Prayer for Special Intention

by Anthony ()


Lord Jesus Christ, son of God the Father in heaven. Thank you for the new life you have given me, especially to my wife Liza and my children Mark Anthony, Jeremias, Maria Aubrey, Bernard, including to my grandchild Carlos and my daughter-in-law Charina.

My prayer for this very day is that you accompany and guide us in what we will do, think and say the whole day. God the Father in heaven, be pleased and look at my appearance which is often made a target of criticism, so I do not criticize people who are disabled and with physical defects due to illness or either inborn.

For a long time I have endured the ridicule of people’s slanderers and I almost lose hope when my heart is hurt. So my only prayer is that you take care of me when I stop using a facemask and when my dentures are done. I also pray that you will miraculously restore my good appearance or heal the disease that affects my appearance when I was six years old.

At the age of 62 I wish for respect and peace of mind. You will take care of me my lord whenever I am in public places and whenever I can talk to someone face to face. May you sprinkle a miracle and protect my character Jesus so that I will not be discouraged.

And again, I am asking for forgiveness for my sins against my fellow human beings and to my loved ones. and I pray that you will continue to forgive the sins of our ancestors that caused the curses that we are the ones suffering the recompense of their sins.

Lord Jesus Christ, please listen to my prayers as I am in dire need of your helping hands.

God Bless me and my family

Lord God, let your will be done.

I ask you all of these in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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