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I ask for financial support and provision. I also, need prayers for healing of body, relationship’s and miracle’s. I was living with my mother and she passed away last year. I quit my job during this time due to my own physical pain and struggles. I applied for disability and am in a waiting hold to hear whether or not I will be approved. In the meantime, I have absolutely no income. I will have only my share of the house when it sells and then, I will also, need to find a place to live that will allow me to keep my pets. With gas, groceries being so, expensive. I have started to look for a part time job I could do that would not require too much standing or walking. Or, too much in gas to commute. The ideal job would allow me to work from home but, I am fearful most of these are scams. My relationships with my siblings are not good either. As they have families and I am single and recently my brother’s family has also, suffered the loss of his mother-in-law. The expenses of carrying me and the house have piled-up and I feel I am just, a burden to them. I really, need to be able to carry a little of my own wait right now. My sister who is the executor is adopted and our relationship has never been good. Recently, she has been spending alot of money and I worry she is spending my mother’s estate but does little to help me financially. I pray the Lord to heal our relationships and to provide a home for me and my pet’s. I would pray that he would allow me to be able to buy the house I am in. But, if not that he will provide a very nice and affordable home in the city in which I live where I can keep my pet

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