Prayer to pass in Maths and getting a good percentage

by Katherine (India)

My results are fast approaching. Please pray for me that i may pass in Maths and get good marks and a good percentage.These marks decide my future so i’m really tensed. I put this intention of mine in the hands of God because i know that he will bring me salvation. Please pray for me. I’m terrible in Maths but if i pass, i wont have to study it anymore. Passing in maths and getting a good percentage is what i pray for.

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  1. Read below

    Is good that you are praying for that but remember that maths doesn’t define you..and your destiny doesn’t depend on a good grade..but is important to put all your effort to study hard so u can be in peace with yourself that you did the best thing ever…that is what God wants..he wants to see your efforts and one day you will gain what you deserve.

  2. Praying that you pass in Math

    I believe the lord supplies us with all we need, I am praying for you to get good grade and pass. God bless.

  3. Praying You Pass Math

    First of all, please never think that you are not good at math. Your comprehension of the subject heavily depends on the way it is taught to you so never lay the blame on yourself. You are good at math. Take a deep breath and do not let your fear of the subject be contribute to your undoing. I am praying you pass but also that you gain some much needed self confidence in the process. Amen.

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