Prayer for Protection from Enemies at Work

Dear Lord,

Please protect me from my enemies at work whom conspire and plot against me. Please do not allow their malevolent intent and ill will against me impact my future academic and career endeavors/goals.

Lord please clearly expose my enemies’ bias, lies and true motives to management. Please give me strength to remain calm and grant me peace.

In Jesus name I pray that this matter will be expeditiously resolved to my benefit. Amen.

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  1. down fall & shame to my enenies

    Let their evil intent and ill will be theirs. Give me strength and all matters be expedition resolved to my benefit. Amen

  2. Frustrated

    I work with a co-worker that is younger than me and she is very jealous. I am a fairly new RN with a year of RN experience and 12 1/2 years actually in my field of work. She had made statements that she hopes I fail and fall on my face. I know that I am blessed and whatever I put my hands to prospers according to the word of God. She had a warning by our ROD and she feels she has gotten away with her behavior so its worse now. She is very Malicious and sneaky she has be in control. Prayers please that she is moved to another unit quickly. She is making everyone miserable . I don’t want to see her fired just out of our unit so we can have peace please.

  3. Jealousy

    I have the same problem at my job. This one females has started to dress like me and even try to apply make up like me and on top of this has tried to go after my position at work several times.

  4. prayer for strength

    I work with a lady that is a enemy to me. One week she is nice talkative the next she is horrible to me. I work in a pediatric clinic. I feel she is out to get me, very rude and I do not trust her. I pray that God blesses her and she stays away from me. I have enough going on in my life I work hard and I do not want the enemy or devil near me or at work. Please whoever reads this say a prayer for me for strength, to stay focused, and calm. Thank you.

  5. Awful people

    I work with bullies. These people literally hate my guts. One woman is the catalyst. She has successfully turned everyone against me.

    AlwYs saying things about me to other people. My Director is a weak ass and the supervisors are worse.

  6. There are always a deceitful co-worker, but trust Jesus, he'll turn her intentions on her eventually.

    First and fore most, there is always someone that causes division no matter what you do to do the right thing at work. Even worse, the coffee pot person turns out giving you leverage. However, if you notice the intent is not appropriate, then just pray for a way to get a common ground from the enemies at work. Jesus equips us in every capacity, spiritually, physically and enough to endure lies told about us. Just embrace his mercy and provisions and pray for a way to dart the arrows of Satan coming against you! Remember, he uses everyone at his advantage. Pray for using the Amour of God, Ephesians chapter 6.

  7. Help!!!

    I’m a good person a peoples person I dnt expect much just your respect as I do you it seems to me everywhere I go people dnt like me I work hard for what I have and where I am in this world Gods hands and guidence has lead me too where I am but sometimes it’s hard I’m afraid that all that I work for to provide for my kids and mother will be taking away just because people are not happy in their lives I ask for all the prayers to help me for God knows my heart and all that I do is for my kids and mother please help

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