Prayer of gratitude for Gods Grace

by Andrew (Sydney)

Lord I thank you for giving me the chance to come closer to you through your grace and forgiveness. Even though my life has been turbulent as the stormy seas and I have not always seen your light. But I know you have always been watching over me. Thank you for opening my heart to your love and showing me a new life through your guidance.

I thank you for making every day brand new and my new path to a better life. Dear lord I am thank you for the sins that you have forgiven me for and the wrongs you have turned me away from. You are forever in my heart.

Please accept my humble prayer of thanks for your guidance and love everyday. Thank you for letting me see other people’s point of views and understanding people better. Thank you for taking my anger and fear in my heart and turning it into gratitude and joy. Dear lord please hear my prayer. I am eternally your humble servant.


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  1. Prayer of gratitude for God's grace

    Very inspirational & timely. I could not have said it better. Be encouraged to know that God continues to hear & respond to sincere & fervent prayers. Keep standing on His word & precious promises & just know u are a blessing to others that read & is touched by this prayer. May God bless & keep you.

  2. My Kind Benefactor

    So many times in my life I have been hungry and homeless, living rough on the streets.

    My damaged brain has always a disatvantage when trying to cope.

    It was as though God took my hand in his, telling me all was not lost, then somehow it worked, my quiet meditation in a local church, because that night I had a clean bed to sleep in, and a new job with good food provided.

  3. My Kind Benefactor

    How can I say thank you with conviction, respect doesn’t seem good enough to express the full extent of my gratitude for the constant help I have been given over the years.

    I hope I am understood by the wisdom, somewhere high, away in the distance observing.

    With JOY I say thank you.

  4. Grateful thanks

    We turn to God when all seems lost, the mystery is beyond our understanding when something happens to change the depths of doom and gloom into one of hope.

    The miricle of God is only matched by the glory of the sun to sustain our lives.

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