Prayer to give Me Strength

by Josi (UK)

Dear Lord,

You gave me strength throughout my life to find myself a place on this earth where I have always felt that I should not have survived birth. You gave me the strength to rise above my feelings of not being loved by my mother and siblings. You give me daily strength in trying to help my own children with their problems and you give me strength to help my husband in his troublesome life.

I need more strength and even more help to construct the correct words to help my husband out of his present difficulties, knowing that the words will also be for my own benefit, not knowing whether the troubles within my own family are caused by my initial thought that I was not supposed to have led this particular life and thus the troubles brought upon this family are by me, by who I am, and my family are my victims.

I thank you for the strength you have given me and I thank you for continually answering my prayers for more strength.

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