Prayer for sweet georgee

by Layla ()

my granddaughter who is 16 months old I’ve been through so much in her short time here on this Earth. first of all she wasn’t even supposed to be here it wasn’t in the cards to begin with but God and all his grace and mercy gave my son and his wife at the time a miracle because they had wanted a baby so bad. between the poor decision making and choices and friends and I’m sure the devil didn’t help any, the marriage began falling apart and they are now in the process of a divorce. Georgia my granddaughter is now being stretched between parents and now the mother has been dating a man that has been abusive to my granddaughter. I stepped out before God when I heard him clearly tell me to be still and I was angry and I was upset and I tried to do something about the abuse. but when God tells me to do something the next time I will do it that’s for sure because my plan did not go the way I’d hoped or at least they didn’t go the way that I thought they should. but I’m learning that just because something looks a certain way does not mean that it is a certain way. I have got to trust God in this situation my son and I have not always been close to my drug abuse when I was younger and when he was younger and him being raised in foster care and raised by the state but he and I have gotten closer over the years until he got married and his wife and I didn’t see eye to eye and problems started happening slowly it surely our relationship began to become strained. my son is coming to get my granddaughter today and he supposed to keep her for a little while. my prayer is this I’d love to say please pray that I get to see my granddaughter again and I would love to see her and I want to see her all the time cuz I pretty much became more than a traditional granny when they first divorced because she stayed with me a lot and I got really attached to her and this is just breaking my heart. I know that I’m not young enough and I’m not able to have Georgia full time I just pray that God will allow me to be a part of her life and whatever aspect he wants me in it. that little girl loves her granny and her granny completely adores the ground she walks on. I just pray that truth will prevail and that what needs to be done with my granddaughter will be done in God’s timing and in God’s way. but in the process of all of that I just asked for peace of mind and I just asked for supernatural protection for Georgia Makayla-Ann Warren from the top of her head to the shoulders of her feet. I pray God that you will put her where you would have her to be a witness for your Glory and your majesty and not mine or anyone else’s for that matter. I pray God that you were surround Georgia with positive Christian caring forgiving joyful people that are seeking your face and your way and your will Lord. and please God help David to raise that little girl and Brittany also to help raise that little girl to know Jesus. I pray for Britney she’s been through a lot here lately I pray for healing in our heart and I pray for restoration of mine and David’s relationship. the devil comes to steal kill and destroy but God comes to give you life and life more abundantly. I claim these for my family right now in the mighty name of Jesus.

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