Prayer for Wealth and Good Health

by Anthony ()

Dear God Almighty, our eternal father, I came before you to pray for financial blessings or sufficient wealth and good health so we can experience the good life that I have been praying for. I pray for financial breakthrough because I want to help others, especially the less fortunate people. I pray for wealth because I want to reach and see out of school youth children pursuing their studies in preparation for their future. I pray for money because I would like to buy a brand new car for our service and a new house for us to dwell and worship God.
Lord God, please listen to my prayers because I believe in your promises that whatever I ask in prayer, I believe I have received it, and it would be mine/ours, Mark 11:24.

Lord God, I beg for mercy, and please make this happen so I can extend my helping hands while I am still in good health and alive. I can’t help others if I am not already in this cruel world. Please give Me and my wife a chance to reach the needy, the poor and the sick.

I ask in your mercy to forgive me, my wife and children to all our sins, negligence and transgressions of our past and old life.

Lord Jesus Christ, I cast this burden before you so our weary heart and souls can take a rest for a while.

Lord God, let your will be done.

I ask you this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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