Prayer to keep my home and pay the bills

by Elizabeth (Canada)

Jesus you are the rock of my foundation, the spirit of the living flesh and the keeper of my soul. I come to you in a spirit of repentance and I lay before you, the debt that I must overcome. I admit I am powerless over this sin in my life and ask for your intervention. I love you Jesus with all of my heart. Please Lord, you know my every need before I ask. Help me to glorify you and be a useful servant.You are my saving grace.

Lord I ask at this time for a miracle of your grace. Your scripture produces a trial of the faith. I know that you will provide for me everything that I need to fulfill what you have destined for me. I love you Lord, with all my heart and soul and mind and strength. Please accept my humble repentance and cover my grief. I am powerless to pay this debt. I need a miracle of your grace in order to keep my home and be able to pay the bills. Bless you Father, for your gift of grace.

In the name of Jesus, AMEN

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  1. All things are possible through Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ is my savior and all things are possible through him if we just have a mustard seed of faith.
    I have a mountain of faith I have received many miracles and blessings and am asking for another one to keep me and my boys in our home. Please send me financial relief to do this Lord. Thank you in advance for this miracle.

  2. Please keep me healthy and become financially and personably stable again

    Dear Jesus
    I have not been responsible, due to breakdown.
    Somehow went on a self destruction path, due to emotional abuse. I may loose my home due to foreclosure, please save my home and car and get me back on track

  3. MY HOME


  4. house contraction

    Father Jesus. We have house with work being done to make it ours. Our other house needs to sell for good price so we can afford to keep this new one.along with pay off credit card debt. In your name jesus.


  5. Looking For work

    Lord, I have been unemployed since 2011 due to lay off. My home is in pre foreclosure right now. The mortgage company is giving me a hard time. They do not want to work with me. I pray, I have faith lord that a blessing will come my way. The Lord will bless my husband and I with a job so we can pay the bills. I have a lot of student loans and NO job. I am not lazy. Someone please answer to my call. I am about to loose my home. Where am I going, I don’t know. It is a hard road. lead me to the right direction Lord. I pray that everything turn around for the better; and it WILL.


  6. Keep my home

    Father, here is my prayer request to you. Two of my neighbors received eviction notices and I am afraid that I will be next. I humble myself to you and ask of you to please let me and my elderly neighbors keep our homes. If we do get eviction notices than I will leave it in your hands to find us a better place that we can afford but for right now, please let us live in our little homes for many more years. Father, I also ask for financial blessings/increases in our paychecks not only for me but for many of us that are in need. I pray to you in Jesus name. AMEN.

  7. Please help me

    Praise be to you Lord. Please help us. We are in deep financial problems. We need a miracle from you. We beg you to help us keep our home. We have never felt so desperate. Please help us to come up with the money to keep our home.

  8. unemployed

    Lord Jesus please I ask you to help me find employment I’m a single parent of two small children. I have already received an eviction notice and I’m scared. I don’t want to loose my kids to my ex husband. Lord I know you love me and want better for me. I have faith in you and I know you will provide for us. In Jesus name I pray.

  9. struggling parent

    Love I come to for help that I need to keep my apartment for me and my kids. Lord I’m trying to do the best that I can I’m trying to help myself. But lord I need you to step in. I pray that this goes in my favor I need your help in guide over my finances. In just name I pray Amen.

  10. Keep my home

    Through no fault but my own I have failed. Please help me Lord to do your will. Guide us through difficult time


    Father I pray to you to give me the strength to be strong. I need a miracle at this time. I’m not working, overwhelmed by bills, have 4 hungry children (15,14,12, & 7). I need a miracle to help keep a roof over my children’s heads. It’s a really difficult time for me right now. Please LORD you are my FATHER, I do have plenty of FAITH and I will put it all in your hands. THANK YOU.

  12. prayer to keep my home

    i pray that i can overcome this eviction with the will and power of the lord . I have seven children and little income. Im in a tight situation as a single mother. Lord i ask u to protect my family and my home. Jesus in ur name i pray. Amen

  13. Prayer

    Pray for me , and that I find a renter once mine leaves in May. As well help me pray to come clean of my guilty sins, and be able to pull off to pay my mortgage. Dear God I know your listening please help me on mortgage.

  14. Lord save my home and pay my bills

    Heavenly Father this is my prayer request….I want you to bless me and save my home and give me the finances to pay for my home.i love you Jesus and I. Trysting you for a miracle.

  15. Save my home from forclosure

    Blessed Lord Jesus Christ our home is in pre-forclosure status. Please help us by stopping the forclosure process and approval of remodification loan. Show us how to become financially stable. We continue to keep you Jesus in faith and our hearts.

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