Prayer to give me strength during my marriage separation

Dear Lord Jesus,

I come to you to request strength during my time of sorrow. My husband decided 2 months ago that he no longer wants to be married bc he is no longer in love with me. He has been acting really selfish towards me and he does not realize how hurt and affected I am by this break up.

My heart is hurting and I feel broken. I pray for strength and the ability to deal with this situation graciously and with dignity. Please Lord I need you bc I can’t do this alone. Hear my heart bc its crying out for your healing. In your name I pray. Amen.

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  1. seperation/divorce

    Lord, I come to you today with a heavy heart. My husband of 6 years came to me and asked me for a divorce. He says that he fell
    Out of love with me. Lord we have 2 daughters together and now I will be moving back home with my family. Please give me the strength to make the right choices and to accept this change with a good attitude for my children. Lord please help my mind from wondering so much like a whirl wind. I would want nothing more than for him to realize all he lost. Please lord help him get better with his PTSD so that he may no longer have to worry. If it’s in ur will lord, maybe this marriage can be saved after some time away. In ur name I pray. Amen.

  2. left me in debt

    Lord I come to you today asking for strength and peace. My husband left and if its your will I can accept it, but please give me strength to continue on and be able to take care of out two kids. He left me in a lot of debt and when he finally got work after 16 years he left. I really don’t want him back but give me strength and guidance to deal with the hurt and pain of him leaving me after me taking care of the family for 16yrs and he leaves when he starts to make money.

  3. Prayer for marriage separation

    Pray for my marriage separation .. My husband wants our marriage over ….but I know god can fix anything I have faith

  4. prayer for loniness though my separation

    father god I no that you see everything that’s going on. I ask if you would guide me and continue to keep my eyes on you. I pray for my husband that even though he has left me that he will never go astray from you lord I no what you can do you are my everything may you continue to bless me and my family and continue to be my supplier I can do nothing with out you in your precious name amen.

  5. Thoughts of separating from my husband

    Dear lord,
    I come to you with all my heart and soul to help guide me to where I truly need to be. I caught my husband potentially cheating on me but by the looks of it, its probably been going on for awhile. I beg and plead for guidance and help me figure out if he is truly sorry and wants to change or if I should just move out with my two children. I know i can leave everything in your hands you are my savior. Amen

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