Prayer request for healing

by Sean ()

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord I first ask for your forgiveness. I know that I haven’t always done right and have done wrong on many occasions, but God I’m asking you right now in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus to touch my body from head to toe. Oh God I ask for your healing powers to enter my body right now.

You have my permission Lord. Search my body, from the marrow of my bones to every hair on the surface of my flesh, HEAL me right now God!! HEAL me from any Chronic Diseases, Infectious Disease, whether it be and STD, HIV, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Pain Weakness, Anxiety, Depression, Stress. Oh GOD Heal like ONLY YOU CAN!!! OH GOD I ask that you Anoint my body, mind, soul and spirit.

I desire to be more like you each day God. I pray this not only for myself God, but I know there are other young men like me, who trust you completely and whole heart! GOD I know you won’t fail. I know that you said in your word that whatever we ask, in YOUR Name, believing, that we shall receive. Father I thank you for giving me another day on this earth to “get it right”

I DECLARE AND DECREE right now in the NAME OF JESUS, I AM HEALED! I AM FREE FROM SICKNESS! I AM FREE FROM ANY DISEASES! I AM BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED! I AM A LENDER AND NOT A BORROWER! I AM ABOVE AND NOT BENEATH! I AM BLESSED!!! Now Father as I close this prayer and ask that all of this be done for YOUR GLORY, I also ask that you keep me Humble in your word. I realize that in order for you to Increase, I MUST Decrease!

I just want to Thank you JESUS! satan, you have NO PLACE and NO POWER!!! I believe and and know that because I reverence and worship YOU GOD, IT IS DONE!! While I was trying to figure it out, you’ve already worked it out! Because of that, I am HEALED!!! Thank you JESUS!!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!

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