Regret and fear

by Amanda ()

Our Heavenly Father who is and was and is to come again. Your name is GREAT and Almighty! You are the High Host the Lord of Lords. Your name is Emmanuel, Yeshua, Yahweh, El Shaddai God Almighty! You are who you are and you will be who you will be and your NAME is the most important above all! I am reaching desperately to touch your white cloak of fire! I need healing and soothing of my spirit. I have so much regret in my heart Lord so much regret and sadness deep down in my heart. The deepest of my regret right now Hoover’s over me eating at me day and night and I Know I have done wrong. I ask you today to wash this away from me and save me from this detestable thing. These destructive thoughts. In your Holy Name Yeshua the true son of Christ who you sent down to save me and the world from the vile and evil of this world that was corrupted by the deciept of the old ancient serpent who still slithers around causing chaos and destruction this day filling the minds with darkness and perversion and whichcraft! Lord be my words in this prayer send your Holy Dove your Holy Spirit your Holy Goat upon me and let your words be my words and your thoughts be my thoughts and your body be my body. Let me be one like you today and everyday to cast out the darkness to void it from my life and mind to bind it up and cast it down and out Lord! I confess to you that I have done wrong in your name and have even polluted others my children included in the works of Satans spell and craft. I fell victim to the vipers and let them consume me and now lay in filth and disgust of myself! Such sorrow and regret for the things I said and made manifest. FORgIVE me LORD FORGIVE ME for I have sinned greatly against you and my house! Wash my sins away Lord make me clean again please I long for it to be cleaned of it as lol and to loose my the regret in my the knowledge of knowing your son Yeshua Jehovah has cleansed me and saved me and bore the punishment of my wickeedness and how greatful I am to have the burden of regret released from me! Thank you Jesus! Thank you for dying on the cross for me so that my sins and my body will be cleansed of all evil!! What a mighty and wonderful gift you have given me and the world to bare that burden because the burden is much to great to bear!! Oh how great you are to carry the weight of the world for I can not phantom the countless sins you have seen and washed away for the pain of my own is much to great for me. Thank you Jesus, Yeshua, Elshaddi God Almighty! Thank you thank you thank you. The word Thankyou Is not great Enough to exceed express or explain the gratitude I have for you washing me clean of the ev wicked ways of the great red dragon! The ancient sea serpent the devil leviathan!! I know in my heart that I am saved and that I am cleansed and washed clean of this because of your great and precious son Yeshua the true son of Christ! Jesus! Yahweh! Emmanuel, Jehovah! Satan I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to get the hence behind me NOW you rotting scummy filthy slime! I hate you and despise you!! I can’t stand you!! You are not welcome here in my home or in my thoughts or in my body!!! Depart from me you dragon who’s fate is death by the all consuming fire of GOD MY GOD the God of my ancestors Abraham Issac and Jacob!! El Shaddai God Almighty I also come before you this day to pray about my living situation and Kasey situation. Give me strength lord to do what is right the courage to do what is right. You know what we need Lord on YOU have the power to make whole and create paths where there are no paths to be taken you and you alone can make the impossible possible!! Know our hearts Lord search them diligently! Zechiah, Cale, Elias and Radyant also Lord and all the members ad extended members of our households our friends and our friends friends and the body of Christ and the schools and the workplace Lord search mankind’s heart all of us and help us all Lord for ALL of us need saving grace mercy courage and wisdom in this day and the dark days to come! Keep us safe Lord protect us from our enimies and adversities! Please Lord God Almighty Mighty El Shaddai save us from the wicked ways of the world and from our own selves for we are a weak and poor in spirit mankind. We are nothing compared to you and your son Yeshua and your holy spirit! Nothing in comparison to you! We need you! To guide our walks and be our light and saving Grace! In your Loving and Merciful Name I pray help us, save us, guide us, shelter us, feed us, protect us, fill us with your Holy Spirit and all bountiful living waters! Let my will OUR will be YOUR will always Lord. We need wisdom courage and understanding to carry out our true one and only true purpose Lord YOUR PURPOSE! In your saving Grace and Merciful NAME I Pray the alpha and Omega the beginning and the end the one and only true son of God Jehovah Yeshua Amen, Shalom, selah hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Amen!

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