Protection from thy enemies

by Chequitta ()

Please pray that God send his Guardian angels to protect me,my son,and grandma from the enemy. It’s a girl named Deanna ,Jesus, and Brittani ,out plotting on me for my harm. And also have an ex boyfriend that is incarcerated at the County Jail Facility who is planning to kill me when he gets out of jail.  Also I had a new boyfriend who’s name is Adrian who is now locked due to 16 felony warrants he had on him. I feel very bad about the situation because I was stopped by the police about a month ago almost and they tried to tow my car so I called my boyfriend Adrian for help cause he had a driver license to drive my car back to the house. At the time I was in the car with one of my guy friends leaving the casino so I did lie and tell Adrian that my friend was my cousin,but to get to the conclusion Adrian came to help me and my friend whom I told Adrian that was my cousin to keep down mess,and we he got there the police was only supposed to have looked at his driver license and let us go. But no they ran his name and alot of felony warrants pooped up on him,causing to jail. The police came back and told I could leave cause my boyfriend was going to jail. But now he has told his family and God know who else that I ser him up,me and my friend got in the car and left the scene. Ya’ll please pray for me cause enemy is really trying his hardest to destroy me. Pray that God turn the tables around from bad to good.

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