Prayer for relief

by Bryan (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Dear Lord, I know you can hear my prayers and you are always on time my Lord and know exactly what I need to get through this ordeal with my relationship break up and financial woes. Please Lord provide only enough to get me out of this situation and into a warm home where I feel safe and warm, and I also pray that you help me save my relationship with Teagan, I prayer for her 3 years for her go and you brought her to me to heal, neither are finished with this healing Lord, and I beg you to return her to me again and please do not take her away from me. I promise to stop my regretful recent sinning, please Father forgive me of my short comings and put love into the heart of my soul mate that you gave me and please My Lord give us enough financial help to get us out of this rut. In Heavens name I pray, Amen

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