Prayer to Have Social Security Disability Approved

by Sarah (Rock Island, Tn)

Dear Lord Jesus Christ please pray that I get my ssi & ssa Approved. My husband is a truck driver & he is over the road & we only get to see him on the weekends. If I had my disability he could get a job that he could be home every night.

Please Dear God hear my prayer. We barely getting by. I love my family so much & hate to see my kids do without. We so much need this financial blessing. I also pray for others in our situation. Thank you for all prayers. Amen.

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  1. Gods and prayer

    Dear God, I have been struggling with SSA for 6 or more years. My notice finally came from the appeals council stating they would back up my disablity onset date from June 2012 to December 2011. Lord I’m asking that this decision alwows me to qualify for the proper work credits in the proper time frame so that I am eligible for benefits so that my struggle in life eases off and my yoke lifted. I have been mentally suffering for a long time and I rely so much on your grace, love and forgiveness. Lord I am praying to you that this appeals council decision qualifies me for disability and may it glorify you more and more. Amen

  2. Prayers to have social security disability approved

    It was been 3 years since a was hurt I can’t work I worked my whole Lise my hearing in tomorrow please pray they give it to my , thank you,


    Dear Lod Jesus:

    Please find that my ALR JUDGE approves my SSDI that I have been waiting on for 2 years now, I pray each day that it is approved, I am under specialist care and still they are harassing me. I am in dire need of the money tolive we are close to losing my home…


    Dear Lod Jesus:

    Please find that my ALR JUDGE approves my SSDI that I have been waiting on for 2 years now, I pray each day that it is approved, I am under specialist care and still they are harassing me. I am in dire need of the money tolive we are close to losing my home…

  5. Disability Approval prayer

    I need prayers for my disability claim to be approved very soon I’m am struggling trying to pay rent and get by. I really need prayers that God will Approve me for disability next week. So I can move In a better place to live and be able to pay all my bills and not have to stress. And to also keep me free away from any trouble s from outside forces. In Jesus name.

  6. Prayer that my daughter gets ssi

    Oh heavenly father please help her get her money blessing she need that money so she can move closer to her family. So please lord help jer. Amen in God’s name.

  7. Please approve my SSI

    Dear Lord,
    I call upon you to tell you thank you for helping me get this far. I have lost the sight in my left eye and was diagnosed with lupus & now they think I have fibromyalgia. I’m only 29 Lord and I can barely do for myself. This SSI will give me the insurance I need to see doctors and the money to get the help I need. I pray for peace in the world and anyone else asking that needs it gets approve.
    In Jesus name, Amen.

  8. Disibility approval

    Dear lord please forgive me if I have wronged you in any way please allow my disability benefits to be proved I’ve been waiting for over three years I have tried all I can now I’m relying on you and you know that it is almost impossible to work Please lord in Christ name amen

  9. Disability approval

    Dear god it’s been five years trying to get disability approved my health is emonptional and physically exhausted. Please show favor to the government to get approved. It is to the point to all I van do is to lean on and trust you to take away this burden! Thank you in advance!

  10. Prayer for Disability

    I go for my hearing in the morning, Please Lord let the Judge understand my disability and grant me my disability, Thank you Lord for everything you do for me and the things that you are going to do for me. Please calm my anxiety and help me answer to the best of my knowledge, In Jesus name I pray

  11. I need God's favor....

    I believe God can heal and that he can provide…healing comes in many forms and so does provision. I was diagnosed with Lupus,a muscular disease, severe major depression, and 2 more illness.I don’t know why this has happened, but it has…I have applied for SSI &SSDI..I haven’t been able to work due to chronic fatigue, chronic pain from muscle and joints..bills are over due and school is about to start for my teenaged kids. I have one more exam to go to on August 7,2018.. Pray that this matter is expedited and my debts are paid off before I close my eyes for the last time…God show me favor! I’m mega rich in the joy of knowing that God’s plans are greater than I could ever comprehend…Tests and trials come in many forms. God help me !

  12. Praying for Approver for my husband disability check

    Heavenly father, my husband has a hearing tomorrow afternoon Wednesday 10-17-18 for his disability, Lord I’m asking that you will go ahead of him,, move on the heart’s of the judge, lawyers and anyone else that is involved in his case , let them understand his disability Lord I’m asking that you will give my husband favor and approve him for his disability check, Lord you know our situation
    St Matthew 25:21 Lord we have been faithful over a few things
    We continue to stand on your word. St Matthew 7:7 Ask and it will be given to you , Father please hear and answer our humble cry. Lord we thank you in advance, we give you all the glory, because we are nothing without you. In Jesus most humble name I pray Amen ☝🏽

  13. Need help from God to get Ssi

    Dear God I ask you to help me Through all the struggles in my life currently. Help me with all the Financial struggles that I am going to help me to get my Social Security approved because you know my disability has stopped me from having a job and to do for my self help me God to have the Financial stability to be able to have some where to live and to have The medication food and shelter to live in please provide this Ssi to give me that piece of mind that I need in my life thank you in Jesus name . Please, everyone, Pray for me and my family to be able to get my approval for SSI

  14. Need Prayer for receiving SSDI

    Dear God,
    I Pray you show your mercy on me. My husband died 5 yrs ago and I have been so depressed and the anxiety and headaches keep me down. I’m asking you for your favor of seeing that I win my disability case! With everything in me I Thank You!! I Pray for all your other Children in my position!! In your Holy Name I Pray!!!!! Amen!

  15. And if are still good!

    Lord, I know you see my struggles and I want to thank you with all my heart, that during these 3 long years of waiting for my SSI approval, you have given me the time I need to seek you more, learn to trust your promises and even see you honored in my waiting. I thank you for giving me the exact scripture, song, devotion and vision of your promise during my wait. You have supplied my every need and I have not gone without. You are so good to me Lord! Thank you for your word to “Be still, and know that you are God”. Thank you for giving my the strength to not give up or try to run ahead of you. Thank you for Ephesians 3:20. Thank you for my children. Thank you for giving me a place to stay during my wait. Lord, I just want to say that even if you do not grant me my SSI, I know that you have bigger plans, bigger oppourtunity and may I bring you glory in whatever you have for me. I can say with all that I am in you, my Saviour, that even if you say “NO” I trust your plan for me and you are still good! I love you Jesus!

  16. A Soul in need

    Father God I pray that you grant me a favorable decision to my Disability Hearing on 02/05/19. I have a wife that is I’ll and two children to care for, and we need to get our own living space, as my youngest son is having emotional problems in our current house, and I need relief from my illness (Heart). Please Lord I beg you let the decision go our way so that I can make a better life for my family. It is only in you, that this can work out. I am ready to go forth with whatever it is that you have for me to do. Thanks so much for everything and I will continue to pray for the best outcome and to serve you and Walk in your name. also I ask you to please touch everyone else in my situation. Amen

  17. For my daughter

    Dear Lord please let her get ssi and ssa and get health insurance. She needs this really bad so she can get her life in order. Thank you for all your blesses.

  18. Gods decision

    Thank you Lord for all ur blessings . Please help my son get disability . He has lost 115 lbs. he has gastroparesis, pancreatitis, and so many other illnesses . I thank you u in advance. I claim his disability benefits . Thank you Jesus .

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