Prayer to change life for the better

by Melissa (Faribault MN)

Heavenly Father, I look up to you in this time of change. Allow me to have the courage to change my life for the better. Allow all my burdens to be risen up to you as I know that You will see me through. Forgive those who have done evil and allow me to do the same. Teach me to love with an open heart and open spirit. Take time for me today to help with all the trials you have set out for me and allow me the strength and energy to follow you. Give me the blessings to find a new home, keep my family together, and bless those who are away, may they be strong and know how much love is out there. Let them know you and I are thinking of them and missing them dearly. Bless me with love, strength, wisdom, health, courage, forgiveness, and a willingness to learn.

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  1. Better days

    Father please forgive me for I’m your child. Help me to be a better person. Help me through the pain and anger in my heart. Help us all as we’re your children. Bless and have mercy on us. I love and need you now

  2. happiness

    Dear lord i prey that u help me to become an better person by forgiveness letting go of the things that I have allowed to make me bitter and angry help me to become a better mother sister and daughter to those around me help me find happiness within myself do that i can enjoy life without always having the fear that something is going to go wrong

  3. change in life for the best

    Dear lord I come to you for the strength to get through this rough time I am going through and I pray for my family that I deeply love that Im deeply sorry for all the bad things I have done to them forgive me for all done In the past …I wanna new life for me ,my boyfriend I love so deeply and especially for the new life I will be bringing in this world. I want to pray for my boyfriend who is wanting to change for the best but is in a difficult situation right where he doesn’t feel good about himself I pray for him that you give the strength, the love and the abundance that he deserves in life open the light to him clear his passage to see his thoughts about his future he needs your help dear lord please guide the right way to go. In the name of Jesus I pray ily.

  4. Hope

    God Im Praying For Hope I pray all the time to keep something and im not sure if that something is even good for me , Maybe I need to learn to let go Maybe I need to learn to have more faith in you I know that you hear my prayers i just dont understand why it hasnt happened yet as im writing this i see that i sound very selfish and maybe thats my problem , God Im prayer for your help for forgiveness for everything wrong & selfish i done i will continue to have faith and i will pray everyday even though it hurts to wait while im waiting i will serve you and I will live up to your values I love you and i just pray that you forgive me and love me

  5. help me with all my days

    lord, help me become a better person help me forgive others help me to also forgive myself. lord make the world better and that no harm comes to me or my family please just take all my sins away in jesus name i pray aman .

  6. Praying to become financial secure

    I need a job, a full time job that’s going to help me pay my bills, and to stop feeling low, and not expecting anything to change teach me how to be positive, and to humbly wait on you to bless me with new opportunities to make my life better. And I’m praying for my family., sisters and brothers, mother, friends God please give me a chance to change my life. Amen

  7. Prayer for guidance and protection

    Dear lord, please forgive me of my sins and trespasses and forgive me for trying to figure out this life on my own. I need your guidance and your protection over my life. You did not give man a spirit of confusion lord, but for some reason I am feeling it terribly and I know it is not from you. Please God take this spirit of confusion away and give me assurance and clarity as well as guidance. Please God remove whom ever you want from my life even if it may hurt. I have to know your will for my life and of there is anyone blocking your will for me than kindly move them away. I surrender to you lord and I am done with the sinful life style. I will take up the cross and follow you and only you. Please reveal to me what aspects you want me to change and help me to change. Help me to resists satan temptations. God I’m crying out to you to renew me and to make me a role model and testimony to those that need your help. Please God work a miracle in my life and show me where to go and what to do so that I will complete your perfect will for my life. Protect my family and guide them as well and bring all of them closer to you. Please lord help us all. You said you will never leave me nor forsake me and I believe all your words is the truth. You are the way the truth and the light. In Jesus name I pray Amen!!

  8. prayer

    Dear lord, please give me the strength to change my life for the better and do more good than bad, please give me the courage to live life to the fullest, and spread your teachings so that others may see the light. Thank you lord for everything you have done for me, Amen

  9. blessings

    Father please let my job understand my situation and let me be able to transfer to a closer hospital with no problem if this door shall close please open up a bigger and better door everytime a door close thank you for dying on the cross use me Lord to spread your word and bring people to you kingdom thank you in advance for opening up those doors of blessings im about to recieve use me like never before Amen

  10. prayer to change my life

    Oh lord forgive me for fighting with my members and disrespect them and forgive me for everything that I did to them oh lord almighty pls I need to change my life to become someone better lord guide me and show me the right way lord let the sun shine for me pls lord forgive my sins in the name of the father and son and the holy spirit amen

  11. better life

    Dear Jesus
    Please give me the strength to become a better person ,let me overcome from the bad,please let me find a good paying job,protect me from the evil ,keep me and my family together heal all the broken hearts,and let me live a better happy life.
    In Jesus Christ name Amen

  12. Prayers for a new life for my son.

    Dear Lord
    I pray that my son Brent will over come his addiction to drugs.
    Will receive a eye opener to having God in is life. That he will get a second chance to get a good job to help him with his self esteem.
    I ask you dear God for your help and putting a healing hand on Brent to make a better life with out drugs and legal problems. In the name of Jesus Christ I Believe..Amen

  13. prayer for my life

    oh jesus, please lift my life up, and give a permanent job for my husband, and please joint my family i love u jesus, i have more faith on u, please change my life,

    give good leg and hands for my uncle. please jesus we are u chlid don leave our hands. we should always with u. save our life, thanks jesus thanks a lot my lord jesus

  14. Thank you

    I will borrow your prayer so i can put it out to the Universe! I need this prayer so much right now and yours came to me first like it knew… thank you.

  15. blessings to everyone with love

    My prayets are for everyone has good life, and hapiness when its time find god in thete own way. Ive been blessed struggling some with addiction. But my faith will get me threw . Last my prayers to daughter, grandaughters mom ,one frd love very much tony please watch over them , everyone

  16. Thank You

    That was a message from God. It was right on time for me at this moment… God bless you for those words 🙂

  17. Religious

    By the blood of Jesus Christ i come & i come by the authority of great commission reversing & rebuking all curses of darknes kingdom.

  18. Sister

    Dear Lord I ask u to help my sister Chelsey that is 16 who is lost and hurting at the time. Heal her to find the help she needs to show her the light that she’s not alone. God is with her and loves her very much. Amen

  19. Financial Hardships

    Dear Lord I ask for strength, understanding and blessings as I go through this financial hardship. I ask that you bless the minds and hearts of anyone in the position to help me through this hardship.

  20. Sister help

    Dear God please help my sister chelsey change for the better. Get the help she needs. For her to want to do good. Be happy be live in the lord. For her no to do bad. Amen.

  21. Change

    Dear God
    My faith is being held together by thread. Why can I not change? Why do I always go back to my sin? Father if you can hear please work a miracle in my life and talk to me.
    John Patrick

  22. Trying to finally let go of so much hurt and pain.

    Trying to let go of so much disappointment. Tired of being around other people problems and in the end, you are the bad person. I just want some peace…I look back on my life and if I could do it over…I would have gone far away from anything that had hurt me just once. Maybe by now, I could have forgiven and moved on. I ask God for peace and strength…I feel like I am never going to get there to see it.

  23. Prayer for a better life

    Lord, I pray to you now as your child. Please shower me with a better life. All I have ever wanted is for my children to have a better life I never experience. Grant me the strength, courage and good health to keep working. Enlighten me with your words. Surround me with people as kind hearted as you. Do not allowed evil minded persons to surround my family.

  24. Peace

    Heavenly Lord, I beg you to grant peace to all mankind. Our lives are filled with stress, mental and physical pain, anger, regret, emptiness in our spirit, and a longing to be surrounded by your love and protection. Each sin, I regret. Each time that I try to live without you in my life, I regret. Each prayer that I think was unanswered, I regret. I do not know what you want of me, but I desperately need you. All your creation longs for you in our lives constantly and forever. You alone are our salvation. You alone are our protection from evil. You alone give our minds,bodies, and soul the peace we need to get through each day. Have mercy on your creation and give us peace.

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