervention in a miracle to send relief soon and to have all charges dropped, please let my children feel your grace and strength. Please help my significant other to heal and feel strength as one with me.

I beg for mercy and your blessings. I have never needed miracles as much as I do now. You know my heart, my love and faith in you….please allow others to see this, relieve us hardship, and protect my family… Jesus name and blood. Thank you Lord for allowing me to find this site to seek help in prayer, and for you love and forgiveness. Amen

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