Prayer to save my job

by Cassie (Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas)

Heavenly Father I love you and adore you.

For you alone are worthy of my praise and adoration.

Lord as I come before your throne I bring you my job situation you know I absolutely love my job and at this moment it is being taken away from me in an unfair manner lord I pray that you will not allow this to happen and I know that nothing is too difficult for you lord please save my job lord I beg of you and I implore you give this people wisdom so that they can see the error of their ways and restore my job to me this I ask in Jesus name

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  1. In the same situation

    I am in the same situation. God will guide you and give you strength. Believe that whatever he has in store for you will be the right path.

  2. please help me

    I was recently fired from my job. I was a deputy and that was my dream. I just pray that I can get through this. I ask for your prayers.

  3. Save my job

    I’m in the same situation. I need God’s helping hand to save my job. I’m working so hard and praying even harder for My Lord and Savior to make a way out of no way and keep me employed. Lord I know that there are things much bigger than I can ever understand and only You can protect and guide me. I trust in only your Love and my faith that you will prevail and make what I feel like an impossible situation one of joy. Please make a way out of no way for all those that are feeling the way I am right now. Take away the worry and help us to find peace. Let us know Your Love and feel your presence through these uncertain times. In Your name I pray. Amen

  4. Save My Job

    I am in a very delicate situation regarding my job. My authority is being withdrawn by my Managing Director. Now my MD wants me to quit. I got this just over a month back. Now if I am told to quit this job, then my family would be in deep financial cricis. On 11th August 2018 my mother suffered a brain stroke and is partially paralysed and is in the hospital now. Cost of treatment is too high. If I loose this job, my life would be paralysed. So I seek God’s blessings to save my job so as to run the livelihood of my family. Please Lord don’t ask my boss to ask me quit my job.

  5. Stressed

    Please dear God hear my prayer for my current job and please help me with my focusing on all the priorities of everything that comes my way. And please help them all see I’m just going thru things.. In the name and blood of Jesus Christ please hear my prayer

  6. Need to keep my job

    I am fearful that I am getting ready to lose my job. I got into legal trouble outside of work and I am now fearful my employer who is wanting to meet with me to discuss this is going to fire me. I am not perfect and this is the 2nd big mistake I’ve made but I’m a damn good employee who goes above and beyond and I hope they can give me a chance despite my shortcomings in my personal life.

  7. Saving my job

    Some people are just liars and cheats. That’s what I’m dealing with on my current job. I pray that God will uncover the truth and put those that seek other peoples hurt and agonish in their place. For some one to lose their job because they did wrong is one thing but for people of authority to abuse their position is something else.

  8. Save my job

    Lord you know how much i love my job and i donot think of loosing it at all,Lord Jesus Christ i beg you to save my job and as you know i didnot committed any mistakes or error of any reason,please i urgently need your help, please do the justice for me as i got a family to feed and a mortgage yo pay every month. I beg you Almight God as my job is in your hand now.

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