Prayer to help me get this job

by G (Berlin)

Please help me get this job. I just need a chance to show I am a hard worker an honest worker and an asset to help this company succeed with the special talents God has given me.

I vow to work harder then ever and devote myself to being the best anyone could be at this position. I pray to you St Jude and Holy Mother Mary to intercede on my behalf and as God to grant me my earnes petition.

I will never forget what you have done for me and vow to be actively philanthropic to those less fortunate and in need with my paycheck, with my heart, with my mind, my actions and my soul.

I thank you God for all you have given me and ask once more for you help to be the best you created me to be. I ask you St Jude and Mother Mary to help me have the chance to challenge myself and work hard to succeed.

With God all things are possible and I really need now more than ever for God, St Jude and Mother Mary to pick me up. I just want to do my best for my family, myself and God. Please help me now and lighten my heart. Thank You!

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  1. Pray to get the Job

    Dear Mary, Father and Jesus,

    Please help me, my sister and my brother to find job that meet our qualifications and our wants….
    We trust and believe that you will give us your bless for this. I want to be in PWC and in that qualification jobs… please help me….

    Please help us for the further journey in our life…. Don’t give us the hardest part if we could not handle it…

    Please help…. we really need your miracle right now…

  2. I need God help me to give job

    Dear God, I am sorry for all my sin. Please help me finding a job that match with my skill and my ability. Please knock the heart of the people that I send my resume or the people I ask for giving me a job. Make them believe that I can do a good work, hard work although for the difficult job). Please give them positive thinking about me. Dear God, I depend on you, I have family that I must support for life. Thank you Dear God for helping me.

  3. financial help

    Please dear God, guide me in my interview to get this job. . May this job will help me and my children finish their education. I ask your holy spirit to guide me and protect me from any harm. I love you God always <3

  4. Help me to find a job

    Oh lord. I have been to many job interviews and got rejected. i felt that someone has cursed me. I worked in three companies that should have been a temp to perm position, they liked me but then after three months something went wrong my manager got demoted and the other one will get lay off. On my interviews, the clients found that i am a strong candidate but then there is always someone got pick over me. I do not know what is going anymore. I have the experience and knowledge. I am already frustrated. Please help me find a job to support my family. They need me the most. I need you, oh lord. Please help and guide us.In the name of jesus christ, Amen.

  5. Great Prayer

    Please pray for me that I get the job I am interviewing for. I am a good person. I vlunteer and teach religious ed to kids preparing or 1st communion. I am a coach for baseball through chuch league. I ask that i get this job that I am currentky interviewing for. Would mean a better opp for me and better life for family. In god, we pray

  6. to get a interview for a job in austrilia

    please help paul to get a interveiw and to get the job in austrilia so he can have a better life and something too look forward too.please can his dolores help him in any way.

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