Prayer to not get in trouble


Lord I have bee cutting myself and the councilor found out and wants to tell my mom.I told her I stop a long time ago which I did,lord I need your help because if she tells my mom I get in trouble. Lord God look over me no matter what you will is I know I stopped but does she lord give me strength to forgive all and my self.

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  1. forgive me

    Lord forgive me, i have stolen money to provide for me and me two kids. I beg of you thst i wont go to jail me kids need and i need my minimum wage job to support them. I regret with all my heart taking the money i feel sick eveytime i think of it plz lord save me from this one. I promise no matter what it will never be do again.

  2. its hard being a teen in 2013

    Lord help me, dont let me get in trouble for what I had done. Forgive me please. Let my fears& scaredness in my stomach stop. I ask for forgiveness. I made a mistake and I learned from it. Dont let my parents fide out& dont let it harm me. Thank you so much lord. King of the universe. Protect me and dont let me ever get in trouble for what I have done. Amen

  3. i need god to pray

    lord i have disrespected my teacher and walked out of th classroom i am so sorry lord please do not get me in trouble please stop them from calling my grandma please lord im sorry please give her paitence i just needed help in math please in the name of jesus please pray lordplease amen.

  4. Prayer for Jesus

    Lord forgive me, I didnt to school again. I’ve stopped but this happened once again, don’t let me get in trouble in school or at home with my parents for not going to school today. Please take away the pain I’m feeling from this for I shall always obey you every minute of the day. I need your help god almighty please give me good luck. Amen

  5. Bad

    Please help me be good to day lord I really don’t want to get a station today please lord I need you to help me make good choices

  6. i got suspended for two days lord help me

    Oh Lord please help me I don’t want to get in trouble with my parents please oh Lord help me suspended for.two day for throwing food I don’t know what I was thinking in Jesus name oh Lord please help me by not getting caught by my parents or my teacher because God knows where will end up next please oh Lord in Jesus name

  7. i got suspended for two days lord help me

    Oh Lord please help me I don’t want to get in trouble with my parents please oh Lord help me suspended for.two day for throwing food I don’t know what I was thinking in Jesus name oh Lord please help me by not getting caught by my parents or my teacher because God knows where will end up next please oh Lord in Jesus name

  8. To keep my job

    Lord please help me not lose my job please please forgive me of my sins I made a lot of bad choices and I’m praying for forgiveness i pray to keep my job let them fine nothing

  9. Dont let them find otut

    Dear God I am so sorry for what I did it didn’t really hurt anyone it was just sneaky and I should’ve asked permission please forgive me and please don’t let me get found out I beg of you. I won’t do it again

  10. job

    Please dear Lord please dont let me dissappoint my boss and the office I hold please let my endeavours exceed all boundaries please help me to be happy in the job that i am…please have mercy on my errors and mistakes committed as I am not perfect ..please dear Lord bless me and guide me accaordingly

  11. Dear Lord. I am so scared and sorry. Please help me

    Dear Lord. Please forgive me, for I have taken some money that doesnt belong to me. I feel so afwul and sick. I cannot forgive myself. Please help me not to lose my job and respect of other co workers. I had no money for the needed things. I dont know what I was thinking. I should have trusted you too provide. Please please , help me this time. I know I am not at liberty to ask this of you, because I have sinned. But pease dear God. Please help me this time, not to be found out. I swear that I will never ever do a thing like this again. I dont want to lose my job that I need so much, and I need your forgiveness. Please help and calm me

  12. Forgive me my Lord

    Dear lord, I beg you to not let me get into trouble. Stop this uneasiness in my stomach. I have learned from my mistakes. I beg of you for your forgiveness. Don’t let my parents find out. I will do better. I have learned and I am all yours. Give me all your protection.

  13. for getting in trouble

    Dear Lord please help me not get in trouble. I am so scared of loosing my job. The mistake was only a little mistake it’s not like I killed someone. This has happened before at my work and them people still work there. Help them to overlook my mistake. I am So Sorry. This will never happen again. Let the other person involved say what I did wasn’t so. She is a Christian like me, also a sinner like everyone else. Dear Lord save my sole for me, Help me keep my job I need my job without my paycheck you know I wouldn’t be able to help other whom I love. Dear Jesus please bless me help me to do thing your way, follow your teachings. Save me from the evil people at my work. In your name I Pray. Lord Father who art in heaven hollow it be thy name let not them catch my mistake cover me in your arms help take away all the evil people at my work. Help them to be a better person. Please I ask again to have them overlook what I did wrong. Help me to do what is right the way I learned from you. AMEN.

  14. Help me lord

    Lord, please help me I am in a situation where what i have done was an accident and didn’t want it to happen, oh Lord please help me please dont let me get in to trouble, please show my father show him in his mind that i’m innocent and it wasnt supposed to happen and that i remain innocent in your presence Oh lord Jesus, forgive me for the act that i have comitted and help me oh Lord to get through this and keep me innocent oh Lord in the name of Jesus.


  15. Prayer to not get suspended

    Lord, a group of bullies started making fun of me pressuring me to say regrettable things, and now the school wants to talk to my dad because they said I was gonna bring a gun to school. And now I’m worried I’m gonna get suspended or get in more trouble with CPS like I did earlier, and I am thinking of dropping out. I don’t want to end up in any trouble, so I am praying. I do not want to work at Mcdonald’s. In Jesus’s name amen.

  16. Please help me Lord

    Please Lord, i forged my parents signature and I think theyre going to find out. Please don’t let them find out, i promise I will never do this again. Help me to not be so sneaky and deceitful. I dont mean too be this way, please lord i beg of you, don’t let them find out.

  17. Not to get a wooping

    Please God I am so sorry for what I did. I have spray painted that concrete and put LGBT and that’s what my mom is and now she is home and she seen it and she’s gonna check the cameras and me and my sister is gonna get a wooping. God I will not do it again I promise God please forgive me and not let them find out I don’t want to get in trouble God I’m begging you please no more harm. I love u so much. Amen

  18. My grades are bad

    Dear lord, please help with my problem I have bad grades and I don’t want my parents to get mad please forgive me for not focusing and just goofing around with my friends please help me with my situation for the lord and savior.

  19. You must pray before you cause trouble.

    I am 65 which means, of course, I am not as wise you teenagers :} But hey, we all think we are wiser than the next guy. Let me shed a little on your prayers.
    You probably know that you cannot just pray and ask God to do your homework. You cannot pray and have God do your choirs for you. People already in jail would pray in vain for some miracle that would open the gates for them to be set free.

    Similarly, after you have done wrong it is the wrong prayer to wish not to get caught. That is asking the Lord to lie and make the Principal or your parents believe that you did not do it. Do you think the Lord will lie for your sake. No. If you are honest, though he will soften the hearts of those to whom you say “I did wrong and I am waiting for punishment.” The best way to erase your wrongs is to suffer the consequences. Don’t just believe, but think about it. Since you already said your prayer, think it over. Did you pray for the right thing?

    A more effective prayer, that works miracles, is to pray before you do the mischief. In the morning pray for the strength and wisdom, not to commit mischieves.

    Wish you all to behave better.

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