Prayer to heal Autism

by Cindy (California)

Dear Lord,

I come to you Tonight to help me, I believe in miracles and I believe in you Lord, help my little Brother to be cured from Autism, help him lord to recover his speech so that we know what it is he wants and needs, so that he can communicate with us and let us know how we can help him out.
Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.

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  1. With you in prayer

    With you in prayer. I have a 3yr old son who cannot speak and has autism. Praying for all the children worldwide, that they may be healed from autism. Amen

  2. Prayer for healing autism

    Hi please pray for my 8 years old son name Ahad he have autism he is nonverbal he is having allot of other problems too please pray for him thank you

  3. We Are With you in Prayer Too

    We have a 6 year old son who has very little speech and was evaluated not diagnosed as of yet as Highly Autistic, we pray that he too will find his speech and one day soon be able to tell the difference between Mommy and Daddy and he will be a happy healthy little boy.

  4. I pray for Autism healing

    Dear Lord,
    Hear the cries of the fathers and the mothers, and of the sisters and the brothers about the autistic. By your righteous hand, take away from their brain any affectation which impairs speech and any other abilities of these beautiful kids. Let them be full of the Spirit and annoucing the word to the extremities of the earth. Amen

  5. Asking for a prayer for my son

    I believe my son is autistic. My heart my soul is broken in million pieces. Please pray for him. His name is castiel wich means gods shield. I am a christian but my faith is going down. He has a speech therapy appointment on September 17 2018. I am hoping isnt autism but hes showinf red flags. I believe in a living God but i am so scare i need a chain of prayers. I havent sleep in days reading and searching for answers. Please pray for me and castiel. God bless you all

  6. Please pray for my son

    My son was diagnosed with autism and he’s 3 year old.please pray for him.i believe God will heal him and I shall testify.his name is Raphael

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