Prayer to please heal my dad

by Les (Texas)

God I ask for healing! My dad is a strong believer in you and the miracles that you creat! I ask that you send him comfort, patient, love, faith, and hope! And heal his sick body! I am so thankful for the many things in life that you have given me and my family! And yet you continue to give and give! But we really need you right now! Please heal my dad!

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  1. Prayer for my dad

    I’ve been praying this prayer for my loving, wonderful, father who has been recently diagnosed with cancer in one lung. His other lung is ok. I’m going to read this prayer every night, as it gives me comfort and I know that God is going to take care of my father, his surgery will go well and he will be fine, I know and believe this with all my heart because our God is great!


    After going through this prayer, I no that God will lay his healing hands upon my dad.. we have gone to so many places to treatment but still no improvement…. as I have read this prayer… I know God almighty. will heal my dad… I will not loose hope, I will not loose faith in God……. God, for my sake and for the sake of my dad’s children please heal our father….

  3. Heal my father lord jesus

    Dear lord god heavenly king ,you alone are the most high jesues Christ nothing is impossible with you.i trust in you jesues please heal my thaththi from all of his illness.they say therese no treatment for his cancer I can’t bear this anymore I love him so much. Please I beg u to forgive me for all my sins and give my father his life back. Thank you lord for all your precious blessings please give my Ammi and thaththi their happiness.your the only healer. I’m not worthy to hear your voice jesus but please think of my Ammi and thaththi for one second and they shall be heald.
    Queen if the most holy rosary ,oh my loving mother I keep my faith and hope in you in this difficult time. You said if I ask anything in jesues name it will be given .my loving mother if you ask this from your loving son lord jesues Christ he will never reject you. I have all my hope in you my dear mother.please pray for everyone those who need help. Please give me a miracle in the name of the holy sprite, come to my thaththi and Ammis life with your healing power. In jesues name

  4. Heal my dad oh Lord

    I am here by his bed in the hospotal. Please Lord give him back to me healed. Thy will be done in your name. I love him so much Amen

  5. Please heal my dad

    Such a good man, does everything for his children. Was supposed to have a small portion of his colon removed and ended up having his entire colon (large intestine) removed. There have been many complications as you know but he’s still fighting. He was admitted into the ICU on Tuesday. He has Cdiff and is in terrible shape. Please God heal him, he’s a good, honest man, a kind and loving father. He has not even had the chance to retire because he’s been taking care of my grandmother for half the year (10 years now). Please God heal him and bring him back to me. I will care for him and love him as he has loved his family. Please don’t allow him to suffer anymore. Please convince him to come live with me, I can’t bear to see him this way, it’s so distressing and heartbreaking, I feel so powerless. I try to go on each day but without him I can’t imagine. Please Lord hear my prayer.
    Love, Marsha

  6. prayer

    Jesus plz heal my dad. Forgive all his sins hes ur child u have made me.. U love him more than i do u know him better than me jesus please heal him touch him heal him with ur holy blood lord of abraham david jacob mosses i trust u i believe in u plz relieve us all from this psin living christ wash us all with your holy blood. I command the evil thst has pvershadowed us in your holy name to leave us forever jesus i beg u i love u plx heal him n give me bsck my old dad… N i pray no one ever should suffer like this.. I love u…. Jesus plz…

  7. Prayer for my dad and all cancer patients

    Lord you are merciful. I ask of you to give my family the miracle we require. In you all things are possible. Please Jesus heal my dad and restore him to good health. Bless him and comfort him at this difficult time. Ease his suffering and guide the doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals to do what is necessary to cure him of this evil disease. May he live a happy life, praising you forever more. Thank you God for all the blessings you have bestowed on us, and if it is your will, my dad will beat cancer.

  8. Jesus Please

    Dear Lord,

    Our heavenly father, we thank you for the life of our elderly father, for the life you gave him, for blessing us with his love care and affection. As he fights this battle with Septicemia at this point in his life, please heal him Lord, please ease his suffering and pain. Bring him back to good health, so he can enjoy the fruits of his Labour. I pray with all my heart Lord, please bring him back to us so we can look after him properly in his old age. Please forgive his sins Lord I beg you. My Dad loves you with all his heart, and he believes that your will will be done in his life and ours. We look to you for a Miracle and we thank you immensely for the progress he has made in the last two days. Please Lord, do not turn your back on us I pray in Jesus Might Name with all my heart, Amen.

  9. I need my dad for a while longer.

    I love my dad. I need him here for just a while longer. I love him. I need him. Then he can come home to you. But please, just a while longer here on earth. Amen.

  10. Heal my Dad

    God bless all of us kids with ailing fathers, i feel better reading your prayers as some of you think and feel the exact same way I do. My Dad is in ICU, low platelets, low hemoglobin, internal bleeding. I pray for a miracle for all of your Dads including mine. I trust our Father in Heaven, Jesus has given me everything I am so thankful. Please give my Dad more time with us Lord Jesus. Your will be done. I pray as I write for all those mourning with ill Dads. I join you in prayer and ask you to join me for my Dad. Thank you…

  11. Please heal my Dad!!

    Dear GOD!! Please give my Dad, the strength he needs to fight!! I LOVE my father so much!! He is a kind, generous man!! He has helped his family & friends, along with so many other charities!! He has worked so very HARD his whole life, until he was 76!! I wanted him to be able to ENJOY some of his remaining years!!! I know through you LORD miracles can happen!! I pray that you lay your healing hands on my father, and heal him!! That is my wish!! It is TRULY heartbreaking, to watch him suffer!! Please dear LORD hear my prayer!! AMEN!!

  12. Please God heal my Daddy

    Heal my dad please God , what ever suspicion all those doctors are saying about his dx , let it all be word of mouth , cancer is not your portion Daddy , you shall not die yet, mother mart intercede for my daddy.. don’t make him suffer lay your healing hands on him, please God heal all the dads on this page , give them life please God …… the will live and declare your name Amen

  13. Heal my dad....

    Almighty Father in Heaven,

    Thank you Lord for giving us a father who took good care for us when we were young, for having a father who looked after us, has rendered unimaginable sacrifices and gave us his unconditional love.
    Now Lord, my dad is sick… please heal him and grant him many years to be with us…
    I knew Lord I am selfish because I don’t want to feel the pain of losing someone I love but I want to cherish more time with my dad… And yet I want your will to be done, not mine…
    I trust you Lord. Here Oh Lord, I pray…
    In the name of your almighty son Jesus Christ.


  14. Please Lord, heal my dad...

    Dear Almighty Father in Heaven,

    Thank you Lord for giving us a father who took good care for us when we were young, for having a father who looked after us, has rendered unimaginable sacrifices and gave us his unconditional love.
    Now Lord, my dad is sick… Please heal him and grant him many years to be with us.
    I know Lord I am selfish because I didn’t want to feel the pain of losing someone we love but I want to cherish more time with my father, yet your will be done, not mine.
    Lord, I trust you. Hear my prayers through Jesus Christ, your beloved son…


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