Prayer to find a good husband

Dear Jesus,

I have been praying to You since long time to get a good husband. Please forgive my sins and grant me a good husband and a happy family life.

Jesus, You know my heart’s deepest wishes – I want to get a man who loves You truly and have You are priority, who will be a good father to our children, who is educated more than me, career wise in a position above me and also financially stable. He should be ready to help others and not too much oriented towards money.

Please make us meet and get married soon. Please help my parents to see that and be happy and peaceful.

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  1. Prayer for good husbands

    As a mother i wish the best for my daughters. Lord God i beg you to bring to my girls good loving husbands who will love them unconditionally. Let them have good careers and be morally and spiritually grounded in the love of God. My elder daughter is the one that seems to suffer misfortune of losing out on her relationships. Grant her light and open her eyes to meet a man that would give her absolute joy and happiness of marriage and good children. This is my everyday prayer Lord. I trust you with all my being that you will grant my wish. Amen.

  2. Bring me a husband

    I would like you to bring into my life a husband to get married soon. I don’t ever want to go into welfare housing. I need money for the rest of my life.

  3. Find a marriage partner

    I am 54 yr female.been divorced since 2001. Faithful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. Am in search of a God loving spirit filled husband in Christ

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